Nothing More, Nothing Less by AmplifiedSpeculation

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From: angieliveshere

Date: 2019-01-25

Chapter: ?

This was so hot, I cannot wipe the drool from off my lips quick enough hahah

From: Technicolorlover

Date: 2019-01-24

Chapter: ?

Love it. Sub!Mike and Dom!Chester are my favorite and this site never has enough. I hope to read more from you!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-01-23

Chapter: ?

While this was definitely hot as hell, I didn't really like that Chester was such a major asshole. It was part of the story to show his dominance over Mike (and I like sub-Mike VERY much), but this emotional abuse wasn't a nice move.

I'm not throwing rocks, this is just my opinion :)

So despite my criticism, I enjoyed reading this hot smut :)

From: becisamonsta

Date: 2019-01-23

Chapter: ?

Oh my GAWRDDDDD!!!! This was so fjdjsjshcje hot I’m in need of a cold shower after this. I loved bdsm bennoda, you wrote sub!mike so deliciously well just mind is blowing ❤️❤️ I need to catch up on your other fic, that I do ❤️

From: Pink Maggit

Date: 2019-01-22

Chapter: ?

Well I definitely give you a thumbs up! Even though I'm absolutely NOT a fan of sub!Mike, I always prefer the other way round, but this was so hot. I don't even bother reading such kind of fics, but this sure as hell got me hooked. But the end was so sad. Poor Mike, why did you do this to him? And Chester's such a dick here XD

Anyways, awesome slash. Rated!

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