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Finding the Truth

Author: MissDomho

Category: Linkin Park

Description: A one night stand suddenly turns Mike's world completely upside down as he discovers that Chester has been living a double life. Will Chester set himself free from the life he use to know and risk everything that he has ever worked for, for Mike? Or will he push him further away? Time can only tell. Bennoda. Slash. AU. Multi-Chaptered[complete][epilogue up]

Genre: Drama

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2018-02-05

Updated on 2018-03-12

Chapters: 19

Reviews: 155

Words: 81360

Views: 3300

Members Rating: (16)

There's a seat here along side me

Author: Samweis

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Everyone has to deal with Chesters passing. And everyone is doing it in an individual way. But somehow, they all end up at Mike's. One shots and drabbles.

Genre: Drama

User Rating: G

Created on 2018-02-03

Updated on 2018-03-16

Chapters: 8

Reviews: 35

Words: 24396

Views: 964

Members Rating: (1)

Indee’s comment

poor Rob, I can't imagine what would happen to him if LP did break up (which I hope not) :(

thanks for the update.. i wonder how Joe part would be like (no pressure, tho)

Trusting Hope

Author: The Liquid Idiot

Category: Linkin Park

Description: When a plane crashes in the harsh winterland of Canada, Mike and Chester are the only survivors. Will they be able to live? *Previously posted on FF.net*

Genre: Drama

User Rating: R

Created on 2002-12-17

Updated on 2002-12-17

Chapters: 10

Reviews: 19

Words: 10

Views: 5713

Members Rating: (11)

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