Deadpan by LPBennodaa

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From: lunalikestoread

Date: 2017-12-30

Chapter: 21

Okay, little moment of honesty here: I made an account especially to be able to leave you a review! I've been an anonymous reader on this site off and on for a while, but never signed up. However, I've really been enjoying your story and noticed that it hasn't received the amount of reviews I think it deserves, so I thought I'd be fair and give you some love back!

So as I said, I really like your story. First I thought it was going to start out as a straightforward love triangle, however through the events with Sawyer you created a very interesting storyline. I feel so sad about Chester and at the same time these events complicate the relationship between him and Mike and Sage I think... really interesting and I'm very excited to see how it continues! Also, I like the characters you created. Although I'm naturally prone to side with Mike of course, I'm not even sure anymore, because you've created Sage as such a nice character. Well done! <3

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2017-12-07

Chapter: 2

Oooo, I like this one. Sounds interesting. And I sure as hell like that you used "my song"nin the story, lol. Got a tattoo of some of the lyrics in my arm. But anyway, like where this is going. Nice read! :)

From: redsky

Date: 2017-12-06

Chapter: 1

Ooooh, this is really awesome so far! Love your writing style. Poor Chester... :( He deserves better.

Can’t wait for more!

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