black sheep the theory of death by bourhahnfan1

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From: Emma Shinoda

Date: 2014-08-15

Chapter: 2

The end was super cute, made me smile! But I wonder what's up with Rob and the crazy laughing? This story is really interesting, I'm looking forward to reading more!

From: nab

Date: 2014-08-14

Chapter: 2

Poor rob. Great chapter. But the a/n in the middle of the story kinda threw me off. Update soon

From: Emma Shinoda

Date: 2014-06-12

Chapter: ?

Ahh, that was so creepy, but really good! Is it a oneshot, or will there be more chapters? I hope you'll continue, this is really good! Update soon!

From: BSkyeSoldier

Date: 2014-06-11

Chapter: ?

Awesome! Can't wait to see what happens next! Update soon!(:

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