Knowing Me, Knowing You by L.Phoenix

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From: Fable_star

Date: 2018-11-13

Chapter: 14

I have to confess I nearly couldn't read the new chapters cos I didn't want to get pulled into this world again as i don't know if and when you will pick it up again (not complaining just starting facts 😁)

I couldn't resist! I loved the first chapter and I know everyone's hating on Chester but all I can think of is how heartbreaking a situation he's in. I mean!! How is he functioning????

They are so good together!!!! And Mike is just an adorable person here. Truly kind and loving!!

I love the hints ur giving us of the background... Makes me want more more more!!!! Ok!!! So he had an AFFAIR??? But it's just not adding up with how in love they were etc... What actually happened??? I'm almost too scared to find out 😢

And he's telling him next weekend? Oh God no!!!!!! I need more Mike and Chester loving

And maybe I'm biased but I don't want Chester to suffer anymore!!I mean Mike chose this risky operation and forgot Jude!!!! And seriously, Jaz better butt out!!! And she needs to support her brother!!! He raised her! Why is she so unforgiving? Somebody needs to fight Chester's corner!! The only one there right now is dear sweet Mike!!!I love Mike in this story😘😘 and Chester!! He's so conflicted and talented and messed up!!!

I'm stopping now 😢 see what you do to me

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-11-13

Chapter: 14

I've to admit that I'm guilty of following this fic for ages without leaving reviews. That being said, you need to know that I was the happiest person to see that you finally updated this, and with 2 chapters at one time. This wonderful story between Mike and Chester cannot go unfinished.

I love the fact that you already starting hinting or explaining what it was that Chester did that pushed Mike away to the point of wanting to erase him completely from his life. It is possible that just an affair could have caused this whole mess? I disagree with Jazz when she said that an affair is not enough cause. For a love like the one they had for each other, an affair could definitely be, since you trusted that person and they betrayed that trust.

However, I'm still not completely sure that the affair was the whole cause since Michelle mentioned Mike knew about the affair and was still willing to forgive Chester, something else may have happened and I'm dying to know. And also maybe we can know more about the actual affair. And that guy that wanted Mike and Mike rejected several times.

The scenes with Jude are beautifully written and the fact he already likes Mike is amazing. I was afraid Mike was going to have one of those episodes when he saw him for the first time but thankfully that went down just ok. Now I'm looking forward to see what Jazz will come up with to get Chester to open up to her and tell her the truth.

I gotta admit Chester is a very difficult and complicated character in this fic, but nothing that he does will make me dislike him, I guess is because I'm completely biased lmao, Chester is my baby.

And that final scene with them singing together, omg what a beautiful and romantic scene, please bring on the slash soon and don't wait ages to update this fic again. Love you!!

From: L.Phoenix

Date: 2018-08-05

Chapter: 12

Hey you guys!! I haven't forgotten about this story whatsoever and chapter 13 is halfway written. I've been working like crazy and also in the process of writing an original novel I've been working on for over a year, so I'm trying to split my time between life and these two stories, but I swear I'll get it up sometime this week (that's what Chester said HA!) and no, lpfan503, you didn't upset me whatsoever. I like when I can get my readers angry at my characters, it shows I'm doing my job well! Big hugs and kisses to all of you! XOXO

From: Fable_star

Date: 2018-08-05

Chapter: 12

I hope you're ok and I know it's selfish but I really hope you're coming back to this story very soon 😒

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-08-03

Chapter: 12

I hope I didn't hurt your feelings with my last review! :( I really hope you update soon!!

From: Fable_star

Date: 2018-07-29

Chapter: 12

Yay!! Finally...Chester is moving forward. It's not nice playing hot and cold with Mike but a dilemma of this magnitude is paralysing. Having to make the decision for both of them(cos mike lost his memory rather conveniently πŸ˜‚ and can't tell him what he wants) can be too much. Also I think there is history to Chester's character? I hope we hear more about it.

It's almost impossible to choose when its a life altering decision for someone else...So I sympathize with ChesterπŸ˜€

Brad sent the texts!!! I find his turnaround interesting. I actually think it's believable. Even tho I'm not sure if it's the way to go. It could be tho...I like the part where Chester sums it up in his head. To not tell Mike and lose so much they built or tell him and risk this second chance that they BOTH want. And Mike did make the choice to permanently erase their past!!!! So GO BRAD!!!

I really love Mike in this story. He's so spontaneous and is trusting his irrational heart so completely. I mean he doesn't know Chester that long but he's completely invested. It's endearing to say the least... I wonder if that's what made him erase his memory? He would rather have nothing than something that was sullied?

Michelle kinda answered the Jude question.It seems like he is Mike's son.And he was forgotten when the operation went wrong so Chester raised him?

I love how they fall into each other even when they have stuff to resolve. It's like that sometimes.

it broke my πŸ’“ when Chester cried. It's too much to keep secret. Not the way they seem to love each other. Will he won't he???? 😁 I LOVE THIS STORY

Finally I'm glad Chesters inviting Mike over. Shouldn't he tell mike he had a son first tho? I'm scared for all of them now... Shiver...

I hope we see More of Chester and Mike in the past and happy Mike and Chester now (I just can't forget the first 2 dates... They deserve SOME uncomplicated happy time and More sexy time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Crap this is another LONG review!

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-07-28

Chapter: 12

Okay. I read this and had to walk away from it because Chester really made me mad for most of this chapter. I get that he has issues with how things went down, and I'm sympathetic to how hard it must be to carry his burdens, but damn if ghosting Mike isn't just the worst possible thing to do. I really disliked him for most of the chapter. Well, really until the last line. That's a testament to your writing, not to the content.

Brad is the unknown texter, cool that he's trying to help after being such an ass earlier. But that whole conversation- I disagree with completely. Telling Mike is the right thing to do. I still want to know what Chester did - I can only assume that he cheated - and if he has memories resurfacing, it's only a matter of time before he will feel completely betrayed by Chester if he doesn't come clean. Brad's advice sucks.

I was really moved by the info about Mike waking up post-surgery, and wouldn't mind getting a little more info about that.

Then Chester goes to Mike's, explains nothing, and then they're going down on each other? I'd feel used too if I were Mike. Chester needs to keep his hands to himself if he's gonna be such a basket case. It's not fair. I don't blame Mike one bit for how he's feeling, or for being so snarky after they both get off. I really just despised Chester through the whole scene (even if it was HOT) because it felt very much like he was using Mike while he was desperate and vulnerable.

The only redeeming quality for Chester in this chapter is that he's going to "introduce" Mike to Jude. However, I think he should think carefully about this and not just drop it on Mike out of nowhere. With the whole resurfacing memory thing and the shocks, he could really hurt Mike.

I don't want you to think I don't like the chapter. The best stories have to have some conflict, and this is good. Lots of moral dilemma here, and it's okay to not like a character all the time. I just hope Chester will make good choices and not be so dramatic and crazy. He needs to take better care of my Mike.

From: Indee

Date: 2018-07-27

Chapter: 10

Okay, it's a quite impressive story. The beginning was so sad! I'm so sad for Chester, especially every time he had a breakdown. It must be really really really hard to be him. To have your love forgetting you but be so close to you yet you couldn't reach them. God!! Something is squeezing my heart!!

I really love the rambling Mike. It makes him so adorable. I found his cluelessness about the whole situation to be cute and strangely funny. Make me get this strange urge to knock some sense into him. However it is :"

I usually not too fond of OC, but Jaz here is really cool! Their friends reaction regarding Chester's and Mike's closeness is understandable. I would also react the same if my friend got into the same mess.

As for the mysterious UNKNOWN, I'll put my bet here; it's Brad?? Hehehe.... if it was true, it would give a nice twist in the end. Mike's headache would be a breakthrough in the Tech field. One thing I havent be able to guess is the relationship of Jude, Mike, and Chester. Really, I practically screamed when you disclosure that Jude is Mike's son. I was like; WHAT?!! HOW?! Okay, what the fuck is going on here?!! (excuse my language)

Lastly, yay! Two of my favorite songs in one chapter!!

From: Fable_star

Date: 2018-07-25

Chapter: 10

So this chapter needs to come with a warning apart from the smut warning.

It should say "this is going to mess with your head and heart so bad!" 😁

The pacing was great. I loved how Chester broke down. Is he worried about pleasing him just physically? Or is the whole thing just scary as hell? (The latter makes sense to me)

I love how Mike picked him up and the music and the blackout. I mean it makes sense that the brain is fighting to remember something that must be so much a part of him!

Mike's insecurities made him so endearing. I can imagine how he must feel!!😢 And Chester's response! It's interesting that he says he couldn't care less about the past. Which I think is good cos he's into Mike as he is not some ideal from his memory?

And then some long awaited smut. Sigh.... They are good together!

Chester ur being a very bad parent! Shame on you!! But I'm willing to let it go this time cos let's be honest it's a lot that's happening to him.

The latter half of the chapter is just... phew! How is Chester doing it??? Id just implode if I was in his head.. He needs to tell Mike about Jude. I'm not sure how he can ever break the rest of it to Mike. As well as the fact that Jude is Mike's well!!!

Also WTF. I'm so confused. Did Mike plan to erase Jude as well? I mean he couldn't have erased Chester and not jude right? I'm assuming they were co parenting???ugh what did Chester do? Why would Mike go that far? And how can he forgive Chester if he tells him the truth which he has to do?????

Can't wait..

I swear I'm going to work on shorter reviews. B they are getting nearly as long as your chapters!! My apologies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-07-24

Chapter: 10

Somehow I missed or forgot Jude's description from earlier, so- oops.

This makeout session. YES. I have to admit, I don't know where Chester's lack of confidence comes from all of a sudden. He knows Mike intimately, remembers everything, so why would he think that he wouldn't be able to please Mike? Not only am I cursing at the screen right now, I'm confused. :/ I also am kinda thrown by PT songs. I'm lost in this great world of Chester and Mike and Crossing a Line sorta hit me in the face with reality for a minute. (I'm not being critical at all. I'm just letting you know my feelings... still love this story, I'm jus freaked right now.)

WHY IS MIKE GETTING DRESSED. NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE SONG RIGHT NOW, MICHAEL, WTF. *sigh* fine, whatever. lol. Fine, fine, fine. Chester should probably tell him the truth before they have sex, so fine. Boo.

(Totally used Into You in my current fic, nice choice.)

Ok. So what just happened. Is this a memory thing? Assuming that's a song of Chester's, how would Mike know it. Is he remembering stuff?

So... Mike passes out because of the memory erasing malfunction? Wouldn't Chester have already known this if he was following Patient Zero? Is he pretending to not know to see what Mike knows/understands about his condition. I'm totally thrown here. It's connected to resurfacing memories? If that's true, Chester better tell him what's happening before he accidentally kills him or something. I don't understand Chester thinking about not being a good person all the time. He told Mike not to do the surgery, so I'm totally confused.

SO- these memories are part of Mike's natural brain function? Not related to the chip at all? But it causes problems with the chip and it makes him pass out? Am I reading that right?? #science or rather, #fakescience haha

Oh, Mike thinking Chester would leave. :( And this JEALOUSY and insecurity!! Mike probably thinks all of this Chester freaking out stuff is about his mysterious lover of 10 years. And it kinda is. But that lover is him, which is so twisted. Because Mike feels inadequate about himself without knowing it's about him! My head hurts, lol. Oh. And now, now... now everyone is getting naked. I'll be back.

Yes. Finally, they got some satisfaction out of all that pent up desire. Thank goodness. More than once! yessssss!

Wait. What? Broken arms? Damnit. And Chester not telling Mike about Jude comes to bite him in the ass. Mike is all worries now that he's done something wrong! Grrr, Chester, tell him the truth! Even Jaz and Dave think you should! So Jude is confirmed as Mike's (though not biologically, I'm assuming) which makes me wonder WHAT CHESTER DID to make Mike want his memories removed. Didn't he think of his baby son at the time? God, this is all screwed up.

Sorry for this ramble. This chapter really threw me. Not in a "I hate everything you wrote" way, just that there was a lot going on. Whew. I need a drink now.

From: Fable_star

Date: 2018-07-23

Chapter: 9

Finally!! They had a date 😁 everything about their (new)relationship is upside down! For Chester that wouldn't be strange cos he's got a decade of history with Mike but for Mike? It's so interesting... Does he realize that? I mean the familiarity and intensity between them must ring some bells? Or does he just think it's a great connection?

I.also love how you keep dropping these little things they do that show they've been together for ages. Like The cream and the sugar and in an earlier chapter how one opens the muffins for both.. That's something you do for someone who is a partner, your responsibility in a sense.

Loved the date, love how Chester's personality is so different from the one we see with the others. This must have been him"before"? Really loved them sleeping together 😘 very sweet of Mike to ask. Again.. That's a pretty intimate request for date 1. Yes! I know they had phone sex etc

I'm sure the next chapter is going to be delicious 😁 I'm waiting waiting waiting.. also I had this crazy idea that unknown maybe Mike before he lost his memory (in some crazy way) 😁 it is sci-fi 😎 all that info seems like something he would have (esp.the dancing bit..I mean I don't see brad/jaz dancing with Chester when he's losing it) I know it's not now tho...

Look forward to knowing more about Jude. What happens when Mike meets him. Love seeing Chester with him. And does Chester have a plan? All this deliciousness is laced with anxiety about what's going to happen when the truth comes out!!! Ur killing me!!!!!!!

OK I'm stopping now!

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-07-22

Chapter: 9

I was just as impatient as Mike and Chester to get to the date. I like being inside Mike's headspace and trying to figure out what exactly he's piecing together. Knowing that he's thinking about Patient Zero and turning that info around in his head makes me anxious though. It's a matter of time before he starts to put things together, I think. That little bit about our senses being linked to memory is SO TRUE and I love this bit. It's funny how a taste can bring you back to a childhood memory, or a smell can take you back to a specific person, or a song reminds you of an event in your life. It makes complete sense that those things could possibly trigger a recovery of memory. I'm interested to see if this really does happen for Mike the way I think it will.

I see that you have answered that Jude is not biologically Chester's, but that doesn't rule out him being biologically Mike's. And since you haven't physically described him yet, I'm still gonna go with him being Mike's. Just a feeling.

The date is so romantic! I just about fell out of my chair when Mike gave his little speech about the past, though- it was almost like he KNEW. I know that he doesn't, but still. The sunflowers, the passcode. It's like those memories are there but they aren't there. It's like how I like the number 3. I always have. Why? Is it linked to a past life or something? LOL. These little bits Mike brings up, they're part of him though he doesn't know why. And I love that. It gives me hope that Chester can help him recover the memories... but also fearful that he'll recover the bad one, what Chester did, and it will ruin everything. AH! The moral dilemma of whether or not to tell Mike WHY he wanted the memories erased is one I can't wait to see the resolution to.

It's cute that Mike confides about UNKNOWN to him, and it's interesting that Chester knows exactly who it is. I'm still thinking Jaz, but maybe it's Rob? Rob knew he was still in love with Mike when they dated for a while. Maybe Chester told him all those things b/c he was hung up on Mike so much. Dunno, just a guess.

Ah, sleeping together (so sweet) and then the waking up (sweeter, jeez) and that kiss was spectacular. <3 And I agree, fuck everything and write this next chapter. Even though I'm terrified of them having sex and then Chester telling him the truth. I kinda think he should do that first, but I understand why he probably won't. So many conflicting emotions right now! Good chapter!

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-07-21

Chapter: 8

I'm really curios who is writing Mike all this things. I thought it was Jaz, but I also believe her that she didn't do it. Who else could be interested in bringing them together?

And I get more and more curious about the past. I mean... what did Chester do? I re-read the first chapter and couldn't find a hint and it's not getting better. I think I figured out some stuff by now but their shared past is still too blurry for me!

From: frostfall

Date: 2018-07-20

Chapter: 8

Okay, let me just say that I read your story on AO3 last year and was crushed when I found out it was left hanging. The premise of this story is so intriguing, probably because I'm a sucker for sci-fi stories. So imagine my surprise when I find out this has been continued! :D

Also, let me just say that I like how well-planned out the lore is. Stuff like this is a struggle for me to map out and I'm always unhappy when I try coming up with sci-fi ideas. But this is really good!

My god, I don't know how to articulate myself right now. I'm a mess now so I'm just gonna try to spit whatever is in my head right now XD

I'm really dreading and anticipating the time when Mike finds out the truth behind his amnesia. I can't imagine the upcoming turmoil he'll have. And also, I'm REALLY curious to who the Unknown Number is. I thought it would be Jaz but since it's not her (unless there's some sort of twist), I'm going with Brad just because he might feel bad XD.

Anyway, sorry for my weird rambling. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this story. Really excited for what's to come! :D

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-07-19

Chapter: 8

Chester and Jaz's relationship is so foreign to me. I was never that close to my siblings, but I definitely know people who are. It's cute to read, even if I think Jaz is a little nosey at times.

I'm glad that Chester is already considering when to tell Mike the truth. That's a good sign. I was hoping he wouldn't try to just go on without Mike knowing their past. I wonder if he will just leave out the part where he fucked up, though, or if he's gonna go all in. He's probably afraid Mike would want to erase him again... but maybe not, knowing how poorly it went last time? Ugh, it's all so interesting.


But then, nosey Mike! Patient Zero is Mike and I'm so sad, ugh. How did the fuse get blown? How did Chester make a mistake that big? I'm glad the other guy donated his chip to science, to Chester, so he could figure out what went wrong and how to fix Mike. B/C that HAS to be what's going on here. :) yay, me. Chester is again alluding to his own arrogance, but I think he's being hard on himself. In the very first chapter he begged Mike not to go through with it because the technology wasn't up to par, so he knew something could go wrong. That's not arrogance. I feel so bad for him and the weight he's carrying. :(

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-07-18

Chapter: 7

Finally made it through all chapters you uploaded. Not complaining here, obviously. It was nice to have a lot to read!

This story is definitely different and also I'm always quite carefully with sci-fi/fantasy/different world stories, this one is catchy as hell! I WANT TO KNOW MORE! More about the past and the present and the future. About everything. I mean it! So please, don't let us wait too long ;)

From: becisamonsta

Date: 2018-07-17

Chapter: 7

Interested to see how this will end :o I read the first chapter, not going to lie the first chapter kind of tore me apart... I hope they can put aside their differences and discover why Mike done what he had done in the first place.

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-07-17

Chapter: 7

Mike is going to have to cool it with using all of the unknown person's tips immediately. Chester isn't stupid, he's already on to the fact that someone is meddling. I still think it's Jaz, but I could be wrong. She seemed real avoidant on that phone call.

Now. My favorite two treat drinks from Starbucks (I'm a black coffee girl) are the peach citrus white tea and -- no lie -- an upside down non fat caramel macchiato with extra caramel and light ice. I freaked out when I read Chester's favorite drink. So close, haha. That, and then you used Blinded in this chapter, and I swear, you and I would be friends IRL. What an obscure 3eb song to use. I got the 3eb vibe when you mentioned dopamine a few chapters back, so this makes sense. Anyway, great choice of a song for that scene. (And Semi-Charmed Life, nice!)

So. Is Chester's research connecting to trying to restore Mike's memories that he accidentally erased? That would be a cool twist to this. I loved that whole bit with Chester explaining what happened and he and Mike talking about second chances. With that whole melt-down of Chester's though, it seems like Mike might be getting the idea that they've already known each other before. Like he was trying to force Chester to admit it. I don't know, maybe that's just my wishful thinking.

Anyway, I'm glad that Chester is going to stop listening to his friends and do what he wants. I want them to have their second chance!! I am afraid that at some point someone will drop all of the past on Mike at once and it will turn into a hot mess. OR Chester will tell him and they will talk about restoring his memories - except maybe the memory of the thing that Chester did that made Mike want to erase his memories. Oooh, that would be interesting. And kind of ethically wrong, if Chester made that choice without telling Mike. Gah. There's so many possibilities with this. I will try to be patient for the next update.

From: Fable_star

Date: 2018-07-17

Chapter: 7

I thought I knew where this was going but I love the change in pace. Their relationship just took off at the start. Cos of that connection they have and now we have this. Hesitance and longing and doubts and frustration. I LOVE IT!!!

You made time in a lab fun and sexy and tender. How did you do that??!!! 😁 The explanation of the science behind the chip was a nice addition.

You also did a great job conveying how tormented Chester is in that scene. And I love the way Mike holds him(literally held him to stop him from leaving) and prevented him from shutting him out again.

Ok maybe I'm wrong but I'm beginning to have a feeling about UNKNOWN. πŸ˜‹

I'm enjoying this so much and it's so so touching. The combination of Chester carrying the weight of both of their memories. And Mike feeling something so strong between them but having none of those memories. It's insane. Insanely good.

I have no idea what Chester's planning. (I love that he's researching restoring lost memories). But he has to tell Mike and it looks like he wants to...I do want to see them together some more this way as well... Just to see if they connect again..

What did Chester do that pressed Mike off so bad????ugh...

I know ur going to busy next week.. But HAVE MERCY πŸ˜‚

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-07-16

Chapter: 5

(Ahh, you have a formatting issue in this one, I hate having to tell you that!)

It really says something about Mike's ability to be stubborn that he hasn't accessed his memories of Chester all month. It gives credibility to the fact that he would have been stubborn enough to want to erase his memories in the first places - but also makes me wonder why he couldn't have just exercised that same self-restraint instead of doing something so drastic. I'm dying to know what Chester did.

(I also love Family Guy.)

I was about to smack Chester if all they did was make small talk. I'm glad Mike got brave and asked him to breakfast. It's interesting that Mike doesn't like bananas and yet orders the pancakes. I guess that was to cover for the fact that he wasn't really supposed to know that Chester likes them. The exchange of cream and sugar was so perfect. You just know they've been doing that for years.

Mike is starting to piece things together a little, though, it seems. Asking about their mutuals and their proximity to each other. Asking about Jaz was uncomfortable, I was holding my breath to see what Chester would say! He can't hide Jude from Mike forever, unless he really thinks this platonic friendship this is gonna work (yeah right.) I'm dying to know if the kid is biologically related to either of them.

The Google thing is interesting too. I guess in addition to controlling memories Chester can control his publicity. He must have a lot of money.

Screw their friends and their limitations. Although, once I find out what Chester did, maybe I'll be on their side. It has to be something awful for everyone to react the way they do.

I don't believe Jaz doesn't have something to do with the sunflowers and pancakes. I think she's a smooth liar. (Please let him be sucking Mike's dick by the end of next week! Lol, great line.)

Using the sunflower memory is perfect to let us know for sure that Mike and Chester are exes, even if you don't outright name Mike in that memory. I love it. And I love Mike putting that memory on loop at the end. Gah. Don't we all wish we could really do things like that with the memories we love?

I know I've already said it but the concept behind this has be so hooked. I'm such a romantic.

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