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Yes, I changed my name here... Maybe a bit too late but the connection with other social media profiles got a bit awkward, so yes... you still know who I am because my stories are the same and the old name is in there, so... Maybe this is useless but I feel a bit better.

About "Let it all disappear": I try writing on it every day. Just don't have the time or headspace right now to actually make progress. I will bring it to an end, promise. It might just take a while.


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Category: Linkin Park

Description: Just me keeping my brain occupied with little none-sense texts that don't fit into my other stories. PostTraumatic. *Two new ones up*

Genre: Comedy

User Rating: G

Created on 2018-06-27

Updated on 2019-04-24

Chapters: 6

Reviews: 22

Words: 6012

Views: 1063

Members Rating: (7)

I just end up getting hurt again

Category: Linkin Park

Description: >>“Brad, what the fuck are we doing here?” There is no answer. Just another kiss and more body contact, more exploring.<< Braz Standalone.

Genre: Drama

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2019-09-05

Updated on 2019-09-05

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 7

Words: 5812

Views: 338

Members Rating: (4)

I'll be home for Christmas

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Christmas-fluff-standalone. Rob/Brad

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2018-12-23

Updated on 2018-12-23

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 6

Words: 7388

Views: 419

Members Rating: (2)

Inside of me

Category: Linkin Park

Description: An insight in Chester's mind that Mike can't forget. [Standalone]

Genre: Drama

User Rating: G

Created on 2018-11-18

Updated on 2018-11-18

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 4

Words: 3426

Views: 589

Members Rating: (3)

Let it all disappear

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Brad is struggling with something and Mike has a hard time figuring out what is going on with his best friend. Is the past repeating itself? *Chapter 18 up.*

Genre: Drama

User Rating: G

Created on 2018-10-08

Updated on 2019-09-27

Chapters: 18

Reviews: 78

Words: 54181

Views: 1910

Members Rating: (7)

Part of me

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Mike is trying to deal with the passing of Chester, the man that has been a part of his life for so many years. And in so many ways. Posttraumatic. Indicated M/C *Last chapter up* [completed]

Genre: Drama

User Rating: R

Created on 2018-04-27

Updated on 2018-08-01

Chapters: 7

Reviews: 24

Words: 17767

Views: 1529

Members Rating: (4)

There's a seat here along side me

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Everyone has to deal with Chesters passing. And everyone is doing it in an individual way. But somehow, they all end up at Mike's. One shots and drabbles.

Genre: Drama

User Rating: G

Created on 2018-02-03

Updated on 2018-04-02

Chapters: 10

Reviews: 47

Words: 29172

Views: 2239

Members Rating: (3)

Things aren't the way they were before

Category: Linkin Park

Description: PostTraumatic standalone, Brad-centric.

Genre: Drama

User Rating: G

Created on 2018-12-10

Updated on 2018-12-10

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 5

Words: 2206

Views: 508

Members Rating: (1)

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