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Lot's of Bournoda and Delnoda here! I really like writing with Mike as a main character, and putting him fantasy and/or angsty stories.

My style of writing when it comes to fanfictions can be very random. I've done realistic stuff, fantasy stuff, one-shots, etc. Basically, anything can happen in my stories cause I'm open to a lot of themes, drama and plot twists ;D

To date, my stories have collectively over 10,000 views! Thank you to everyone for all of your support for everything I write. Outside of the LPF community, I write on my wordpress blog on a somewhat regular basis. I'm also an author, and am publishing an original book later this year. If you are interested in my writing outside of this site, feel free to send me an email and ask me about it.

Fanfictions are a way for me to experiment with ideas that I know I won't publish, or ideas that make good stories but aren't super original. It's a healthy vent for me. The reason I got into slash on here is because I was trying to write romantic books, and I was shy about writing sex scenes, and I needed to get better at it. That's essentially where my fanfic "Balloonia" came from, and as that story goes on, you can easily see my progression from awkward writing to less-awkward writing. Although, for the most part, I write LP fanfics cause it's fun :D


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