Six Times Under The Tree by Penelope_Ink

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From: hattu

Date: 2019-01-05

Chapter: ?

That was adorable and sweet!!

Loved the idea of the kiss vouchers :)

Who wouldn’t love to get a bunch of those vouchers ;)

I really liked to read this, brought a smile to my lips at a very stressful day!

Thank for that!



From: halvlang

Date: 2018-12-30

Chapter: ?

Love it! Who wouldn't want kisses from a loved person as present?! Perfect Christmas scenario and sooooo much lovely fluff that I kind of want Christmas to be more often so that we all produce more of these heart-warming stories ;)

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2018-12-27

Chapter: ?

Such an adorable story :)

After the second coupon, I somehow suspected it would all end in a proposal! Aww, so cute <3

Also, i really liked the candy cane outfit ;)

From: allby2000

Date: 2018-12-26

Chapter: ?

this was so good and sweet! ❤️

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-12-25

Chapter: ?

Awww! This is amazing and beautiful... the best Christmas gift for my bennoda heart!! Kisses and merry Christmas for you too!!

From: A.N.

Date: 2018-12-25

Chapter: ?

Henry the cat, I love that name!

Chester's outfit is hilarious, and TOTALLY something he would wear! I love Mike's reaction to it, and the kiss they shared right after :D

All that effort that Chester put in, taking care of Mike like that, getting all those presents, love it! BTW, my mom made cinnamon rolls this morning! Cinnamon rolls must be a Christmas thing, I guess? In any case, they are DELICIOUS.

ALL THOSE KISSES! So fluffy and adorable! *squeals* Lol at the "no expiration", because Mike could have used one coupon for a ten minute kiss, or an hour long kiss, lol XD

HE PROPOSED!!! YES!!! Oh, that did my heart good <3<3<3

What a sweet, adorable story! I love how creative this is! Thank you for sharing this, it's like a gift to all of us! :D

BTW, This Story is About Gay Porn has two new chapters ;)

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2018-12-25

Chapter: ?

This was adorable! Read it twice already lol And I can't believe Im saying this but I really, really like the visual of Chester in skin tight candy cane leggings. He was definitely one of the very few people that could pull off an outfit like that and still look sexy.

I love, love, love the escalation of their kisses ❤️ I love Chester putting the bacon crumbles on the cinnamon rolls just because Mike likes them that way but also how he has to remind himself why he's doing it lol I love how they're both proposing but Mike's approach is so traditional and Chester's is so not. That seems so realistic to me.

Everything about this is perfection. A wonderful Christmas Bennoda fluff standalone. Thanks for sharing!

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-12-25

Chapter: ?

God bless, I forgot about the rings! HAHA, I was so wrapped up in the kisses I forgot about the rings and how adorable and perfect it is that they both agreed on one gift, and it was the same gift. *sigh* This whole thing is perfect.

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-12-25

Chapter: ?



Ok. I’m going to try to stop bouncing around long enough to do this. This will be a list review. Because Christmas. It’s my gift to you, which sucks in comparison to this adorable bit of Bennoda fluff.

1. Chester’s Christmas outfit. Omg, yasss. Candy-cane ass, my mind is totally picturing it and I have to say, I’m there for it. And the elf shoes. Only Chester would have thought of those (and be able to pull them off.)

2. How Chester debates where he should be sitting when Mike first sees him in his Christmas outfit, then gets distracted and ends up with his ass pointed right at Mike. That was probably the right decision, anyway.

3. Their haiiiiiiirrrrrrr. I know mixing hair eras is probably frowned upon, but the idea of ATS Mike and blonde Chester just about pushes me over the edge. All the gorgeous hair in my imagination… *sigh*

4. Mike appreciating the candy cane pants and telling Chester he can be his present. *my heart*

5. Mike and cinnamon rolls. I just feel like RL Mike could appreciate cinnamon rolls on another level, if he ever allows himself to eat like that. Maybe for a treat. But my fanfic Mikes love cinnamon rolls. <3

6. The gratuitous amount of presents. That also seems very Chester-like. He loved Christmas. <3

7. I love their banter. It’s adorable. It’s so Mike and Chester. I LOVE IT.

8. The progression from the first kiss coupon to the last one is just unnggghhh! I love how Mike is skeptical at first, then he’s wanting more coupons! And how Chester keeps telling him no! Hahaha! I was giggling the whole time.

9. The kisses. Oh, the Bennoda kisses. All I wanted for Christmas was a bunch of Bennoda kisses, and you totally delivered. I am in love with each and every kiss. You are the master of kisses. Ahhhh! I love you.

10. Mike putting the bow on Chester’s head. LOVE. And I can so imagine that.

11. Mike stealing the second kiss even though he didn’t have a coupon, and Chester giving him crap for it! I swear, I just sat here with the goofiest grin on my face. I love how these kisses have escalated and Mike is ready to bang him under the tree.

12. This last box. It was so cute how Chester gave a little speech in front of every box about how he worked hard on it/knew Mike would love it/etc. But this one felt different as soon as he started. I love how he held onto it for an extra second. That little bit of hesitation and doubt. Ugh. So adorable. Mike reading it aloud… and Chester giving him an out! Poor Ches! I wanted to snuggle him!

13. I love how Mike’s gift wasn’t wrapped well and Chester’s gifts were all perfect. That little detail had me smiling.

14. Mike collecting all the coupons. <3 I swear, my heart is about to explode out of my chest.

15. Bacon. Mike and bacon. Do you know how much I hope RL Mike loves bacon?

You wrote this better than I could have ever imagined. ALL THE KISSES. I love it a ridiculous amount, and you, and yay Merry Christmas!!

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-12-25

Chapter: ?

This was so sweet. Perfect fluff. The only problem I have is that now I want a cinnamon roll with bacon O.O Thank you!

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