Room for Two by L.Phoenix

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From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-08-09

Chapter: 1

I wonder if you will ever go back and continue this fic.. such an interesting start.. PPlease keep writing, I love your style.

From: Fable_star

Date: 2018-07-15

Chapter: 1

Really like how this started.. Scared where this is going to go (naive Micheal???) Look forward to it

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-07-14

Chapter: 1

Nice beginning! I love the way you describe Mike and Ches together. The first shared night on the couch, the way they need each other, Chester singing for Mike... that was so adorable!

And they developed in their relationship, you can read that in the second part of the chapter. Mike still the more quite one and Ches being just hyper and straightforward - but still they developed with each other from being insecure first lovers to being a couple.

What I don't like is the whole idea of pretending. Been there, done that. It's really exhausting, emotional draining... And it hurts the relationship as well. But ok, I'll give this storyline change ;) Sorry, I didn't mean to be harsh here, just sharing my POV on the idea of Chester and Mike (not your story idea!!)

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-07-13

Chapter: 1

Ok, I have to say you've got me already with this chapter. I'm a Bennoda girl all the way, so obviously I'm already a fan, just seeing it's about Mike and Ches. But also, it's interesting to me from a standpoint that they are obviously together, but trying to keep it concealed outside the band. Things like that don't usually work- especially when one person doesn't really want to go along with it. So I'm interested to see what happens.

The HT scene reminded me of something else I've read, but that happens sometimes, since we're all working off the same material here.

I also have to say, I hopped over to AO3 and read "Knowing Me, Knowing You" as well, and if that is any indication of how your writing typically is, I really can't wait for you to continue. It's awesome to see new writers and for the actual writing to be as good as yours is. Yay! I left you a comment over at AO3 as well.

From: Alerion

Date: 2018-07-13

Chapter: 1

First, second and last thoughts: CONTINUE! I love this already. How you have a flashback moment and then jump to the present, how cheeky Chester is, all of it. I have so many ideas as to what is going to happen. Hope you update soon. Xx

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