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my name is Rachel. I'm 16 years old...I work at

target as a cashier, and I try to get as much writing done as I can but I get a lot of hours. love. linkin. park.

hope everyone enjoys my writing. I don't write for other people. only for myself. if my stories are sad that's because that's what I know. You're all beautifully amazing people. love, Rachel Locallo


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Category: Linkin Park

Description: I have written a final word on this piece that I wrote years ago. With the passing of Chester comes the end of this story. I thank you all for everything.

Genre: Drama

User Rating: PG-13

Created on 2014-05-10

Updated on 2017-07-20

Chapters: 12

Reviews: 40

Words: 19171

Views: 1611

Members Rating: (4)

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