Don't Leave Me Behind by Idbeallofthedragons

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From: ninja

Date: 2018-05-27

Chapter: 1

It's sweet and hot. Hehe *smirk* I love how nice Mike is trying to comfort Brad and Brad helping him with lyrics. Such a great duo!

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-04-18

Chapter: ?

Mike and Brad is not something I'd ever given thought to until the past several months. I can see it in this context.

The way you've written Brad makes my heart ache. I sincerely hope in RL that none of the other guys feel this way. I think Mike stays busy to avoid reality.

I think, for me, anyway, the tidbit about Mike and Brad having been intimate in the past would have helped me BEFORE the slash. I was thinking- huh. That escalated quickly, but then it made sense afterward when you mentioned they'd turned to each other in their younger days.

I loved Mike's concern for Brad's eating habits-- Mike and Brad both look to me in RL as though they have lost weight, which of course is normal, but Brad didn't have much to lose. I worry about him. I'm so happy in your story that Mike is taking care of him. :) Now let Brad put on that cheerleader outfit and take care of Mike!

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-04-16

Chapter: ?

Aaaaawwweeee! That was sweet. And sad. Thank you <3

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-04-16

Chapter: ?

That was just perfect. A great mix of emotions and friendship and lovers. I like that Brad feels close enough to Mike to open up to him, even though this part made me really sad. The grief must be so horrible. I mean we all feel it but sometimes it hits me how much more heavy this loss must last on their shoulders... But you made up for it with the unbelievable hot scene afterwards. It made me happy to realise that they still have each other. They always had and they always will have each other. Great job, I would love to read more ;)

From: hattu

Date: 2018-04-15

Chapter: ?

I love this.

Poor Brad helping our but thinking he isn’t needed.

I liked the way Mike explained his motivations and made sure Brads not left behind!

The slash was so well written and yeah mow I have the picture with the cheerleader outfit in my head …

Thanks for sharing!


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