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Well, shit. My profile was WAY too long, so how ‘bout this?

Name: Eliza, also called Eli or Potato Slice

Age: 18, one of the younger folks on this here site...

Ethnicity: American/Filipino, dad's Filipino and mom's American.

Gender: Female

Favorite band(s): Linkin Park (surprise), Nirvana 2nd, either Metallica or Skillet 3rd

Instruments: Piano, guitar, drums, used to play violin then I quit

Personality: Energetic, easy to get along, has the maturity level of a seven year old

Favorite pairing: Bennoda (Dom!Chester and Sub!Mike because she can. She doesn’t hate the other way around, but it’s not exactly her type, so sorry...)

Sexuality: Straight...she thinks.

Favorite number: 23! IT IS A GOOD NUMBER!

Favorite type of stories: Oneshots. They're easier to read XD

Idol: She has no idols because when you do they will stab you in the back.

Favorite member: Chester. See her favorite stories then it'll all make sense. :\


Thing to explain about myself: I will be inactive during the summer because I am not allowed to use the Internet at home. Long story that involved me looking up the word "anime" on Google. I'll try to be as active as I can during my med school hours, but no guarantee! I have a tendency to review oneshot stories because of their convenience and the time I have on my hands, so if you want to get my attention for a review, you know what to do (wink). I do write stories (mostly oneshots again pft), but I am not sure whether to post or not. Everyone writes better than I do! Maybe you could help me with some encouragement...?

EXtra things to know about me: YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME IN THE CHAT ROOMS! I'm too much of an awkward and random little person. If you want to talk, send me an email at my gmail thingy (sorry my seven year old cousin made it as a surprise). I'd be completely happy to talk and discuss pointless topics! Just please don't get into a fight with me, and we could be friends!

EXtra notes: I'm tired as hell and we have four tests to take this week. Lucky me.

Mood today: Remade my old Wattpad account. Name's PotatoCut. That was not a reference. I promise.