Sweet like Sugar by becisamonsta

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From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-04-07

Chapter: 1

Oh my, this was such a cute little story, I really liked it! You don't ALWAYS have to write smut, sometimes fluff is even better :) It was very descriptive, and I could really see them walk around, get on the ferris wheel and eat cotton candy...and then the kiss, just awwwww :)

Well done!

From: lpfan503

Date: 2019-04-06

Chapter: 1

Ugh, this is too cute. Cotton candy covered Chester kisses sound perfect. I'm glad Mike got the courage to act! This is perfectly light, I needed a bit of fluff today! <3

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-04-04

Chapter: 1

Awwwwww. Fluff is always good and it doesn’t need to involve slash if it’s so cute and makes me wanna be there and see them, holding hands and exploring everything together. It was such a sweet little moment between them, thanks for sharing it :)

P.S. get better soon!!

From: derekbrad

Date: 2019-04-04

Chapter: 1

This is so sweet and fluffy my teeth is surely going to rot from how cute this was💕 loved the kiss at the end, just wow, so adorable 💕

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2019-04-04

Chapter: ?

This was cute! I'm all for fluff. No need for slash in everything :) I adore the imagery of them walking through the carnaval and Chester getting Mike to go on the ride, even though he's scared of heights. And them looking for food, and the little memory of Chester eating six corn dogs and getting sick lol that sounds so spot on. And the kiss was just cute. A sugary, sweet kiss. What could be better? The whole thing was a delight to read.

I'm sorry you're sick. I know the feeling. I'm just getting over the flu myself. It has totally sucked the last two weeks. I hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

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