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... I am a follower of no one, but God, and myself. Those who think they've known me for all these years, now know NOTHING of me... Why is that? you ask, it is because... The only thing I have in this life, that I feel is reality... are my friends. They have left me. Left me to be alone, while I fear there is something wrong with me. I am plagued by constant paranoia each night... The other pricks at our school hate me, but they don't know of my own loathe I drown myself in everyday because of people like them... They call themselves Christians... And look just how they treat thier own!

Do not even ask why I write this, because I know that no one will see it...


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Blood or Love?

Category: Linkin Park

Description: How many times will you come across somebody, so innocent, getting high in a dark alleyway, completely unaware of anything? Well, you NEVER would! Cuz' they're not innocent if they're getting HIGH!!! Meanwhile, Mike and Chester, vampires, are getting very low on thier blood supply. They see a girl getting high in an alley and decide to invite her to thier house for a "party". She wants to check it out, hpoing they'll have cheese. Chester doesent like the idea, but Mike has taken some kinda liking to her and decides he wants her to live and become a vampire like them. Yes, it's stupid, I know =T_T=(Chapters have been edited)

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: PG

Created on 2004-03-09

Updated on 2004-03-15

Chapters: 2

Reviews: 10

Words: 8

Views: 1735

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