Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading 2018 Update!

For 30 days readers were able to vote on their favorite stories from each category below. The results are kept true to genre, so that there are a wide range of options for whatever mood strikes you as a reader. We’re posting the top nominations in each category by number of received votes. Some genres are more popular than others, as are certain pairings. You’ll see that reflected in the votes, as well.

Your nominations for “Must-Read Story” and “Best Multi-Chapter” are represented in their genre categories.

2018 LPF Favorite Pairings

43% Bennoda

16% Delnoda

15% Bournoda

13% Braz

9% Bourdelson

4% other pairings

2018 LPF Favorite Genres

25% Love/Romance

22% Drama

20% Angst

10% Fantasy

6% Comedy

5% Sci-Fi

5% Mystery/Suspense

4% Action/Adventure

3% Horror

Congratulations to all the writers below!

Favorite Drama

Confession by lpfan503
Naivety by ALifeForMusic
MINE (Folie à deux) by Penelope Ink
Glory Days by Crimson
Devil's Drop by Penelope Ink & lpfan503
Roads Untraveled by MissBikeFinoda
Secrets by lpfan503

Favorite Love/Romance

Everything's fine by squashie
In The Morning by starscream
Nervous Wreck by Penelope Ink
roommates by frostfall
Heartbeats by Elisa

Favorite Sci-Fi

Look to the Stars by squashie
DNA by A.N.

Favorite Horror

The Late Shift by Blackeyes
The Coma dialogues by Nef

Favorite Fantasy

As You Wish by Penelope Ink
Keys to the Kingdom by A.N.
Black Magic by A.N.

Favorite Mystery

Interviews with the Crystal Killer by im.no.saviour
Haunted by Ms.Perception

Favorite Comedy

The Blackout Diner by Technicolorlover
The Halloween Dare by Penelope Ink
Chestaline by Indee
The Arrangement by Penelope Ink

Favorite Angst

Low by squashie
so you hit the lights and i'll lock the doors by frostfall
Initiation by Yassim
Reading My Eyes by SonataNocturne
Snapshots of Grief by lpfan503
Metempsychosis by vei

Favorite Action

Looking For An Answer by Technicolorlover
general hospital by littleblacksubmarines

Best Oneshots

Passionate Beasts of the Wild by Idbeallofthedragons
Green Lights by Penelope Ink
Beyond the event horizon by vei
Chester Rabbit by lpfan503

Older Recommeded Reading

Valley Christian High School by .bennizzle.jizzle.
Endless Sorrow by .ray
It starts with one... by Angelmask
Under Swept by cm
I Don't Need your Help by Crimson_Tear
Number One Fan by dark_red
Of Toasters and Divorces by Death_by_Yaoi
An Elevator Ride and the Natural Flow of Things by Dernam
Ephemeral by doompaw
The One that Got Away by Duchess
Forgotten by Easier2Run
As red as... by Eloveena Boys
Tunnel Vision by Enigmatic
4 AM by flying_penguin
A Simple Wish by Forever Linkin
Upon A Silent Shore by FyrMaiden
Cutie Men & Slutty Guys by Gummibear Queen
Night Fears by Hmaddox1
Seven Deadly Sins by Hybridgurl
Saying Goodbye by Ice Queen
Snowy Days and Heated Nights by Ithilmenel
The Story Of Us by Jam Tart
The morning after by Jun_Ko
Cowboy, Baby by Kenji Angel
Dear Diary... by Killr_Ookami
Not Until You Love Me by KinneysPrincess
High School Divide by Kirstie
Lying From You by lemonade17
Black Coffee by Linkinloopy
Beauty of Obsession by mikenchazforever
Michael by Miss B
Tainted Love by - Ms.Perception
Stay by mu5icBtcH
On the Other Hand by Murry Almighty
The Trouble with Threesomes by Nef
Echo by Pepsi Cola
...Like An Animal by prettylikemurder
You never wash up after yourself by Rhea
Subconscious Level by routine scars
Gone by ShadowGraffiti
Broken Bones by shinobi
A Question of Trust by Sophie
Would you take everything for granted like you do? by Springflower
Audio X by StonedRaider
Rescue Me by The Liquid Idiot
Night by tm
Metallic by Trash
Prison sex by VampyreAmadeo
5 Ways I Ruined My Life by viva la dunn x
30 Minutes by Walking Paradox