Taking back what is Mine by MissDomho

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From: Stefuh

Date: 2017-12-06

Chapter: 1

Aaaaaaaah this was perfect, I love Muse sooooo much ahah and omg Matt and Chester together? Amazing. Even if I'm really happy with the ending, it was so cute. :)

From: AaronShinoda

Date: 2017-11-17

Chapter: 1

*flails* I love Matt Bellemy!!!

Oh dear god this was hot! Naughty Chester! Horny Matt! Possessive Mike! Was so hot! Loved it XD

From: JessLP

Date: 2017-10-18

Chapter: 1

Why have I not read this story before?!

It was hot. I love Muse and Matt is pretty cute. I would ship it if Mike was in between them lol ;)

What a great story thank you :)

From: Taytay

Date: 2017-10-06

Chapter: 1

I love this!

I'm in love with Matt so I had to review and express my love for him hahah, thank you for writing this

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2017-10-03

Chapter: 1

hahaha I can totally see the Muse obsession in this.

Best line ever: he didn't think Chester would do anything so provocative as to have relations with another man that was not Mike.

This cracked me up! Like it's not provocative for Chester to be sleeping with Mike, just anyone else. I love it. And I love the ending, Mike finally standing up and owning up to what they are together and to each other.

Awesome little piece :)

From: becisamonsta

Date: 2017-10-03

Chapter: 1

Why the fuck! Did I not read this before?



Damn! This was hot!

Poor Mike shame on you for using Chester like that, you get what you get given but I am glad they made up in the end <3

From: angieliveshere

Date: 2017-10-02

Chapter: 1

I was literally listening Starlight then Hysteria just before I discovered this story.

Wow I wouldn't imagine Chester and Matt together like that? I found it strangely hot and think yes that could work! I would totally ship that....would love to see a story like that where Mike and Matt or even Ryan shuck would fight for Chester's love ! I would totally love that haha.......

Thank you for the read was so nice and a nice change of pace that Mike didn't fuck Chester as I thought it would have been inappropriate in a situation like that.

From: derekbrad

Date: 2017-09-26

Chapter: 1

Ooh the bennoda boys are so naughty in this one haha! The fact that you added Matt in this one made me so happy! I was just listening to Hysteria before reading this too haha!!

From: Bennoda4life*

Date: 2017-09-22

Chapter: 1


This was hot!! I love MUSE too!! Haha at Mike for telling Matt to get out of Chester! I was snorting at that bit, sorry if you didn't mean to sound funny...it was really hot! I love possessive Mike and not so innocent Chester haha. This story is what I needed!

From: KingMichael

Date: 2017-08-29

Chapter: 1

Finally, Mike got know that how much Chester meant to him and what was love. That's beautiful. I'm glad for them. Chester gave all of his heart to Mike. He deserved to be truly loved.

btw, haha, never thought Matt and Chester to roll up together? It seems really hot XD

From: xX_LP4Life_05_Xx

Date: 2017-08-28

Chapter: 1

Quite interesting. I liked it :)

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