Road Untraveled by Cissoye

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From: Samweis

Date: 2018-09-22

Chapter: 15

The whole chapter I was in this state of mind: "He is doing ok. It's going to be fine." "But what IF something happens?" "He is not alone. Nothing bad is going to happen." "But you never know and what if he freaks?" "Anna is with him and he survived the episode with a fan." "But what if there is another incident and he loses it?"

I think your writing is really nicely reflecting on Mike's mind. You describe the situation he is in and for us - like the readers - there is nothing frightening about that. It's just a supermarket, he isn't alone, the girl is just a nervous fan. She can't read his mind and he doesn't need to be afraid of others figuring out what is going on inside of him.

So I'm completely calm about the situation. And at the same time I'm freaking out because I'm afraid that he will. That he will either panic or run or just break down. The same during the party. he is surrounded by friends and family and the guys are taking good care of him, letting him be. He can feel safe and I feel like he is safe. And again - at the same time I'm afraid that it is too much for him and that all of this "normality" is too early for him.

So I think your writing and what it does to me as a reader is similar to Mike's feelings.

And then the last scene comes and I was fucking right with my fears. Because it is going to take forever before he will not have flashbacks and panic and the feeling of complete safeness again. He NEEDS to talk to someone. Bottling this up is not going to lead anywhere. I mean I'm happy that he admits to Anna that he doesn't want to be alone and allows her to be there for him but that can't replace either therapy or at least opening up to family/friends.

Btw, can't wait for more interaction with the guys as well! Although I really would like to have another Mike/Chester scene. I think it is a wonderful bound that you create here and the chapter with them was so good. Oh, and I would like to have a Brad/Mike moment as well because they know each other longest and Bad had to deal with the kidnappers first and I'm curious how he feels right now.

but I will better sop with all of my requests and let you write whatever you planned :P Because so war it's great, so maybe I should back off and let you d your thing :D

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-09-19

Chapter: 14

Finally time to read.

Chapter 13- Oh god, what a mess. Poor Anna too, waaaa! She is really going to have hard times ahead, still. But glad she is there for Mike. And management can fuck off. Oh Ches! Yes, I would assume he will know instantly. But why would it matter? Though I do get why Mike is anxious :( Maybe Mike needs to talk to a professional...

Chapter 14- Them meeting again warms my pitch black heart! <3 Loved the moment, even though Mike is scared to open up. But he really has to. Really has to tell. Argh. But new music! Yes, I like that!

P.S. Yes. My 'poor Mike' box is always close by o.o The transition was perfect :) My story- well it's combination of soulmate AU (kinda) and rape recovery. Will start as soon as 'In My Remains' is finished. Hopefully. Unless the Kinktober and its friend prompts will cause trouble. And yes there's an update on SOTD :)

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-09-17

Chapter: 14

I know this isn't Bennoda, but I couldn't help but see intimacy in Mike and Chester's reunion. I know best friends can be that way, so I calmed myself, haha. I'm thinking Chester might know more than he's letting on, or at the very least, is a good enough read on Mike's body language that he knows something is very, very wrong with Mike. I think Mike would feel better if he confided in Chester, even if it's hard.

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-09-15

Chapter: 13

Hello, it's me again ;) And this will be a really torn review!

I'm happy that Mike allows Ches and Tali to come to visit BUT he shouldn't force himself if he isn't ready.

I'm happy that he tries to get back to his normal life BUT he can't pretend that everything is ok and that he doesn't remember.

I'm happy that he feels good when Chester is with him and that they create some kind of normality BUT he can't just hide what happened.

Do I understand it right that he told nothing? Like... He said he can't remember what happened after he bumped his head - but he was there for a while before that, did he really not say anything about that either?

And btw, I think Chester knows already. Mike was not able to make eye-contact and was really jumpy when it came to physical contact. Yes, that could be due to being held hostage, being mentally abused, being handcuffed. But I think that Chester knows. Maybe he doesn't feel good enough yet to ask Mike directly? Chester seems to be ok but also handicapped right now (and obviously he is really having trouble to not blame himself).

That was the hardest part to read - that Chester is blaming himself and Mike is trying to tell him that it wasn't his fault. They are both mentally and physically broken and still try to console each other and be best friends that make the pain go away. Mike is so concerned about Chesters mental health - even if he has to fight for his own health right now... Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time <3

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-09-11

Chapter: 10

Sorry for not reviewing earlier, I was stuck with a bad internet connection (on holiday though, so I won't complain too much;)).

The last two chapters were really intense - although in a different way than the first part of the story. You can feel Mikes anxiety though every single word you write... And it really pulls at my heartstrings. It's so good to know that he is safe and that Anna is with him and at the same time I just want him to also FEEL safe! And in contrast to the reviewer below me - I totally understand that Mike is afraid to see Ches. The last time he saw him he got kidnapped and I guess seeing his friend will probably work like a trigger. And it seems that Mike hasn't told anyone about the abuse? Especially the sexual abuse? When I understood it right, he is most afraid that Chester will know what happened and Mike doesn't seem to be ready to share this part of the hostage...

Btw, I would kind of like to know how he finally got freed. Not that it matters, the only important thing is that he is back home. But still, kind of curios ;)

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-09-09

Chapter: 10

Why is Mike worried about seeing Chester? I think that's weird. I would have thought he'd want to see him immediately. So... I don't get that at all.

Management needs to back off, but I'm sure they're wanting some sort of statement or something. But- correct me if I'm wrong- the whole thing was kept under wraps. So there's no need for a public statement or anything. So why bother him?

The emotional trauma is written very well. I can feel the anxiety in the scenes with Mike and Anna when Mike isn't in his right headspace. Well done getting those emotions across.

I still can't believe I can read this story at all, but that's just how good you are with the emotional aspect of things. Anxious for another chapter.

From: hattu

Date: 2018-09-05

Chapter: 7

Sorry way to late to the party!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Uh torture Mike is just something :)

Brings back the good old MAW days.

Very well written and so realistic!

This Ian creept me out from the first second.

He really left some marks.... I doubt Mike realizes how many...

So they really kept this under....I just doubt this turned out like they thought. Yes, mike is back but he isn’t fine and he isn’t unharmed.

I am looking forward how it will all turn out now that Mike is home. Some more torture ahead I assume ;)

Thanks for writing and sharing!

Please don’t stop!



From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-09-04

Chapter: 7

Ugh. I'm so glad Mike is home, but he's as screwed up as I thought he would be, and it breaks my heart. I really, really hope that when all the memories resurface that it's not as bad as he's thinking it could have been... though that forced BJ is pretty awful. My baby!! *cries all the tears*

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-09-03

Chapter: 7

Damn! You were so quick to update that I didn't get a chance to review the 11 chapter, lol. And this will be the lamest review ever cause my head is all over the place.

I was so scared that when he hit his head there would be even worse consequences O.o Poor poor Mike. I think I haven't said that enough.

So chapter 12 start was a shock. Well not the start but when he realized he was home. I was thinking the whole time he will wake up and he is still there. So imagine my face when it didn't happen (though I have to admit that would have been a) overkill b) cliche). But still. I have the feeling something is off... :S "It'll get better". Yeah right Mike... That just makes me want to start my next story. (Muahahahaha). Oh, that reminded me, there's an update on SOTD :)

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-08-30

Chapter: 7

At some point your cliffhangers will drive me crazy!! That’s so unfair, I NEED to know that Mike is ok. I mean, I know that he is really breaking and hurting right now but I need to know that he „only“ hit his head and that he is not insured badly!

The call was too much for me. Cried my eyes out. It must be so good to hear each others voices. The guys can be assured that he is alive and Mike hopefully got some strength from it. At least he was fighting after that, he did not just let everything happen. Rational that was stupid but I guess when you are in such a situation, rational thinking is probably not the first thing you do.

That the others revealed that Ches is getting better was such a release. I just don’t know why they are not allowed to talk about it?! Did they actually try to catch both? I never had the feeling that that was the case but now I’m confused. Would love to read a part about him again as well and see what happened to him since he passed out in the middle of nowhere.

By the way, I was at Reading as well! Mike fucking owned that stage! I was so proud of him <3

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2018-08-30

Chapter: 7

Ahhh, I'm so scared for Mike. He's hit his head, and Ian is still so mad at him, I don't even want to imagine what he's gonna do to him...

It was good to see that they let him talk to Brad, Dave and Joe. I wonder why everyone at the house wants to avoid talking about Chester, weird.

Please update soon, it's one of my favourite stories here :)

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-08-27

Chapter: 6

Finally time to write a review! First of all- enjoy?! xD I certainly don't enjoy. Except your writing, that I do enjoy.

Ugh, I knew it. But it would have been too easy if Mike would have gotten away. Lol, sad to say the other guy was right, even though I kinda wish Ian had acted on that state. Maybe Mike could have then killed him x)

You and your friend?! Is Chester caught too? Is that why he hasn't appeared in few chapters? Or is the guy just mad cause Chester got away? Ooooooo.....

Poor, poor Mike :(

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-08-22

Chapter: 5

I need to catch up onto the comment below from lpfan503 - all I can think about is the line about "you and your friend"!! Do they have Chester? Do they mean that they are trouble because Ches got away? Did they planed on keeping both of them as hostages but Chester managed to leave the scene? Or is he actually also in this fucking house?! I NEED an answer to this!!

The rest of the chapter was kind of more bearable as the last chapters. I like that Mike is gained back some control and fighting spirit. It only got him locked up in an even worse place than before but at least it shows that Ian didn't break his spirit completely. Yes, now he wishes him back, but that's a human reaction: you rather take the bad hat you know instead of the unknown. Let's hope that the unknown involves some rescue in this case!!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2018-08-22

Chapter: 5

This story is so dark, and so many terrible things happen to Mike, but I just love it. I hope you update as soon as possible :)

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-08-21

Chapter: 5

So- is Chester there too? Somehow? We haven't read anything about him in a while, and the Tall guy said "you and your friend." So did they find Chester and take him too? How awful is it if they are suffering in the same place and separated by walls?

I hated the moment that Mike wishes for Ian. Only because he knows what happens with Ian, it's not the fear of the unknown. Ugh. Awful. And it's like he didn't even hear the comment about his "friend."

I hate to think what Ian may do. :( You're right, this was more tolerable. But as soon as Ian comes back into play, I know it will be awful again. I need Mike to be rescued!!

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-08-20

Chapter: 5

Uhm. No. Just no. The ending aaaaargh! Mike will just get more hurt, he won't get away, I am sure of it. Or he might, but then he will be hunted down and shit hits the fan.

So now that I got that out of my system- poor poor Mike. He is just one broken mess :( But I still think that his best option is just to submit even though it's horrible. Yes I hate Ian even more. I don't think there's any limit to hate when it's about him... :S

Oh what we do to our characters... As writer I am not sorry (more shit at the readers, yay, lol), as reader I am (please don't hurt my babies!)

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-08-17

Chapter: 5

This will not be a thrilling review. Just wanted you to know I'm still here, and anxiously waiting to see if Mike manages to get away. (Even though I suspect he won't.)

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-08-16

Chapter: 4

Oh my... fuck... How can you end the chapter at this point?! It is killing em to not know how this will end... (but take this, if it means that Mike survives).

This chapter was a rollercoaster for me. My emotions where all over the place, from "don't let him just do this to you", to "do what it takes to survive" to "be more careful" to "take the risk and try to get away". That was a lot to take in at once. See and feel him suffering is so hard, seeing him hurt is so hard. seeing all this things happening to him and how his mind just seems to give up... But then his resistance and desire to change his own situation are back... Too much!!! Please, don't let us wait to long (and let Mike get out of this hell...)

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-08-14

Chapter: 4

You should feel sorry! Dammit! No wait, don't xD Yes yes I like the story even if I hate Ian. I like heavy even though I hate Ian and what he is doing to poor Mike. My megaphone won't help anymore, waaaaaa! And I agree with lpfan below, reading this is like watching a train wreck. Though I think I am on the train and can't get out... Even though I don't even want to xD I think I had something else to say too but now I can't remember and my review makes really no sense O.o

Oh I forgot about your question about SOTD update- I don't really have a schedule. I publish when the new chapter is ready. Since I have written longer chapters to other stories and Reading My Eyes is again killing me, the next chapter probably falls to Thursday/Friday.

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-08-12

Chapter: 4

It's indeed getting harder and harder to read. But also more and more addictive... I don't like what Ian is doing to him (obviously) and it's not only the abuse and humiliation but especially that he is breaking him emotionally. it seems like he is loosing hope. He did not once thought about the other guys or his family and if they will get him out of there. He is so focused on what is happening to him...

I hope you know that us, writing this reviews, is our way of showing that we like the story. We maybe don't say it, but otherwise we wouldn't be reading and reviewing ;) It's just hard to have Mike in such a situation...

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