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Oh, hi. You actually bothered to check on my profile. I'm not going to ask why.

Name: Eliza, also called Eli or Potato Slice

Age: 18, one of the younger folks on this here site...

Ethnicity: American/Filipino, dad's Filipino and mom's American. I am half-asian, just like Mike! :D

Gender: Female

Favorite band(s): Linkin Park (surprise), Nirvana 2nd, either Metallica or Green Day 3rd

Instruments: Piano, guitar, drums, used to play violin then I quit

Personality: Energetic, unhealthily short, tomboyish and very aggressive for some reason, easy to get along, has the maturity level of a seven year old

Favorite pairing: Bennoda (Okay, let me make something very clear. I got spammed for this [long story], so bear with me.) I like Dom!Chester and Sub!Mike. I don't hate it if the roles are reversed, but I just prefer it that way sorry. Sub!Mike is so sexy in my opinion, and when Chester takes control it makes me melt. I don't like Dom!Mike, sorry hahaha. Lol barely anybody else supports this, nobody has any common interests as me! Yay. ;-;

Sexuality: Straight...I guess.

Favorite number: 23! IT IS A GOOD NUMBER!

Favorite type of stories: Oneshots. They're easier to read XD

Idol: I have no idols because when you do they will stab you in the back.

Favorite member: Chester. I am a total Chester girl, believe me. <3

Things I hate: Knifes, coffee cups (long story), the electric chair, people with annoying voices, people who try to get on my nerves for no reason, people who try to use air horns to wake her up, people who threaten people to kill themselves just to look cool, people who throw bouncy balls at her on her birthday, many people in general lol


Thing to explain about myself: If I don't write or update in time, it means either I'm lazy as fuck or trying to battle depression. It has been going off a lot more recently that's why I been on and off on this site, but I'll do my best. :)

EXtra things to know about me: I'm full of shit, but nice to meet you. I do not go into the chat room, mainly because I am weird as hell and I will go on a rant about rotten bananas or some random shit like that. But leave me a email, please. I need friends. Please. Just talk to me.

EXtra notes: Why do you guys read my stories? They are trash XD

Mood today: Something random I found because I have no life:



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Category: Linkin Park

Description: (Sci-Fi; post-apocalyptic future) Our entire lives, there were only them and us. We were people. The supposed "good ones". A species determined to exist in this cruel world while they tried to take it away from us. Well, maybe back then aliens were some kind of fantasy that only showed on television and in movies, but as soon as you were enlisted a militia to go hunt those fuckers every single week for the rest of you life, you usually have a tendency to start believing in them. [Multi-chaptered Bennoda, rated for slash, violence, physical and psychological abuse, and drug and alcohol abuse. Yikes.] (ON HIATUS. MAY RETURN SOMEDAY?)

Genre: Science Fiction

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2018-12-10

Updated on 2018-12-28

Chapters: 3

Reviews: 9

Words: 12715

Views: 300

Members Rating: (2)

Nothing More, Nothing Less

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Mike wants more with his relationship with Chester, but he knows he's just a tool. (Oneshot! Rough Bennoda slash ahead, you've been warned!)

Genre: Drama

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2019-01-22

Updated on 2019-01-22

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 5

Words: 7925

Views: 236

Members Rating: (4)

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