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Ok…. Let’s see…*scratches head*

Where shall we begin?

Oops!!! Wrong question!!!

How shall I begin?*sighs*




I am a very introverted person…

People often mistaken my introverted nature as snobbishness.

Not that I am not friendly,

It’s just; I’m having a hard time speaking with strangers.

But once you become my friend, you’d be surprised

I could be pretty loud… and annoying…*winks*

It’s really hard for me to communicate with people

I usually stutter or worse, break out into a sweaty shaking piece of crap.

I eat, sleep, and breathe music…

It serves as my lifeline…

I can safely say that it keeps me sane.

I could sing…(hey! I didn’t say I’m good! Haha!)

I could also rap…

I am an American idol addict! (lame? Sorry that’s me)*shrugs*

I am a pretty boring person, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke

I don’t get trashed when I go to parties and I don’t like partying!! *laughs*

Location: The pearl of the orient sea…haha! No, but seriously… I’m from the Philippines…

English is not the major language in our country so please bear with my grammatical errors…(Please!!! Someone please be my BETA! please anyone!!!)

Age: turning 15

Fave LPF authors: L~T, shinobi, MissB, dark_red, Drummerladybourdon… I’ll add more if I read every single thing on this site…

Fave bands/ music icons: Fort Minor, Greenday, some Kelly Clarkson, and one more band… I Love that band! Let’s see if you could guess which band I’m speaking of…*grins*

Over all I could say that once you get to know me I am a pretty good person…*smiles*

Oops! Too much info… sorry…

Thanks for dropping by…^^

Bye… peace! ^^