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HTML is not allowed? Well that sux! Well neway, just borin ol' me then. I won't keep ya hear to long (who da hell am i kiddin eh!).

Well I'm a dude that technicly likes LP alot (or else i wudnt be here now would I). I like to have fun. I'm always up 4 wateva it is you had in mind *wink wink nudge nudge* :-P

I'm a fairly smart lil boy (i hope so or else im screwed). I tend to hear voices (explains the brackets thing doesnt it?) (the voices-thing was a joke btw). I like to consider myself fashionably smart, geek is the new cool ya know!

If at any point somehow I managed to make u interested in me in neway whatsoeva (probably wont eva happen but y da hell not ey) ask me 4 a pic and I will gladly (ryt...) comply... Though I must admit im not a bad lookin fella (yes just laugh...) :-p

Well neway... that's all folks!