We're The Goddamn Brady Bunch by littleblacksubmarines

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From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2017-12-29

Chapter: 1

Congrats on your engagement!! Thank you for sharing this cute little story with us. This was my favorite line - I actually laughed out loud at this: “Damn, Dave, I’m about to have you make one that says Robert Gregory,” Rob chuckled, wrapping Phoenix into a one-armed hug.

I could just see it! And for whatever reason, it cracked me up :) all the kids stuff was cute. Such a happy family, despite how they all got there.

From: squashie

Date: 2017-12-28

Chapter: 1

YAY! I'm so glad you wrote more of this. It's SO sweet! Phoenix doesn't get nearly enough love in fics, so it's always great to see him featured. He seems like such a genuinely nice, sweet, gentle person in real life (like seriously, in every single interview I've ever seen with him, he's just lovely!) so this sweetness feels very authentic. :)

This part -- "Damn, Dave, I’m about to have you make one that says Robert Gregory" -- LMAO. I love it. I'm imagining Rob having his name in colourful kiddie block letters in his bedroom now.

Thanks for this and HUGE CONGRATS on the engagement! Whoop! :) x

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