Mikes December by .ray

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From: Lala

Date: 2010-09-20

Chapter: 3

i read this so many years ago and i still love it.

From: pisces

Date: 2009-11-13

Chapter: 3

i love your writing!

From: Susan!

Date: 2009-09-01

Chapter: 3

I love this story!

From: T.B.D.

Date: 2005-12-30

Chapter: 3

i think i found it,...you put new years and Christmas on the same day.

its alright though,..thats not what everyone is really paying attention to,..i loved this story,..one of my faves

From: Desert-Lifeblood

Email: Ebony_wing_2x5@yahoo.com

Date: 2005-09-26

Chapter: 3

*raises eyebrow* New Years at Chrismas? Funny, other wise, a very good story, I loves!

*runs off screaming 'Mike and Chazzy 4 Ever!!!!"*

From: Bitty


Date: 2005-08-17

Chapter: 3

awwwwww that was so sweet! and well written!!


great job! keep up da good work,



From: hit_n_run_me

Date: 2005-06-19

Chapter: 3

Read this on fandomination too, but had no idea it was you who wrote. I love your MC stories, their awesome. Noticed your mistake, but it really didn't make much difference to the story, it was still pretty dam good.



Date: 2005-01-09

Chapter: 3

i noticed the mistake the christmas and new years thing, how can it be christmas and new years when they're a week apart, lol but that was still an awsome story :)

From: Susan


Date: 2005-01-08

Chapter: 3

I love this story.

From: lucy

Email: lucyalicewyke@hotmail.com

Date: 2005-01-01

Chapter: 3

dude that was awsome ! i hope you write somw more in the future

From: BreakingtheHabitLPfan

Date: 2004-08-09

Chapter: 3

was it the part where you where Joe and Rob slept together? i thought joe and BRAD were together! i got a little confused..but i figured you either made a mistake, or the guys are all confused lol....GREAT story!! i loved it!!


From: ~*Mz. Bennington*~


Date: 2004-07-06

Chapter: 3

that was so sappy...but i loved it. and as for the new years christmas thing, it was a little confusing..but that's okay. change it if you want, but you will get the same effect either way.

From: SckOfTheTnsion03


Date: 2004-06-22

Chapter: 3

I loved it!!! It was so cute!! Great Job!! :D:D

From: Vampire Princess

Date: 2004-05-09

Chapter: 3


From: Alita


Date: 2004-05-08

Chapter: 3

waiiii! Such a CUTE story

I think the mistake is this chrismas new year thing huh ^^;? I'm, glad that it is a miskate, because that means I'm not crazy XD



Date: 2004-04-06

Chapter: 3

From: Caz

Email: Burakowa@interia.pl

Date: 2004-03-28

Chapter: 3

Awwwww I love happy endings!! It was such a beautiful story! I love the way u write about Mike and Chester making love. It`s not slashy at all. It`s so lovely and pure. :) *HAPPY HUGS*

From: Evee

Email: Suki_is_2tuff@hotmail.com

Date: 2004-03-25

Chapter: 3

That's a cute story! And while I wasn't sure what mistake you were talking about, I don't think I could wait till New Years to open Christmas gifts....hmmmm........ Anyway, you've inspired me to go write me own M/C story!!! Yay...ness!


From: 3v1L 3Lm0

Date: 2004-03-18

Chapter: 3

Heh, I noticed it, but that makes it all the funnererer...*cough* ANYways, great story!

From: LPFan

Date: 2004-02-29

Chapter: 3

dont' worry, it's a mistake, nobody's perfect.

now that iread the last chapter..i must change my pants LOL (j/k) and uh yeah *hugs* brilliant :D :D :D !

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