Roads Untraveled by MissBikeFinoda

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From: eba

Date: 2017-02-19

Chapter: 24

I think I've been around reviewing this story since chapter 3, maybe? And I find it funny that LP has finished 3 albums, and this story ain't finished yet, and has only NOW gotten to the sex. XD I kid, I kid. I love this story so much. This story is what keeps me coming back to this site. To me, this is one of the best bennoda fics out there.

I loved this chapter for the obvious reasons. (SEX ahem.) But, I like that you addressed Chester's past molestation, which most other fics haven't.

I'm also still very annoyed at Anna. In her own twisted way, she pushed Mike and Chester together. It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is really her own fault. I just hope she doesn't psychologically scar Otis more than she has.

I like that Draven and Mike's parents are approving of their relationship. It's nice to see people--other than their ex-wives, Brad and Rob--know and approve of them.

Lastly, I hope you're not discouraged by the lack of reviews. The LP fic community hasn't been that active as of late. But since LP is releasing a new album, this might bring more traffic to this site.

From: dds

Date: 2017-02-09

Chapter: 24

This story is amazing. Almost everyday for the last 5 months I would check to see if the next chapter had been posted. I have never written anything here before but I wanted you to know that I absolutely need you to continue this incredible story.

From: JackWolfe15

Date: 2016-12-18

Chapter: 23

So I'm finally caught up now -and I just gotta say: bravo.

If I go chapter by chapter this thing would be three miles long, so I'll wait and do that for the next one. But I will say that I love where this is going.


From: angelic

Date: 2016-08-18

Chapter: 23

I love, love, LOVE this story!

Finally, it all seems to start to fall into place. Chester knows about his babies, Mike made his peace with Talinda, the guys are ok with it and our two favourite frotmen finally are comfortable with where they are heading.

Now there is just Anna as the last obstacle left to be overcome. But I am pretty sure they can handle that, mostly because they are together in this and I bet the other guys and their wifes will have their backs!

And I love you even more for giving us a little smutty bennoda time! *is hot all over*

Damn, imagining them together is soo freaking hot! *melts*

It is a shame that LPF has become so quiet. But I hope the new album (if they ever get it ready to release - what the hell keeps them so long???? I am so impatient and growing restless... *sighs*)

Well, anyways. Like I said I hope the new album (and tour) will bring back some readers here! *fingers cross*

You have done an amazing job here (even though you kept me (us) waiting forever *winks*)

I am looking foreward to the next chap (as always ^^)

*hugs* angelic

From: Ming Way

Date: 2016-05-01

Chapter: 22

I can finally leave reviews again! I took a long break from this website cuz it's been kinda inactive lately. But ahhhhh it's nice to be back. You're amazing, love :)) The tension is real, it's literally dripping from my phone. I don't really know what to say in terms of constructive criticism haha. Keep up the good work Hun! <3 You're the reason I come back to this website every once awhile. Can't wait to see what happens next.

From: angelic

Date: 2016-01-04

Chapter: 22

ok, sorry for the delay but I needed to calm down after that near breakdown I had *lol*

So, my poor Robbie... totally torn between what he knows he should do and his promise to Talinda. But honestly... I still think he should have told Chester the moment he found Talinda... but well... thankfully mom did it ^^

Mike is an idiot as always when it comes to letting Chester in. I mean he still doesn't know about Anna's little condition does he? Mike still thinks he can handle it alone... damn men - always the same *drop* did I mention that Mike's an idiot? *smacks him up the head*

I am so glad that Talinda and the babies are ok. But honestly, this ultrasound should have been made with the father there... and that doctor... He has a thing for Talinda, doesn't he? *wink*

And now Chester knows - thank fucking god. And Mike is a fucking idiot to think that he'll throw everything out the window. Ok, maybe I can understand him. I mean he is competing with a pregnant woman who Chester once loved dearly (and most likely still does). But I had to laugh so hard when Chaz just walked into the shower, said "I am not leaving, we are doing this together and now shut the fuck up" and that dropped to his knees and sucked Mike off.

That takes me to my next point: HOW COULD YOU LEAVE IT THERE? AGAIN?! *pulls her hair out*

I mean it was a loooooong hard road for a bennoda fan to come all the way with those two and now you cut out the juicy part *sobs*

hope you'll make up for that soon *grins devilish*

can't wait for the next chapter - like always *showers you in bennoda cookies and chocolate bars for motivation*

love, angelic

ps: after lpf was down for so long, I started to copy this peace of heaven on my laptop. And now I consider printing it out - did that once before. Anways, that'd be a whole lot of paper *loooooooooooool*

From: angelic

Date: 2016-01-02

Chapter: 22

My dear, I just wrote a super long rev but when I clicked submit LPF just kicked me out so it is all lost *close to suicide*

Anyways it is late, so I just post a short one and tomorrow I am going to try and write that rev again, because there is so much to say.

So let me just say: I loved this chap, and I can't wait for the next one!


From: Rayden

Date: 2016-01-02

Chapter: 22

Hey there! :) I am going to write this while reading the chapter.

Oh I was so freaking excited to see this story got an update! :3

I cannot understand why no one wants to tell Chester. This is fucking ridiculous. I hope he will bite all of their heads off. Oh we have to wait – it’s Talinda’s part to tell him. In this very moment it is not her part! She is fucking fighting for her life, maybe she won’t be able ever again – it’s an exceptional situation. He has all the fucking rights to know! Okay he is not her husband anymore but still she is fucking carrying his daughters!

I hate it. It’s so freaking selfish, even if she had good intensions. And maybe I could understand it if everything would be fine – but in this situation it is not and it’s fucking bullshit. I am getting really angry and frustrated.

I am sorry. You’re just a slave of your characters but I hate you! I He must know, this poor guy. Man. I hope he just follows his drummer boy and bam! he finds out of his own.

You got me smiling as Brad said he could handle any information about Mike’s relationship with Chester and then he backed off as he wanted to tell him. I liked this.

Mike’s a dumbass for not giving any explanation why he couldn’t go further with Ches. But he knows and I had to smile again, as he told Brad on the phone, how stupid he had been.

Talinda is awake. Fucking fantastic. Tell him right fucking know! I swear to God, if I am not going to read this in this chapter, I’ll burst out raging! And Oh My God it’s even more stupid that this almost-stranger knows more than the freaking father, my goodness! (I actually like Erika a lot but still-)


… Rob shouldn’t do this. It’s not fair to see his friend’s babies first. No. I know, that he was there for Talinda and that he is a very close friend, but he should have said no.

Oh hell yeah, Mike found out about Rob’s lie! Ha. Call him, find out about Talinda. Defend your sexy man! BE THE WARRIOR GAAARH –

Dreh‘ ihnen allen den verdammten Kopf um! See, my anger is boiling up so that I grumbling in GERMAN!

Das ist doch ein verdammter scheiß Witz! Almost crying over not telling Chester, but turning Mike down and after that the dogs are the most important thing he can think about. Shame on you! AND SAHME ON EVERYONE ENCOURAGING THIS STUPID IDEA OF NOT FREAKING TELLING HIM!

Yes feel bad Rob. It’s your own entire fault. I hope you will regret everything – except the fact that you were this awesome friend to Talinda – but everything else.


There is no fucking mistake in telling him. You pregnant, you fucking tell! They are his babies too. My fucking god. He’s such a good father…

I hate you even more. It’s lovingly, heart wrenching, beautiful. I can’t even be angry with Talinda anymore.

You are driving me insane. You really were able to ease me! This all is so dangerously sweet. I was so furious and now…. Chester did not even complain that much. And I’m totally ok with that, because everyone is fine.

Talinda is going to recover. Chester knows and poor Mike had been so afraid, but his singer still is with him – I so loved how he told him that he’s having a baby and that he wants him at his side and it also was freaking hot! I am still a bit angry with Rob, even if he just followed Talinda’s wishes – but still it is my opinion that it wasn’t the best decision. I even think that there shouldn’t be anything to consider. Chester should have known – at least, in the very moment as she got into hospital.

And I actually like that he still doesn’t know that there are two beautiful mini princesses. Will this be a surprise till the birth? Man, I’d love to read his reaction right now.

And wow - our kids – he said, ‘our kids’ to Mike. I also loved this so, so much.

This chapter was an insane ride of emotions! Damn. I still love it. And I want so, so, so many more. I love this special kind of family. I love this story. I want to see Mike’s and Chester’s relationship develops. I love everything. YOU GO! ♡

From: Rayden

Date: 2015-10-06

Chapter: 20

I freakin’ want to cry.

I started ‘Roads Untraveled’ as you last updated it and now the day came and I got to your recent/last chapter. I so loved to read it. I read every day. I enjoyed it every day.

I do not want to wait. I want to relish it in its whole. Now.

I really do love it so fuckin’ much. You cannot imagine! You really can’t. No- just no.

Your writing style is very unique but I totally enjoyed it.

I immediately got sucked into your story and got stuck with it. It is perfect. So many details – I love details, I love canon. I love how real it feels. I love that you don’t rush things, everything builds up slowly and takes time like in reality – ‘cause no one would go from hetero to super-freaking-gay in a matter of seconds, just because someone told them so. It’s great to read how Mike gets into this conflict, learning to get confident with loving Chester – and latter one- how lost and confused, yet understanding, patient and loving he was until he realised what Talinda had been talking about, being shocked over it and still turning out to be the one pushing this relationship. Fvck yeah!

I appreciate your work here. I don’t know- you know, I think I have to print it and bind a book out of it, so I can cuddle with my very own copy every fucking single night. Or I could make a makeshift shrine, you know? Ok ok I know- sorry, I freaking exaggerate- I just wanna tell you that I really love it.


I could strangle Talinda. I totally get why she wants to hide her pregnancy, but that’s not okay. And well, I actually love her character- still argh…

I have to tell you that I think that every freaking single character in this freaking great story weep way too easily! Okay fucking shit happens in there. And I am also fine if tears are welling up more easily with the women – happy or sad tears, doesn’t matter. But everyone and at any time! Why?

Oh- and woah, man. You know, there are so many characters in this story. Like everyone is in there. Every single family member of the boys – children, parents, dogs - why not all the ants who crawl through their backyards?! XD It is very impressive how you can jungle them so easily and perfectly, but still I am a bit sad that Jamie and Isiah weren’t in it yet, just a mention for them. I think it wouldn’t be a problem for you. ^^

And yeah I even hated something! D: Sometimes your cuts are terrible. C’mon, you cannot let Talinda leave Chester and cut the freakin scene as she steps out onto the patio at his bday party… fuck why? At least one little paragraph about his feelings.

It also often happens just before something really, really important would have been said. It is good. I like it, but you did it too often and it got a bit too tedious, and even obvious... like I sat there while reading and thought: Ah yea, well... I don't have to get excited, it is cut anyway...

And there was something else I did not like and wanted to tell you, but I obviously forgot about it, so maybe it wasn’t that bad! XD

Such a great work. I hope there a many more chapters to come and hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for them.

Thank you for sharing it, Rayden.

From: angelic

Date: 2015-08-31

Chapter: 20

I love you! Did I tell you that I do? I mean providing my drug this soon after the last fix? *is happily high*

Gotta love you more for that tidbit of action you brought in here. I love, how their relationship develops so naturally. I mean they just came to realize what they mean to each other, and it is so not: Let's get to bed and fuck, like in other fics (not that I don't like these of course *lol*). And every time they try to get closer, someone just drops by or the kids get fussy - I sometimes laugh so hard, while I am just as frustrated as Chester and Mike are.

But that's why I told you already, that this feels so real at times. You could just picture them just in the situations you so beautifully write down here! That is truly amazing!

But what is it with Talinda?! I mean that last part scared me! I hope she and the twins are alright. But I have a feeling that Chester will soon find out about the pregnancy. I hope, he won't get any funny ideas... Not that Talinda will let him (hopefully).

Can't wait for my next fix of that amazing drug you deal with that fic!

*hugs you*


From: Hazle Grace

Date: 2015-08-31

Chapter: 20

Holy motherfucker. I actually read that all in one night, and usually it takes me at least a couple. I just kinda stayed up late and read it. Anyway, it was wonderful; I loved it. It's really great to Chester and Mike interact so naturally together even if the whole relationship thing is still new and they're uncertain on how to act---well mostly just Mike is because of that whole custody thing. Poor Mike. I'm so happy that he's going for what he wants though. I'm scared of him losing Otis though, but you wouldn't do that to us...right...? AND OH MY GOD, CHESTER JERKED HIM OFF. THAT WAS GREAT. Very excited to see how their relationship continues to develop. Rob and Erika are adorable, she is perfect. I love how much they're helping out Talinda. And holy shit what just happened what are you doing is she okay are the girls okay Is she going to tell Chester soon here? How is he going to react? How is Mike going to react? Oh god. That does not sound like it will be easy. I feel like Mike would want to end the relationship between he and Chester and push him to go be with Talinda. I don't know. So complicated your story is, but so beautiful and so emotional. I love it. Your writing is wonderful, and it's easy to read, but not simple. This story is great. Can't wait for more, and I hope you're having a good time on your trip.

From: Hazle Grace

Date: 2015-08-29

Chapter: 19

I'm doing this fast so I don't get to say as much as I'd like to. Your writing is so beautiful every damn chapter and it always takes me through a wild range of emotions (damn you). The whole story with all the character relations and everything just pulls at my heart strings. FINALLY MIKE AND CHESTER TOGETHER MORE OH MY GOD SO ADORABLE. I love the fatherly scenes (with both). Erika is so sweet with Talinda and I love her and Rob. I'm excited to read the next chapter, hope I'll get a better review in.

From: angelic

Date: 2015-08-17

Chapter: 19

I am so sorry I am that late. First I didn't have internet cause I just moved and then life just got in the way... It's been burning on my fingertipps the whole time, and I just couldn't write that damn review!

But anyway, internet is back on and here I am!

First, like I already said, this chap was soooooo worth tha wait! I just couldn't stop reading when I started reading!

Hayley is soooooo cute. Oh please don't ever make her stop being so damn cute. I could take a bite outa her everytime I imagine her with the boys. How everyone just falls in love with this cute bundle just looking an her. Oh how I can picture all of our boys cooing over her... *lol*

I am so sorry for Talinda, for what she puts herself through just for Chesters happyness. I am so glad Erika sticks with her through this - and Rob of course, he is a real sweetheart!

Anna, well that's another story. I really hope she'll come to her senses and soon because I am so close to murder her! How can one be such a bitch? I mean, I understand that it hurts to lose your man to another one, and his best friend at that, but come on! She destroys everything, Otis, her family and herself!

But boy did I love this Bennoda parts! *fangirling*

I mean, finally Mike seems to get with the flow and after Chester stated so bluntly, that he wanna get fucked by Mike at some point, I found myself drooling like mad *lol*

And that you made them come in their pants like some teenagers made me both hot and giggling, oh wonders of some newfound sexuality *lol*

Anyways, like alway I can't wait for the next chap and hopefully you won't let me (us) wait for so long? *makes puppy dog eyes*

*hugs you* angelic

(btw, I can't understand that there are not more reviews, really. I think I might have to kick some ass, because this is - like I may have said before - one of the best written fics, I have ever read!)

From: eba

Date: 2015-08-13

Chapter: 19

Oh my Bennoda, this was another awesome chapter! Speaking of Bennoda, I love that they're finally together. I love how you captured the newness and slight awkwardness of their relationship. (Also props for all the sexual tension, lol.) I am really excited to see where their relationship goes.

I like Brad's reaction to finding out. I never thought how, like Brad said, Chester could potentially ruin Mike the way Anna did, or possibly even more.

Also, Anna's continuing downward spiral is always interesting to read. I wonder where she'll end up at the end of all this. She seems beyond redemption, but I still have a bit of hope for her.

It's also nice to have a light, uncomplicated relationship like Rob and Erika's to counter-balance the heaviness of the Bennoda, lol. I was a bit averse to this couple at first, but now I'm loving them. They're really cute together.

The bits with Otis in them were great, too. I sense jealousy and possibly dislike from him towards Haley, which is understandable. I really worry for the boy.

Overall, I love where this is going, and how Mike and Chester's relationship is progressing. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Finally, this is off topic, but have you considered posting this story at archiveofourown.org? It's an awesome fanfic archive with a brilliant interface that has tons of people on there.

From: Ming Way

Date: 2015-05-02

Chapter: 18

This story is soooo good. It's so well-written that it was all so real and I could just imagine it happening and occasionally mixed it up with reality. Hope you update soon! :D

From: nagaseyuu

Date: 2015-04-14

Chapter: 18

i love it *-*

From: LinkinParkisLove

Date: 2015-02-20

Chapter: 18

I really enjoy your story. It's very intriguing. I love the plot and characters and your writing style. Keep up the good work!

From: Kasai

Date: 2015-02-16

Chapter: 18

Wow!! It took me nearly a week to read this whole story.... Only having discovered it and already you have 18 chapters!!! Ugh, I'm so bummed it tookme forever to notice this! This is so fantastic! Your attention to detail is exquisite! You have taken so much time to really perfect the writing and to lay this story out at a realistic pace. Often times so many stories are rushed (I've been guilty of that!) - but this has such a true timeline. Of course it would take both men time to process their feelings and divorces don't happen overnight and you don't stop loving people overnight. This is beyond what I thought it would be and oh so fantastic! Can I gush enough about this?!? It had me on the edge of my seat! Immersed for days!!

I love each character - I cant even start! The children are all so precious - they are so well written too. I have to say Otis is my favorite - he's way too sweet and my heart breaks for him. Draven as well - these two so, so affected despite their differences in age. I do love Rob's story as well and I get giddy with him and Erika :) :) oh Robby!! Mike and Chester - they need no words. Powerful relationship between the two and you portray it so well!

Can't wait for your next update!! Xoxo

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2015-02-16

Chapter: 18

Uh hell no Tailinda was pregnant...I love your writing. It's awesome. but...the plot made me feel stomach twist to think about the fact. I felt so bad for her.

From: angelic

Date: 2015-02-16

Chapter: 18


oh my... how could you leave it there?! *dies again*

Jesus, Chaz is soooo cute in this... A few weeks back, he didn't even know that he is attracted to Mike and now he is more than eager to follow that path straight through... that's exactly how I imagin Chester to be... straight foreward and fuck everthing the others might say...

Did I already tell you, that I love how fucking real this thing seems at times? Chesters eagerness, Mike's hesitation in going too far and I even like Talinda in the way she is... *sighs*

And I still don't get, HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU LEAVE OFF THERE?! *dies again*

God, I want to know if Chester got finally through and what Mike'll do, and how Talinda will fucking tell Chaz that she's pregnant and if Anna finally gets some sense and... oh man... just please please please update as fast as you can, cause you really got me addicted here! *feels already symptoms of withdrawal*

*feeds you cookies to bribe you to write faster*



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