As You Wish by Penelope_Ink

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From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-08-12

Chapter: 16

Chapter 15- Giant egg rolls!! lmao!! Ches you're too funny. Then poor him thinking about the another life :( And Jason being so supportive is awesome. Uhm... Mike. Oops? You weren't supposed to say I love you o.O But guess he means it if he blurted it like that... The dream was weird, hmmm. And then ouch. They need to have a proper talk still though.... But now it's on the table.

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-08-12

Chapter: 16

Yay, time to read! Chapter 14- loved the scene between Ches, Mike and Jason! He really needs to tell the parents... Poor Ches and waterfalls O.o That was weird, but sweet too. But ooooooo! Mom seeing them omg... XD

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-08-09

Chapter: 16

Okay, I forgot that I haven't reviewed this one yet. But here we go!


(yes, I'm writing this review just to be able to scream at him!)

What a stupid thing to do or think... He is in love with Chester, it is so obvious. I really hope that him running into Chesters room after his ONS is his reaction because he realises that he is in love and that all he wants is Chester. Maybe it is going to be not that easy to be in a real relationship, but they can figure out. Still better than just trying to force a thing between himself and a random other guy...

But the "breaking up" scene was great! I had through what Chester was doing before Mike and I was laughing so much about it. Awesomely written!

From: frostfall

Date: 2018-08-07

Chapter: 16

Ahhh, I just caught up with everything (I’ve been behind several chapters, sorry about that) and I can’t express how much I love this story. It’s so unique and the supernatural element to it, while mild, is executed really well.

I love Chester’s I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude here. It’s probably because he’s a devil but god, his annoyed and flippant reactions to humans are hilarious. And despite all that, he does care about Mike. Sure, it could be because Mike’s soul is with Chester but I do think he does.

And your Mike… I really can’t explain how great his charactisation is. His dilemma about coming out to his parents was realised well. I relate to his feelings and perception on it so when I came upon the chapter of his argument between his mother and him, my heart fell because god, it hit all the right notes for me. There’s always that danger that comes with coming out, that your family could turn against you in a blink of an eye and it’s devastating. Also, when he realized he’s in love with Chester, god, I feel bad for him.

So anyway, this chapter, godddd. Mike was so adamant to find a human to fall in love with that he just hooked up with somebody else. And I’ll be frank, I wanted to yell at Mike for doing that (and sleeping with somebody else!!!) and Chester for enabling him XD. But I mean, Chester does what Mike wants so…haha. But god, when Chester “broke up” with him, and his reaction to it, godddd. He does love him. When he was at Chester’s side and was confessing his feelings, that broke me.

So, I’m really excited to see what’s next. I’m hoping Mike actually tells Chester how he feels and all the demons are nice to Chester (and that Chester feels the same way!!!!!) but I’m sorta doubting it’ll happen but I guess we’ll see! XD

From: Alerion

Date: 2018-08-06

Chapter: 16

Okay, I know. I have fallen off with reviewing but have no fear! Alerion is here! And boy, I've missed out on reviewing a lot. I'll keep it short, sweet and to the point. SO FKN GLAD MIKE CAME OUT! His mom ain't have to come at him like that, but all the better! He's out and my little doll heart jumped for joy! Now he can be with Chester! Or...ya know, find a suitable partner or something....lol

But really, Mike is really between a rock and a hard place here. Mike's feeling awful after he slept with Paul broke me. Like, he felt he cheated on Chester in a way. Tragic. And his tearful confession to Chester while he isn't even there to hear it was heartbreaking, too. Ugh! I want these two together. Pretty please? With a cherry and perhaps a charitable donation on top? Lmao

From: A.N.

Date: 2018-08-05

Chapter: 16

I've been less active lately, cause I'm moving to a new apartment soon, and busy is an understatement. So I just finished reading chapters 15 and 16, and holy hannah do I have a lot to say!

Chap. 15: Now the thing with Jason makes total sense. It's a false memory that Chester gave him. I suppose that's okay, accept, Jason's support for Mike isn't real. It's support influenced by Chester, which is what the devil does and I suppose I should be used to that by now, but, it's not based on a brotherly bond. So I do wonder, if Mike had told Jason he was gay for real, and Chester had nothing to do with it, would Jay be just as supportive?

I was really sad about Donna's reaction. I thought for sure she'd be warmer toward Mike, and more accepting. Overall, with Jason's false memory and Donna's harsh reaction, this whole chapter was sad.

Chap. 16: I dunno, I was kinda into Paul Darcy. I thought the whole was cute, Mike flirting with him, them having a little one-off. At the same time, Mike expressing his feelings to Chester, really expressing them, and basically feeling like he cheated on the devil, made me squeal inside at how strong their bond is. Sure, Chester is a devil, however, his devotion to Mike is powerful, even if it may not be born out of love. People search their entire lives for someone who will be that devoted to them.

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-08-05

Chapter: 16

Mike's struggle in this chapter is just painful. Everything he thinks brings his thoughts right back around to his devil. I swear, the whole time I read this I was thinking about this line in the DBS song, Too Late, "how can I move on when there's so much to learn, and every road comes back to you." Mike is such a hot mess, thinking that finding "The One" is something that happens instantly, just because he wants it to.

That whole awkward ice cream exchange... I just want to hug Mike. He's awful at dating. He thoughts are just too cringey, I was trying to coach him in my head, haha. And poor Chester watching that, he was probably thinking of all the ways he could have approached Paul better, lol. (Sweet of Mike to get Ches ice cream...)

*sigh* Chester and his dramatic break up. I know it's all fake but I felt bad for Mike anyway. In his head, it really wasn't all that fake. I get his dilemma, as far as Chester goes. He knows Chester can't love him back and he's trying to move on, but this hook up- THANK YOU for not writing that out, I think my heart might have shattered into a million pieces. I was dreading it when Mike told Paul to lock the door, (had my hand over my mouth) and I did not want to be inside Mike's thoughts! So bless you for that.

Now, this ending. You know the state I was in the first time I read it. But actual tears for Mike here at the end. I really do feel for him. He's so in love and so far there has been no indication that Chester can love him back and/or be with him, despite my many theories and hopeful dreams of them ending up together. When he was standing there just looking at Ches my heart hurt for him.

And this: “I did something wrong,” Mike whispered as another tear trickled onto the pillow. “I’m sorry. I know you don’t care in that way. . .but my heart hurts, Chester, and I wish you were here.” He shut his eyes, pressing away the next set of salty tears." OMG. Just. Ugh. I want them to be happy together and I don't think this is going to happen and it's NOT FAIR. So. There. Write the next chapter please.

From: bag_full_of_stars

Date: 2018-07-26

Chapter: 15

Awwww Mike.... Poor Mike...His decisions come from the wrong place... He will still be a mess!!!

I love the way that you dress Ches, I can have a nice picture in my head :)

Great chapter ! Keep going ♡

From: BunnnyRabbbit

Date: 2018-07-26

Chapter: 15

I've been checking this website for days hoping that you will update the story. Imagine my joy when I finally saw an update! You're an amazing writer!

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-07-26

Chapter: 15

I am so excited for this, you're gonna get a play-by-play.

I'm sad that they stopped making out in the pool, because you know how much I love kisses between them, but then Mike suggests coming to his room and YAY! I LOVE that Chester says he was waiting to be invited. <3 so sweet, omg.

Yes, take Devil Chester camping! You should make a whole entire series of Devil Chester stories!! Ok, I have to shower after being in the pool, yuck.

EGG ROLLS = SLEEPING BAGS! ahahaha, omg, I did not see that coming. That's hilarious. Oh, Devil Chester. I love how literal his is about everything. It makes me think of the whole "on a silver platter" comment a few chapters back. He's right though, sleeping bags suck. I love that he rolled his out on the bed, ha! That's something I would do.

I really would like to know all of Chester's past stories. And apparently Mike does too. So interesting. I'm sure that we won't get enough detail to satisfy me, so again, I say you should do a whole series of Devil Chester stories. Just for me.

Mike, Mike, Mike. You told the Devil you loved him. Ugh. I SO WANT this to be some great situation where Chester gets saved by Mike's love and they get to be together. And I was RIGHT about Chester being locked out of Mike's head when he's thinking about loving Chester. Yay me. But- why Chester's reaction? I guess he knows it will never happen and Mike isn't supposed to fall in love with him. :(

Mike is asking for the wrong things. Clearly, that's been apparent since he manages to screw up everything he asks for. And this thought process of Mike's- maybe he needs to ask to be a devil. Then he and Chester could be together. But I think I mentioned that a long time go and you said no. So fine. Whatever. Why aren't they making out on the floor??

THIS DREAM. What does he really want? I want him to really want Chester, but I can't get all excited without getting my hopes all destroyed when you tell me again how they can't be together. So. :(

Mike's mom. Why did Chester tell him she'd be okay with him being gay if she wasn't? I feel bad for Mike. That's not how he wanted that to go. She was angry, I guess because of how she found out, but still. Not cool, mom. And why didn't Chester do something to help? I guess b/c Mike didn't ask? (I did love Chester's outfit though... and why he had that on in the Shinoda's kitchen is beyond me! haha, tempting poor Mike.) Ok, and he admits he wants Chester, so that explains that. Yay. Answers in this chapter!!

I have to admit I was proud of Mike but then so sad for him. I want him to be happy because- he's Mike. And I love Mike. And I wanted to cry for him at the end. It has to feel good to have that all out now, finally. But I still want them to end up together! I don't care that Chester is a Devil. I need Mike to figure out how to ask for the right thing. I don't know what that is, and I love trying to figure it out, in an I-hate-this-but-I-really-love-this kind of way. You make me want Mike to figure it out. I love this story so much, it's ridiculous.

From: A.N.

Date: 2018-07-16

Chapter: 13

So far I have not been even remotely critical of this story, because of how well written it is.

I am very confused as to why it was okay for Chester to straight up tell Jason he's a devil and what he's doing with Mike. Even with him taking it back afterward. Earlier chapters made it very clear that no one can know what's going on, or they go straight to the Underworld. So why didn't they go to the Underworld? After giving this a whole day to think over, my best guess was that Jason was under one of Chester's spells from the get-go, and telling Jason everything was part of the spell, and he wasn't truly aware.

Also, does Jason have a false memory given to him by Chester, by Mike telling him he's gay? Or when he was talking to Chester, and said "when Mike told me he was gay", was he drawing from past memories before Chester ever showed up? I'm super curious about that.


Chester freaking out about the waterfall was absolutely hilarious to me. Like, I understand where he's coming from, but I found it highly amusing at the same time. Also, the stories that Chester could tell! I wonder if he's allowed to talk in depth about previous "lives" with the souls he's taken.

I did enjoy this chapter a lot, especially the kiss at the end, and Donna seeing them. I'm looking forward to what happens next :D

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-07-16

Chapter: 13

All of Mike's effort to hide his sexuality (and affection for Chester) from his parents gone within a second... I don't know if I like this or if I don't - that depends highly on the reaction of his parents. Which is not fair, because his own happiness (which is connected with the ability to share his feelings and desires) shouldn't depend on his parents goodwill... But we all know that it can be important to get along with them, so it still kind of matters. But no matter what, I know that Chester will be there for Mike and also Jason seems to be more understanding than I expected and can maybe help in this whole distorter that is going to develop. Because either way, Mike is going to freak out about this...

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-07-15

Chapter: 13

Hold on a damn minute. Chester can't just tell Jason he's a devil. That's against the rules. I hope he knows what he's doing. I hope the mind spell makes it okay, I don't want them having to go to the Underworld.

"As gay as a unicorn skipping on a rainbow." OMG, I burst out laughing at this. I can hear Devil Chester saying this, hahahaha. And that little moment of Mike jealousy as he was giving Jason instructions, yum.

That daydream!!! O.O

This cheese enchilada metaphor is cracking me up. Oh, my god, I love cheese enchiladas. This whole chapter is loaded with little things I am adoring. This octopus sketch with the coffee cups! Mike holding Chester's hand for a moment on the couch! The sketch of Chester in the cat-ears! The mention of how Mike and his mom think alike (soooo cute.)

Now, I'm not a fan of how Chester described his relationship with Mike. I want them to end up together. So boo on all that. And this waterfall thing, I'm interested (as usual) to know what that's all about. Always more questions than answers. I love how Mike so easily slips into a place where he doesn't give a damn about anything but Chester. And now we wait to see mom's reaction to her baby making out with Chester in the pool. I hope she doesn't wake up Mike's dad.

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-07-11

Chapter: 13

Finally chance to read! The chapter has been bugging me in a browser tab since you published it, lol.

On with my review, which makes sense probably as much as my last one...

"A friend from school" lolol xD Jason <3 Happy he is even mentioned. Chester is right, just tell them! But wait, how the hell was Jason able to hear them? Huh...

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-07-07

Chapter: 13

So.... I don't now what to thing! The bus-ride was so cute and the speech Chester is giving Mike is so true! Hiding is not an option and will never make him happy. I know myself how hard it is to be honest to yourself and to others. I know the fear of telling your parents that the live they had in mind for you is not going to happen. But the own happiness should always be more important!

But I guess that's not their biggest concern right now, with Jason just showing up... Curious how this is going to end!

From: hattu

Date: 2018-07-03

Chapter: 13

Parents and their expectations...one of the issues in this world...I guess a lot people would be more happy and balanced when there weren’t some stupid expectations floating in the air.

Just from personal experience, it sucks when you can’t match these.....

Mikes parents are just gah.....

Loved the talk in the bus. Chester just don’t gives a fuck...love that!

Hope Mike will catch up on that one day and just life his life...all expectations thrown out...

So Jason comes in late, curious how that will play out! Can’t wait to read the second part!!!!



From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-07-01

Chapter: 13

Sorry for the delay, but... well, you know.

Mike and Chester's entire exchange on the bus was great, but I particularly liked Mike recalling the seagull pooping on him. That happened to me at the beach once, it crapped right on my giant sunhat. I was mad about my hat but glad I'd had it on and it didn't crap in my hair. It was super disgusting.

So Chester not being able to show Mike his future now means that Mike hasn't decided what he wants. He used to be very sure that he wanted Anna and marriage. Now, he has no clear path, apparently. I think that's interesting. I would have thought he'd made up his mind to be with Chester, but apparently not.

This part: "Moments. That’s all it had taken to turn him on. One finger, a few hot breaths, and Chester." Holy hell, yes. This is worded perfectly, and I'm pretty sure is a clear indicator that Mike want Chester. So- either he hasn't reconciled that in his head yet, or Chester is holding out on showing him that until he comes out to his parents? Maybe?

Mike and all his rules... Chester doesn't give a single fuck about these rules. He think Mike makes his life way too hard. I have to agree with Chester. He needs to get it over with and stop trying to be someone he's not.

I love Chester turning on the charm for Mike's mother, haha. He can make anyone fall for him, can't he? Which I suppose is a good thing, since he's gonna have to fix this situation with Jason at the end. I didn't see that coming, what a mess to clean up! So much for not using any tricks, he's going to have to do something! And the whole exchange with this girl was just painful. Yuck.

But - why can't Mike talk to Chester in his head? If Mike can hear Chester, and Chester can read Mike's thoughts, why wasn't he able to communicate with Chester at lunch? (I laughed out loud when Chester tells Mike he's spent his time fucking around with guys, haha, omg.)

From: A.N.

Date: 2018-06-30

Chapter: 13

That moment on the bus when Chester was teasing Mike's earlobe, super hot, but it made me think, what if people saw them and reacted in an aggressive way? A really aggressive way? How would Mike respond? This story hasn't had one of those moments yet.

I absolutely loved that part where Chester's closed Donna's mouth. BRILLIANTLY HILARIOUS! And then the bit about rearranging their bodies. In one of 2NE1's older music videos, for their song I Don't Care, this fortune teller freezes everyone in their city, and including their boyfriends who haven't been treating them well, and they walk around rearranging the people and coloring on their faces with lipstick, etc. The beauty of this video is that it's not CGI, and the actors are all standing perfectly still in every shot, and to prove that, the band members touch them to prove it. It's fantastic. That part made me think of that video :D

So, Mike didn't tell Jason about who/what Chester is, and neither did Chester, so, Jason just accidentally figured it out. I have no idea what will transpire at this point, but I am 99% certain they didn't break the "don't tell anyone Chester is a devil and owns Mike's soul" rule.

Unless they are about to both be sucked down to the Underworld and scolded heavily, maybe punished and sent back up with a final warning, or brought there and kept there for good. I would not be cool with the latter option, because I think that'd end the story (and end it in a weird way), but I would so love to see Mike's reaction to the Underworld, as well SEE the Underworld in general. I think that'd be fun.

Also, Mike admitted to being gay. He clearly didn't realize he did, but he did. I'm looking forward to some brotherly bickering. And I have no idea how they will solve this one, if that's even possible, lol.

I could totally predict Jason was gonna walk in at the worst possible time, too. Normally I despise predictability in stories, but I adored that you made it obvious it would happen.

From: A.N.

Date: 2018-06-23

Chapter: 12

I recently went shopping with a friend of mine, and all we bought, were socks. It was hilarious, cause we were in this one store, and separated for a few minutes, and then she came charging at me with handfuls of socks saying, "Alex! I found fun socks!" And I have a lot of new socks now, lol. The part about Chester and Mike picking out socks reminded me of that.

But the guy pushing Chester out of his mind, and then him being able to read Mike's mind again, very interesting. I haven't quite figured out what that means, I might have to reread the chapter once or twice.

I was really looking forward to their moment with the lingerie, and I was sad that was interrupted by Chester being called to the Underworld. Seems that the Underworld is taking over the show, a bit. Like, seriously, leave these boys alone and let them hump each other in peace XD

From: Alerion

Date: 2018-06-22

Chapter: 11

Now that MINE is over (RIP), I was wondering what I was gonna read and then BAM! You update this. Yes. Just yes.

First of all, I feel really bad for Mike. It's obvious to everyone that Mike has fallen for Chester but Mike has so many odds against him. His family, the fact that Chester is not human...

I did feel bad for Joe, for just trying to help out. Mike ain't have to snap like that lol Though I understand why he did.

And now, Chester. I found it intriguing that Chester is not like other devils. And also, that the Upperworld could just take a soul right from under him. I'm curious about what's going on with Chester. Being booted out of minds, being taken away to the underworld for questioning and 'getting too close to..." lol

The last scene is so sweet, my gosh. Mike is taking Chester to meet his parents (which, I can't wait to see how that turns out!) but also, the way you wrote them under the water. So beautiful, dude. :')


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