Hold Me by tfybike

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From: littleblacksubmarines

Date: 2018-01-26

Chapter: 1

This is so heartbreakingly beautiful, it’s perfect. I love everything about this, I think you write both of them so well. Thank you for sharing this!

From: squashie

Date: 2017-12-26

Chapter: 1

YES! I love Delnoda. I need to write more of it myself. It's a superb pairing. This was so emotional and wholesome and well written. Excellent job. More please?

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2017-12-24

Chapter: 1

Oh goodness, poor Mike. He's so sad and desperate and just needy. Which, we can all understand :( I'm so glad Brad is there for him and that the two of them are comforting each other. Thanks for sharing this :)

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