Devil's Drop by Penelope_Ink & lpfan503

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From: halvlang

Date: 2019-05-19

Chapter: 46

Seattle was indeed quite a ride - for us, all the characters and you guys, I guess! But it was such an important part of the story so I think it was right to spend a couple of chapters with them there.

So many things happened and as much as I hate most of them (Mark knowing about Jayson/Ryan; Mark basically forcing Mike to agree on the new series; Mark being an asshole, especially to Ches; Jayson and Ryan being that miserable; Ches struggling with low self-confidence), I think all of it will play a big role in the finale of this great story.

What was most mesmerising about this chapter is how Mike switches between being jealous and understanding that Ches wants to support Ry the best he can. I wasn't happy that they got dragged out of their cuddly togetherness but it was important that Ches was there for Ryan.

Mike taking over the hot-chocolate-making was just great. I would be the same. There are rules! You really can't risk that someone else is breaking them and messing the drinks up.

Hearing all the others venting about their job/the work environment, made me feel so bad for all of them. It's not realty pitting them but more... fuck, how do people even get in this situations and why is there no way out? I really hope that they team up and do something again Mark. They are right - Noah doesn't know shot about how things go and he hasn't been the one that Mark took advantage of - yet. Shouldn't the other guys develop some kind of revolution against their boss, so that no other young guy has to go through the same?

And what is up with Brad? Is he really just exhausted? And what did you guys mean with that he is also getting it from Mark? Why is he even working for him? I guess all of this will play a role as well at some point. Can't wait to get there!!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-05-19

Chapter: 46

Amazing chapter, as always! I'm honestly not so sure if it was a good idea to tell Noah about Jason's and Ryan's affair, because he seems like the type who accidently says something he shouldn't, but on the other hand, Mark knows about it, anyway.

Please update soon, I'm always so happy when I see a new chapter :)

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-05-15

Chapter: 46

I'm amazed by how you guys can make me feel so many different emotions all in one chapter o_O

First, the beginning of this chapter...*happy sigh* Love Mike and Ches snuggling in bed. Love, love, love it. I've said this a million times but I adore this Mike and Ches and their relationship so much and they give me all the feels. All of them. I keep meaning to say this in my reviews and keep forgetting but you guys together are like the ultimate Bennoda powerhouse :D From the slash to the tender moments...it's all perfection.

Then Noah...again. :-/ I too was perfectly content with what Mike and Ches were doing so that interruption was not a welcomed one at all. But I did laugh out loud again when Mike made the comment that he and Ches aren't animals and can control themselves hahaha Because there have been plenty of times the exact opposite seemed to be true so that was comical ;)

I'm with Mike 100% when it comes to hot chocolate-it has to be made with milk and LOTS of marshmallows. Anything else is scandalous.

I hope Brad is okay and really just tired. What Ryan said has me concerned. I should have figured Brad got it from Mark too but Ryan confirmed it. :( The only positive is that maybe Brad would be willing to help the boys in the future? Like if he secretly can't stand Mark either, maybe he'd be willing to come to their defense or take their side legally if needed?

Then Ryan and Jason...my heart still breaks for them. :'( I understand Jason wanting to tell Noah so he could have that time with Ryan but I'm a little worried about Noah being able to keep the secret. Not that I guess it matters though. Mark already knows. The whole exchange between Ryan and Jason about what Jason had/has to do and Ryan knowing full well but being unable to stop it was heart wrenching. </3 I need a happy ending for everyone!

Then, by the end, I was all *happy sigh* again. :) Chester's right...that is how it should be and Mark needs to fall off a cliff...or worse. :p

Update soon!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-05-10

Chapter: 45

This review comes really late, but here it is :)

Noah trying to flirt with Mike was really cringey and hilarious...it was so obvious that Mike was NOT interested, but Noah didn't realize xDDD I liked that Ches could spend some time with Ryan and just have some 'friendship time' with him, even though Mike was watching them and still being a little jealous. He has to realize that they are just friends now, but I think he's getting there.

Jason talking to Mike about his parents being lawyers and all that was interesting, I had been hoping and waiting if a scene like this would be included in this great story :)

Mark is still one of the most hateable characters ever, and I won't stop asking you guys if you can let something happen to him xD Maybe you could even put him in jail at the end of this story, because I'm still hoping for a happy ending :)

Please update soon!

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-05-08

Chapter: 45

Don‘t have a lot of time but wanted to drop a few comments.

1.) I love cookies!

2.) It is great that Ches is spending time with Ryan. It is healthy and important to take care of your friendships and Mike has to learn to accept other people in his boyfriend‘s life. I see why he struggles, I see that it might be weird because Ches and Ryan had sex - but that‘s how they met and they have been there for each other and they are good for each other.

3.) Noah is a handful... It was painful to see how hard he tried and that he didn’t realize that Mike was not interested at all.

4.) I still love cookies.

5.) Jay in the middle... I felt so bad for him and also I think it was risky (seen the fact that they believe Mark doesn‘t know) that Ry placed his hand on his leg. But it was nice to see that he wanted to support Jay and show him that he loves him.

6.) I think it was brave of Jay to ask Mike for help. He was prepared for a „no“ and he actually got a bit of hope here. We don‘t know that much about Mike‘s parents but I really hope that they can help. Because all four of them need help...

7.) Mark is still an asshole. I want him to leave all of them alone!

Ok, I think that‘s about it! Oh no, wait. Jayson says to Mike that he doesn‘t want to know what happened when he tried to leave Mark. I bet he does and so do I! I need to know because that would explain why Jay is not just walking away. There needs to be more than money...

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-05-06

Chapter: 45

Noah, Noah, Noah *shakes head* he still isn't winning any points with me. :p Or Mike. Although, his whole attempt at flirting was, like, comedic relief basically. Too funny. Cringey, but funny. And Mike wondering if he needed chapstick when he kept licking his lips...definifely laughed out loud. Ryan and Chester's reactions during that whole exchange matched mine pretty well. :D

I'm glad Chester was as happy about Mike agreeing to the deal as Mike thought he'd be. It almost makes me want to be happy for them too, but I know it's not going to be this perfect solution to all of their YRS problems. I actually think it will make things worse. We'll see. I'd love to be wrong, but I really think Chester is naive to be so happy about it.

Incredibly happy that Jason talked to Mike about his parents. :) There's been a couple times throughout this story where it seemed like Mike was close to talking to his parents. Hopefully, this will be the final push to get him to do so. I've said this before, but I really think it's worth a shot. Anything to try and get out of this mess is better than nothing.

So anticipation may not actually hurt anyone but it will drive someone nuts o_O I know. Because Mark knowing and STILL not saying anything is doing just that lol Again, the fall out will be horrible but I want to get it over with. Rip the damn bandaid off so to speak.

It's weird because, as much as I've just wanted them to go home since the beginning of this trip, I'm almost dreading it now. I think a whole shit storm of new shit is waiting for them once the new contracts are signed and this series starts.

As always, I'm hooked and awaiting the next update! :)

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-05-02

Chapter: 44

I am so glad that there are 15 chapters left, this way I have more time to prepare myself to let this awesome story go. 15 is better than just a few more chapters ;)

Sooo, now to the chapter: It was great as always, and it gave me even more reason to hate Mark. I dislike him in this story, but as a character he is great and interesting because he's so evil and causes so much drama, and I 'like' chracters that are absolutely hateable xD

I was kind of surprised to see Mike agreeing to a new contract, and he and Chester better read that contract twice to see if there are any traps (as we all expect, obviously). He really should have talked to Chester about agreeing to it first, instead of making that decision in the middle of the night. Let's see how that turns out...

Also, on the one hand it's good that they got their collar back, but on the other there was this choking scene where Mike had to choke Chester just with his hand instead of the collar, and the way Mark demonstrated it was just wrong and terrifying.

The fact that he knows about Jason cheating on him with Ryan and some of the boys knowing about it is sort of scary, I wonder what Mark is planning. Anyway, please update soon, I need to read more :)

From: becisamonsta

Date: 2019-05-01

Chapter: 44

I’m so sorry I have missed the last update before this one! I have read it, had a review ready and lost it when my computer decided to poop itself. I am smiling giddy to see that you both have plenty more drama to come, and I must know why Mark is doing this?! He’s really getting inside my head now. And argh, I just want him gone 😭 cannot wait for the next update xoxox❤️

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-04-30

Chapter: 44

So I read this last night but didn't want to review then. If I would have, my review probably would've sucked more than the ones I left you guys towards the end of "Xo". :p lol And the reason my review would've sucked so bad is because Mike's sadness/frustration/pain really stayed with me after I finished reading. And I think his pain got to me even more than Chester's in past chapters because Mike, for the most part, has been the strong one. Which makes sense, he hasn't been in this fucked up shit nearly as long as Chester, but to see him so broken down...that was tough. :(

As for the series...I know Chester seemed all for it before but I really think Mike should've woken him up to talk to him about it before he agreed to it. They better read the new contracts with a fucking magnifying glass, go through them with a fine toothed comb, because I can totally see Mark agreeing to cutting their time in half but taking out any mention of them being exclusively with each other. Some bullshit like that. The amount of bad feelings I had regarding this Seattle trip, I now have that same amount of bad feelings about this series. And new contracts being written up. God, I hope Mike and Ches don't just assume everything has stayed the same except their time left and sign without checking them over. I can't see them doing that, especially not Mike, but I don't know. This whole thing makes me nervous. And they have collar back. Which, don't get me wrong, I'm so happy about, but it really felt like this tiny victory in the midst of a huge loss. If that makes sense?

I've noticed that it's not good for one of our Bennoda boys to stay awake after the other has gone to sleep and think. o_O Nothing good seems to come from that. Ches cuts his hair and Mike agrees to this damn The Real Mike and Chester series. So...no more of that, thank you :p lol

The last thing I want to mention is the porn scene...first, when Mark was touching Chester in front of Mike, and I know I tell you guys this all the time, but that was like...I don't know. I felt Mike's frustration/repulsion/whatever you want to call it. And Mike is a saint for not punching him in the face, consequences or no consequences. That was uncomfortable to read. And Mark knew exactly what he was doing and I know he was getting off on it, and he's just so fucking sleazy. And what he wanted Mike to do with the hand on Chester's throat...that whole thing was just...wow.

Also, I like that there's 15 chapters left. 15 sounds good, that's a good number. Not that you need my validation, of course ;) lol It's funny you guys mentioned that though because I was half tempted to ask in my last review how many chapters are left and then didn't. I figured you would tell us if you wanted us to know, and you did. :)

Can't wait for the next chapter! And Chester's reaction when he finds out Mike agreed to this new deal.

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-04-30

Chapter: 44

The suspense of Mark knowing but not saying anything is killing me... See, we went from me wanting to kill Mark to Mark's asshole-ness and unpredictability killing me within the matter of days...Where is this going to lead?!

But seriously, when I read that you have fifteen more chapters, I was smiling like crazy. I was really afraid that this would find a really quick end now, so I was really relieved by that piece of information.

Because, no matter how much I "complain" about the drama, I love it. All the tension and the different characters that clash with each other! Which leads me to something I just recently realised; I get the feeling that we have more insight in all the characters. It started out to be about Mike, mostly. Then we got to know Chester better, more about his thoughts etc. I know you use an omniscient POV but I think you really developed a lot in this. Not only that we get whole parts or even chapters of Ry and Jason, but we also see more and more of Mark. Like, what he thinks (mainly evil thoughts), what he wants (also only evil things), why he is doing stuff (to become even more evil I guess). We didn't have that in the beginning and I think it shows a lot how your writing developed in the course of this and also why this story works out so well. You let us know what we need to know; not more and not less, but it is not one-sided but so layered by now, with all the characters and conflicts and relationships.

It's not like a glimpse into only Mike and Ches and then we have to picture ourselves why and how the others behave like they do - we get to read it as well. It makes it way more complex than a lot of other stories. hats off for that!

Ok, that was my rambling about why I love you so much.

A few words to the chapter? Let me see... I hate that Mark is inside Chester's and Mike's head that much. I said it before but I'm really afraid that he is breaking them. Not apart, but just breaking them mentally...

And I'm also still afraid of the moment when Mark tells Jason that he knows. I don't know how he can even hide it that long. But maybe he enjoys playing this game with Jason, like seeing how he tenses up, seeing all the little things he hasn't seen before, fucking with Jay's mind when he asks him who Ry would be paired with...

I don't know what to think about Mike agreeing to the "real-series". Yes, a contract that is cut in half is still really tempting - but he should have talked to Ches again. I mean... I see what Mike thinks; this could really be a way to get back some control because if they can do what they want to, they can also act. It's not like they have to reveal how their actual sex-life looks like. And... tbh... the world has seen a bit of that anyway, the real them, I mean. So...

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-04-24

Chapter: 43

I want to start by saying that I appreciate you guys so much!! and all those things you do too keep this site going. I feel like I owe you a ton of reviews. I finally was able to catch up with all the Seattle chapters and gotta tell you guys are doing an amazing job developing this storyline.

Even though this is a bennoda fic, you've managed to create such a magic relationship between Ryan and Jason. I feel bad for them because now that Mark knows, they cannot even begin to imagine the scope of the damage that asshole will probably try to do to them. I really saw that coming since that's what happens when people involved in a love affaire gets careless.

And taking Chester's collar was such a low thing to do. My dislike for Mark cannot be worse. It's definitely an invasion of their privacy. And all of this is again messing up with Chester's head. His self esteem is really low right now. That sudden haircut can tell. He is creating all of these ideas in his own head that he is not worth it, that he is not enough for Mike. I'm afraid he will end up hurting himself at some point. Hopefully not. This fic is getting so interesting with all this drama and angst.. please update soon.

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-04-24

Chapter: 43

Every chapter gives me more and more reasons to hate Mark! How dare he take thier collar? He can't take their personal belongings, it's just not right. I'm afraid he'll make them shoot a scene with one of them wearing it, just to destroy something they thought was left of their privacy. Ugh, I hate him so much!

I, too, would like to remind you that he hasn't kissed the lucky spatula! Something bad has to happen to him...please just let him fall into the ocean and be eaten by sharks or something...

There are a milliion other things in this chapter that I could talk about, but my dislike of Mark kind of overshadows everything else xD

Also I'm happy you updated so quickly, I really needed this update! Please update soon again :)

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-04-23

Chapter: 43

Nope. This is not ok. Seriously, who does Mark think he is? (Yes, I know, he isn't lacking ego and he loves being an asshole, but still...)

He can't just take the collar from Mike and Chester, it's just not ok. Publishing the video of them in the piano room already crossed all boundaries but getting hold of personal stuff is another step to far. If he asks them to wear it during a video shoot, I'm quite sure that they are both trying to kill him, one or the other way...

(which makes me think of... I know he is his cousin, but Brad seems to be interested in making people happy and keeping people safe, and poisoning Mark would keep a lot of people safe...)

Oh my... do you see where this story got me? I actually suggested to poison someone!

Ok, I'll get my shit together and try to write a review that doesn't only consist of ideas "how-to-murder-Mark". But is actually focusing on the important stuff. For me that was:

a) Mike not being mad at Ches for shaving his head. I hope they will talk about it again because, even though he says he is ok now, Ches doesn't seem to be ok and Mike might be the only one that can console him enough and make him understand that he is a great human being.

b) Ches giving in and letting Mark touch him. Yes, he has developed a lot and I also think he gained some strength because of Mike but this scene shows how much of a brain-wash he went through before he met Mike. That he is still that submissive and frightened. Of course it doesn't disappear over night but it shocks me every time when he is sliding back into this behaviour.

c) The breakfast-tension... How do you manage to make me literally cover my eyes while eating?! I was so afraid that Mark would use the opportunity to come clear about what he knows; and maybe it would have been good if he would have. With all the others around he might not get physically abusive, a thing I'm really afraid of. He is so aggressive and what will happen when he confronts Ry and Jayson?

d) Jason questioning Ry - no, no, no. They have to stick together. They don't know what is coming but here is no room for doubts and I'm happy that they managed to have a quick chat about it and that they got to kiss and hug. It's needed. (at least I needed it)

Ok, I think that is all my mind can come up with right now. There is more going on (mainly shouting at Mark and coming up with horror-scenarios what will happen next)

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-04-22

Chapter: 43

I was reeeally hoping this would be updated quickly after the issues with the site got resolved and I'm super happy not to be disappointed. :D

I won't dwell on this long because I've talked about it before but I have mixed emotions knowing you guys are working on the last chapter of this. :-/ Like, I'm absolutely dying to know how this ends and what happens to everyone but I will miss this story a lot. It's definitely one I will go back and re-read and it's also a very strong contender for my favorite LP fanfic ever. <333

As for Mark...he needs to fuck off. Way, way off somewhere far, far away. That collar is Mike and Chester's and he better not force them to use it in a scene. He can't taint that collar with his assholeness. He just can't. Gah! In case you guys forgot...Mark never kissed that spatula so there's bad karma floating around in the universe, just waiting to have it's way with him. :p

That whole breakfast scene was so tense. I don't know how you guys do it but, my God, I was squirming in my seat right along wth the characters. Part of me wants Mark to just admit he knows and have whatever fallout is going to happen, happen because the suspense is ridiculous. I just want it over with lol

One last quick note...I liked Chester questioning why he always watches the other guys. It's one of the only-and maybe the only-times he's questioned anything at YRS, and actually allowed himself to think of something YRS related as maybe not so normal after all. Which shows he's growing and changing as a person too.

Okay, I think I'm done now lol Thanks for updating! Looking forward to the next one. :)

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-04-19

Chapter: 42

Whaaaaaaat?! Mark knows?! Oh shit... (nope, I didn't see this coming at all. I know you guys love drama and I know that it was not all just going smooth but this?! You left me in a state of shock!)

Thats basically all I can think of. The evening started off so nice and that Mike agreed for Jason and Ryan to join them was such a kind gesture (deep down he really starts liking them more than he might expect, I think) and even though they felt a bit out of place, they had a nice dinner. Probably the last one...

I'm so concerned now and I need an update! I need to know what Marks is doing next. Creeping on them was already making me hide under my blanket like I was seeing a horror movie. I have no clue what he is going to do next and that frightens me because he seems so damn unpredictable...

Mike and Ches having hot and a bit rough sex is never going to be old, so it was nice that it happened after all the drama. Even though Ry/Jason/Mark was still on my mind, I got a bit distracted by Mike and Ches and the collar. (That's for sure one of the details where I want to know who of you had the idea for it :D)

But then, the ending? Poor Ches. It's going to get him in trouble I guess. Mike is going to flip out and so is Mark - if he has the headspace to flip out on Ches after what happened... But I guess he does because he is mad at him anyway for lying (seriously, what did he expect? That a guy that hates him is still being loyal? No way!). But no matter how much trouble he is in now, it was heartbreaking that he felt this way in first instance. He is loved so deeply by Mike and he is so kind and a great friend and still he can only see the bad in himself. No one should feel this way and I had hopped that Mike had changed this...

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-04-10

Chapter: 42

This review might suck because I'm still in shock and omg, you guys, Mark knows!!! :O :O :O I mean, I figured this might happen eventually, but now that it actually has it's so damn nerve racking. Holy hell!! It took a second for the shock to wear off, and for me to realize that Mark knowing is bad news, not only for Ryan and Jason, but for Mike and Ches too. They've been covering for them and lying and I guess so has everyone else at YRS except Noah and Brad but Mark knows, w/o a doubt, that Mike and Ches know so they can't even deny it. I'm so worried for our boys. :( Also, one more quick Mark-related note, I definitely did NOT appreciate him filling Kevin's head with all those lies about Ches. >:@ Add that to all the other times I've wanted to punch him. The list just gets longer and longer.

And then Chester cut his hair. :'( Which, of course, minus the fact that I love his mohawk, isn't a bad thing in itself but the reasons why he did it are heartbreaking. I wanted to jump into the story and hug him and tell him he's perfect the way he is. I get feeling like you don't fit in, in certain circles though. I just always try to have the mind set of "fuck 'em" but that is sometimes easier said than done.

Wanted to say too that Mike has really come a long way. He was able to come to the realization all on his own that he gets Chester all the time and how that's so different from how Ryan and Jason are forced to be that he was okay with them coming along. <3

I loved the slash. You both write such hot slash seperately but the scenes you write together are just like...damn. Honestly. And I swear this one, somehow, was even sexier than all the others so far. And that collar...I'm glad Mike always remembers to pack it when they go away. ;)

I'm seconding what JellyfishLP said, I neeeeed more! Like ASAP. ;) :p Friggin' love this story. <333

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-04-10

Chapter: 42

Oh my god, Mark knows! I just read this amazing chapter and I won't be able to say much because it was so good and I neeeeed more :) Also, Chester with the self-doubt...and he cut his hair...ugh, I just need another chapter right now!

Please update soon :)

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-04-05

Chapter: 40

Sorry for not reviewing in the last weeks - I still read every word and I’m still addicted to this story. Chester and Mike, Jayson and Ryan... both are so wonderful couples and I only want them to be happy!

That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy reading all the drama (Mike and Ches in the rain broke my heart though... that scene really got to me, somehow). But I’m still rooting for a happy end with a lot (!!!) of fluff, like the last chapter. ;)

From: derekbrad

Date: 2019-04-04

Chapter: 40

Thank you for the fluff, 💕 it’s a nice change from Mark being an asshole :excuse my language: but I have a feeling that it’s not the last we see of Mark. 😭

From: becisamonsta

Date: 2019-04-03

Chapter: 40

Absolutely loved the fluff, a great way to detour from the drama revolving around Mark. I just wish Chester would open up a little bit and be honest with Mike, him dancing with that other guy, Mike deserves to know.

Also Mark and the marshmallow, can sense something is about to go down. Thank you for the update, look forward to more ❤️

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