Heart and Pants by hattu

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From: Kezzy-Kez

Date: 2010-04-24

Chapter: 1

I really like this one!! First Brad and Chester pairing I have read

From: ♥nia

Date: 2007-04-10

Chapter: 1

Yes, that was hot! I dont know how I got myself confused, thinking it was Michael in stead of Brad.



From: EmBeR

Date: 2007-04-09

Chapter: 1

Love the hotness!

From: TYshangshan

Date: 2007-04-09

Chapter: 1

Wow~~~That's HOT!!!

I love it~~=3=

From: nodabear89

Date: 2007-04-09

Chapter: 1

Yummy-ness! Dominant Chazzy over Brad is supa hot!


From: Purity Plum


Date: 2007-04-09

Chapter: 1

Wow! That was hot, really hot, chaz is such a tease, fuck it i'm going back for a second read!!

From: L~T

Date: 2007-04-09

Chapter: 1


Why are you nervous???

Can you imagine me writing that? LMFAO. Omg...

Anyways...hehe. That was hot. Chester is an ass...but that's hot.

I've just randomly decided that he's an ass. You don't have to believe me lol.

<3 :)

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