Love Over Linkin Park by Penelope_Ink

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From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-11-18

Chapter: 11

I'm glad Mike was finally able to visit Chester's apartment, even if the whole visit was kind of messy, the apartment was tiny and uncomfortable and the roommates were fully awkward... but even with all the cons this whole exchange was necessary.. Mike needs to know more about Chester's life, since he is not very informative.

Now let's see how true Phoenix statements are... witchcraft, church of satan, pot etc.... everything seems to work towards making Mike run away from him... the tarantula, the lack of bed, Chester's awkward outfit, I mean everything LOL... I'm so glad Mike can just needs to look at Chester's eyes and he feels the spark again every single time.

Is good that Mike doesn't feel threatened anymore by Chester and Ryan's relationship. Chester is really into him and that is obvious, now let's see what happens at the costume party and I'm curious to see what else Mike will discover about Chester, he's quite the character. Update soon!

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-11-07

Chapter: 11

So Chester’s apartment wasn’t quite what I thought o_O lol I knew it would be less extravagant than Mike’s but he doesn’t even have a bed! :( I’ll tell you, and maybe it’s b/c I’m such a Chester girl, but that broke my heart. He sleeps in a chair?!? How uncomfortable. I’d be exhausted all the time because I’d never be able to get any sleep like that. Although, I’m more than fond of Mike’s offer for Chester to spend the night at his house. ;) My Bennoda perv side is curious to see how that plays out.

Oh, and about Chester’s ex...I already hate him. What a dick. Kinda wanna hear more about him but also kinda don’t care.

I did love Phoenix mentioning how much Chester talks about Mike. <3 That’s very encouraging in the midst of a chapter that gave more questions than answers. Speaking of questions....

My biggest concern is this witchcraft/Church of Satan nonsense. :-/ I’m really hoping that was just Phoenix exaggerating the situation b/c he doesn’t understand Chester’s love of the darker things so he over generalizes and thinks Ches *has* to be into that to like those kinda things. If that makes sense? I’m thinking that’s the case. *crosses fingers*

Now, about the weed, I will admit I’m glad Chester isn’t selling it and sells spiders instead. That’s a relief. But, as far as smoking it, unless it’s a huge moral issue for Mike, I don’t think Ches smoking once in awhile should be a deal breaker. But that’s just me. Especially if Chester doesn’t pressure Mike to do it too (and I’m sure he wouldn’t) and respects Mike’s choice not to smoke, then hopefully it’s something Mike can live with. I guess we’ll see.

Oh! Super excited for this costume party! :D I really want it to go well and for our boys to have a good time. Maybe some costume party making out? Like a bunch of horny teenagers? :p I would love that!

And I’m thoroughly convinced - not that I wasn’t before - that Chester can make anything look good. o_O I mean... the Clockwork Orange outfit?? Really?? I never thought I would find that even remotely attractive but put Chester in it, and I’m all in. God, I’m such a Chester whore haha But I’m pretty sure you knew that already ;)

Okay...very, extremely, really ready for the next chapter! I need answers!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-11-07

Chapter: 11

This was such a good chapter! I was happy to see the tarantulas back, but I hadn't thought there would be so many of them xD It's good to see that Chester sells them, instead of dealing with weed, like Mike thought. I don't know what to make of Chester's living situation...it's so sad that his room is basically empty except of a desk, a chair and those trillions (I'm exaggerating a little here) of spiders. He needs a bed! Preferably Mike's bed, but I'll come to that later. I don't like that Ryan and Phoenix are smoking weed in the apartment, and that Ches sometimes smokes, too. Like Mike, I want to find out what's up with the witchcraft/satanism stuff, but I guess I'll have to wait for the next chapter to get answers. Tbh, I hope that maybe they were trying to shock Mike a little, and Chester isn't really into satanism. He and Mike have to talk about so many things! Ugh, I want ten new chapters right now xD

Then, the costume party. I really hope Mike and Chester have a nice time there, and later can spent some more time in bed...

Oh, also I wanted to say that I LOVED your description of the apartment building Chester lives in. I could see it in my head, and I could almost smell that typical potato-in-the-hallway-smell you're describing.

Please update soon :)

From: Effervescent

Date: 2019-11-07

Chapter: 11

this story has got me hooked!!! ♥️

From: lpfan503

Date: 2019-11-06

Chapter: 11

This will probably be a short one, for me. I read this with tons of mixed emotions. I mean, I really had a sense of dread the entire first half of the chapter, with the 313 (13 is unlucky!) and then Mike’s thoughts of the building, then Phoenix, and then all of the crazy shit that was said between high Phoenix and Ryan. I really was thinking, along with Mike - what has he gotten himself into? I KNOW there is a spark, and I’m hoping that really is strong enough to get past all of the things Chester is hiding. It’s hard for me to read… all of the things I would see as red flags, Mike is looking past and not even questioning out loud, and that’s scary. I don’t want to call him desperate, but… well, it comes across that way sometimes.

Things I need to know: (but know you well enough to know that most likely NONE of these will be answered in the next chapter…)

-what’s the deal with Chester’s ex?

-what’s up with the witchcraft comment?

-what does “you’re a good guy for dating him… not everyone would go out with someone like him” mean??? (And I’m sure Mike is used to that being said in reverse!!)

Also noteworthy:

The way Mike reacted to the tarantulas reminded me of… me.

Rob being in apartment 101 made me giggle. So basic.

Oh! Favorite line: “there was a distinct smell of potatoes, which wasn’t as pleasant as it sounded.” (hahah, you know how I love potato products!!)

I know this chapter is really important for us getting to know Chester, but it made me anxious. A lot. He seems to be dealing with the same insecurities Mike deals with (like worrying Mike asked him to spend the night out of pity,) which I find interesting. I liked the chapter, and I always love the kissing, it just made me feel all jittery and anxious for whatever is next. I guess this costume party might be next… so I hope they can navigate that together, since Mike isn’t thinking anything through at the moment. This whole story makes me anxious for him. In a good way, and in a - hurry up and write more - way. <3

From: Dinahsaur

Date: 2019-11-06

Chapter: 11

This chapter was so good and satisfying!!! So far Dave is quite the character lol. I'm wondering what Dave meant when he said "Not everyone would go out with a guy like him". I also find it kinda funny that you made him a total stoner XD. Looks like Mike isn't to keen on smokin' weed, so it's good that Chester doesn't really smoke too much.

But man, the description of Chesters apartment is kinda sad ;-; I didn't imagine it to be so small and cramped! He doesn't even have a bed! I'm not sure who his Ex is, but they sure seem like a total ass hat. I will admit though, I'm even more curious to find out more.

I love how you made Chester kinda quirky, haha. I mean, who collects spiders?!

Anyways, I can't wait to see what happens next!

P.S. I really hope Apricot doesn't hurt anyone in future chapters 0.0

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-11-04

Chapter: 9

I feel so relieved by reading this chapter, I'm glad they were able to talk it out and make peace with other and make out on Mike's bed... the best part. But seriously, I was heartbroken to read Mike full of insecurities and already getting ready to receive Chester's speech about why he didn't want to be with him.

Rob and Brad's conversation about the other couple was cute and I love to see Brad being such a good friend for Mike, and Rob mentioning the spark between Mike and Chaz. And I can also picture Rob in those glasses... mmmm sexy..

And talking about that spark! That doesn't lie... is right there. I can see Chester being as attracted to Mike as Mike is to him. Just cause he is a little enigmatic and seems sketchy at times, but yeah he is attracted to him, just by reading his reaction to shirtless Mike, you could tell. As much as I wanted them to continue making out and probably having sex, I'm glad they stop, I also don't think they're not ready for sex just yet.

Cannot wait to read Mike's visit to Chester's apartment and I want him to finally meet Ryan and ask more questions about Chester's life... such as his family and how he does money on the side.. I'm a bit curious too.

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-11-02

Chapter: 9

You really made up for the drama in the last chapter!! I loved this, it was just perfect. You didn't went crazy on the characters (like Mike being mad without giving Ches a chance to explain himself; or Ches not telling what's wrong); no, they acted like adults that care about each other and that's great! (I need to admit that I don't always manage to do that in my stories, so this compliment is really heartfelt).

I also want to talk about Brad being such a great best friend (again) and him and Rob being cute together and Rob seeing the spark and all the other stuff but I think I need to focus on Mike and Ches here.

This chapter was all about them finding a way to make this relationship work and I think that's beautiful and shows how much they care about each other. And it's fair that Chester has doubts and questions, he has never been with someone in a wheelchair and there are things he never had to think about before. That can be scary and overwhelming but Mike really seems to be the kind of guy who is totally fine with the situation and who is willing to help someone else to understand it all and how to handle it!

Like... how to make out in a comfortable way... On the bed... for the next two chapters... because I love them making out... on the bed.... learning about each other... works and what not... touching, kissing, making out.... GIVE ME MORE!

But now we are off to see Ches' apartment first, that's nearly as exciting! I don't know if I mentioned it earlier but I had this theory that his apartment is not accessible for a wheelchair and that's why he never invited Mike over, but actually, seen how honest they are, he could just say that and Mike would understand. So there needs to be another reason why he didn't invite Mike over earlier. We will find out soon I guess! (and maybe a bit more making out....? On Ches' bed...? ;))

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-10-31

Chapter: 9

My first list review (no particular order):

1. Brad's yellow and pink weird shirt! I noticed how Brad sometimes wears questionable color combinations in your stories, and I love it xD

2. Rob saying that Mike and Chester having a 'spark'.

3. Mike being so sad and unsure if Chester will even arrive; actually thinking about breaking up. Oh god, that was so sad to read.

4. Chester thinking about wanting to touch Mike's naked feet, then realizing that he had no feeling in them and that they'll never be able to play footsie under the table. So sad! Oh boy, I'd wanna touch them, too, if I were Chester in your story.

5. Mike and Chester talking about what happened with the ride and that that's just the normal way of transportation for Mike. It's good to see them talking about such important things, and I love that Chester realized what kind of subjects they still have to talk about.

6. Them cuddling on the bed and Mike pulling Chester closer to him, awwwww! Like mermaid, I love when Mike manhandles Ches xD

7. Them finally going further than kissing and quickly getting so turned on.

8. The jellybeans game!

I'm sure I forgot some things, but all in all the chapter was great and one of my favorite chapters so far. Please update soon :)

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-10-30

Chapter: 9

Omg! I could kick myself! I was totally forgetting something. A big something. Chester invited Mike to his apartment!!! *squeals* That’s such a good sign! :D Please let that be the next chapter?? I can’t wait!

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-10-30

Chapter: 9

List review time. :p Not in any order.

1.) Thank you for letting them talk it out and get back to a good place. :) I was hopeful they would. Chester realizing he needs to ask questions and not just cooly act like he’s unfazed by everything is super crucial. And I loved that moment where he asked “is every question okay” and Mike assured him that, yes, they’re all okay. Again, this is so crucial to the success of their relationship.

2.) The game with the jelly beans was cute. I was actually disappointed when Brad interrupted them.

3.) I really, really want one of these amazing hot turkey sandwiches with the gravy dip. Sounds delicious. I’m so damn hungry right now.

4.) I’m sure it’s no secret but I’m a HUGE fan of Mike “manhandling” Chester. I love dom!Mike and when it’s Chester he’s dominating, like...damn o_O Is there anything hotter than that? I think not ;)

5.) I chuckle every time Rob calls Brad “Sweetness” lol You crack me up with that :D

6.) I got a little more than kissing. ;) The highlight, for me anyway, was definitely Mike copping a feel of Chester below the pirate belt. I was hoping he’d go for it :p

I’m not sure what it is with this story but I always feel like I’m forgetting something in the reviews. Hopefully, I’m not. Anyway, loved this chapter! Eagerly awaiting the next one. :)

From: Dinahsaur

Date: 2019-10-29

Chapter: 9

Yay! Another chapter!! I was so worried about the dealio between Chester and Mike, I'm so glad they got to talk it out! Also I love how protective Brad is of Mike, he's like a second brother haha. And yessss, we get to see Chester's apartment.

I'm also super curious to learn more about Chester's family. I hope they're a nice family, yet there's always that 'what if', y'know?

Now I want Jellybeans lol

From: lpfan503

Date: 2019-10-29

Chapter: 9

Ok, this will be a play by play review. Get ready.

Oh my god, the way you started this with Mike laying on the bed, I had so much anxiety. My heart hurt for him!! (Though my messed-up Mike Shinoda loving heart was thinking about how hot he probably looked with his messy hair and joggers all laid out on the bed. Umpf.) Anyway, you did a hell of a job describing how he was feeling without flat out saying how he was feeling. I was so sad. Especially over the thought about Jason being right about Ches. </3 I didn’t want him to be right either, and I was hoping just like Mike that Ches would show up on time.

Brad and Rob… you know I’m a closet Bourdelson fan (haha) so this was cute to me. Brad’s frizzy hair and the way he worries about it seems so… Brad-like. I LOVE that Rob identified their spark. So adorable. And these Rob-glasses… those sound lovely. Just imagining Rob in black glasses got me all curious, haha.

BLACK FINGERLESS GLOVES?!?! Holy yes, I want some more of that. I have such an amazing mental picture right now, haha, omg. Chester won me back from the last chapter with these gloves. I mean, yeah, I need things to be good with Mike, but these gloves… I just know it will be fine with these gloves.

Aww, Mike’s feet. I seriously just teared up. I want to touch his feet too, omg. And I hate feet!!

Oh, yeah, this reality. Hmmm. Chester better not be breaking up with him. He can’t break up with him! There’s a spark!!

Okay, well I feel better that Chester freaking out was what I thought, about not knowing how to help or where to go. At least he’s being honest (we know some people who need to learn about honesty in relationships…) and even though Mike thought it wasn’t going to end well, I’m glad he was wrong.

“In the end” - haheh

Ohhhh, this kiss. I will never, ever get tired of reading the way you describe them kissing. They are the best kisses ever written. <3 My heart is so happy.

Holy yes, this Mike grabbing Ches and pulling him over, damn, you know how much I like that.

Did you write this chapter for me? Lol ;)

Chester’s reaction to Mike shirtless is exactly what MY reaction would be to Mike shirtless. Fuck. I am still convinced you are a closet Mike Shinoda girl. You write Chester’s reactions to him way too well to be a Chester girl. Lol

Horny Mike, haha, and Chester shirtless. Now I really want them to keep making out, damn. This is the hottest. And damn, if Mike isn’t already on 10, thinking about sex and lube and condoms and they’ve just now touched each other. I’m thinking his past relationships and sex happening was all on him, not the other way around. As much as I hate to say it, he needs to slow down.

Ahhh, Mike’s sex eyes. Damn it, I didn’t really want them to stop. But Chester is right. Ugh.

These jellybeans. Ches is so cute. I love this whole scene. <3



I know I say this all the damn time, but can you quit your job and just write stories for me? Please? I don’t want to wait and I know I’ll have to. *cries* Oh, more Jason, too, please, haha. This review is on crack.

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-10-28

Chapter: 7

I cannot believe I missed leaving a review for the prior chapter, which I absolutely adored. But again life has being crazy lately. I like that so far Chester was taking it good and not weird about any of Mike's accessibility traits (and Mike was worrying himself to death for nothing?). I loved when they starting hearing music together and that final bit about being boyfriends. Adorable!

Now the last chapter, Chester being late again and in front of Jason, it got me worried. I'm glad that Jason could see that Chester is good for Mike and is really making him happy. The last part with the awkwardness with Mike's taxi, it had me really really worried. I'm not sure what happened to Chester but most likely it has nothing to do with Mike and his disability. I think this is more anxiety issues or other type of internal issues he has had with acceptance or self esteem. Let's see what the next chapter will bring. Please update soon my love!

From: lpfan503

Date: 2019-10-19

Chapter: 7

You’re so right. I don’t know how it happened, but I absolutely did fall in love with Jason Shinoda. I’ve been looking forward to this chapter ever since you said Jason was in it. He’s so cute, and in a totally different way from Mike. <3 I love the Shinoda genes, lol. For a reward, you get a list review.

1. I have noticed Mike is always early and very particular about getting certain tables, and I understand why. I just wonder what happens when he can’t have what he wants. Does he just leave? Wait? Make it work? Or is he just ALWAYS early?

2. Mike’s thoughts spiral downward so fast it’s concerning. He goes from excitement to freak out mode faster than anyone ever. I worry about that, too. He needs to calm down, though I do understand why he’s like that.

3. I love the thought Mike has about Ches lighting up the table as soon as he sits down. <3 That was so true of RL Ches, you know?

4. Jason and the napkin holder. I told you my story about me and the toaster, right? lol I totally loved this detail of Jason’s character and how Mike rolls his eyes. Bahahah

5. Chester’s text, bahaha again. So vague and so Chester-ish. Frogs everywhere sounds like a nightmare.

6. I totally get Jason’s need to screen Mike’s boyfriends. I really do. He loves Mike and he’s protective, and whether Mike wants to be or not, he’s vulnerable. Not everyone (as he knows by now) is equipped to be in a relationship with someone with a disability. They just aren’t, as harsh a reality as that is. I love that Jason is looking out for Mike, and Mike’s reaction is so realistic. Irritated and defensive. Sounds exactly right.

7. I snorted at the Ryan/mugshot part. I also want to know more about that (and Mike’s instagram creeping!)

8. Your description of Chester’s eyes… just… love.

9. The little detail of Chester apologizing for being late and then squeezing Mike’s hand under the table is too cute. I appreciated that as a boyfriend thing.

10. Jason realizing Mike is in love is a great paragraph.


12. Jason deciding not to be healthy and getting honey with his avocado toast cracked me up. I love that Mike and Chester make fun of him, and he takes it all in stride. So cute.

13. Ah, Jason’s thoughts about Chester, I love them. I’m so glad he sees all the good in Chester, and not a whole bunch of red flags.

14. Ok, this whole comparing Mike and JAson… we totally had a conversation about RL M/J that paralleled this, but flipped. Jason being all fun and Mike being all business. I giggled to myself reading that. And the whole “nothing about Jason Shinoda called to him, not like with Mike.” HAhahaha, talk about taking your words and turning them around. I think you secretly love Mike. ;)

Then, of course you had to go and ruin it with the end. I had tears in my eyes for Mike just reading through the whole thing. I THINK that Chester was embarrassed that he didn’t know what to do, whether or not to help Mike, or how to even get in the van. I hope it's that, and not something awful.

Oddly enough, I had a wheelchair bound student a few years ago and she was my first experience with lifts and things in vans and buses. I had no idea how they worked until the first trip we had to take. She had no problem explaining things to me, and I was very uncertain about all of it, but she was confident and able to do things on her own. So, coming at it from that perspective, I HOPE that Chester was just feeling unsure, and embarrassed at himself, and isn’t embarrassed of Mike. I’m counting on you, since you said this is Bennoda, that everything will be okay. You said in the author’s note I had to wait for something more than petting over clothes, so that means there’s more planned, which means Chester has to turn out okay. I swear, this story makes me so emotional. Mike is always so quick to hate himself, and everything was going great until he got in the van. My heart just hurts for him. I know I can write update soon and it won’t make any difference, but update soon. And more Jason. I love Jason. <3

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-10-19

Chapter: 7

The beginning of the chapter was cute, it was so nice to see that Jason realized what a positive impact Chester has on Mike's life, and the scene in the restaurant was great. On a side note, I can understand raw broccoli, but what kind of weirdo eats raw cauliflower?! (if it's you in real life, I apologize xD)

Anyway, I was worrying when Ches was late (AGAIN!), but at least he had a reason. I'm sure frogs everywhere isn't fun. I don't want him to be late to their next date, though...

Then, the ending of the chapter. WHAT THE FUCKING (sorry) HELL, CHESTER??? Screw the people who are staring, call Mike tonight and explain youorself. Jesus. The last sentence broke my heart. Mikey thought he found the one, and then this happened. Ugh, dammit Chester. I can't stand Mike tearing up, please, this has to be resolved!

Please update soon! (I'm ready for drama, but don't break my heart!)

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-10-19

Chapter: 7

So, lets start with the light things, the nice things. Mike being happy, Ches and Mike being still all lovey-dovey, kind of living in their little bubble even though people are around, Jayson acknowledging that Ches seems a good guy and that he is invested in his brother. No red flags. Great.

Yada, yada, yada. (I don't mean this in every deprecating way, I loved the chapter and I loved the way the dinner went. I love the jokes and the mucking around. I might also be in love with Jay a bit here. You two have me really gotten into him...)

On to the things I actually want to say.

CHES, YOU DAMN IDIOT, GET YOUR ASS BACK INTO THAT CAR AND TALK TO MIKE. (Or at least call him tonight) I didn't want to start (another) review with screaming, so I moved the hard part down here. BUT NOW I HAVE TO SCREAM, BECAUSE, COME ON!

I understand that things might be hard to grasp at times. That Ches felt overwhelmed and anxious, that he isn't used to people staring (or maybe he actually is? After all, he is "quite a character"), that there is things he wonders about. That's all fair enough, but he HAS TO TALK THEM OUT and not let Mike just hanging in the air after acting the way he did. His mood changed from his usual, happy, loving mood to something completely different and he wasn't even aware if how worried Mike got and how badly he needed some reinsurance about them as a couple.

Ches doesn't even think about it that much I fear, but Mike is loosing is mind I guess. He will question everything now and he will come up with the worst case scenario. After having made some bad experiences in the past it's impossible not to. And Chester is so caught up in his own world that he isn't thinking about the effect his action has on Mike and argh.... I need the next chapter, right now! I know there is more to come, more drama, more to learn about Ches. We actually don't know anything about him. His name, that he shares a flat, where he works. That's basically it. First I thought he didn't invite Mike over because his flat isn't accessible but the he could just say that? I'm really having a lot of questions here.... Please, update soon <3

From: Dinahsaur

Date: 2019-10-18

Chapter: 7

Yay! I'm so glad you updated!! LOVED the whole dinner scene, it made me laugh!

I'm wondering what Chester's reaction to the car was all about. At first I thought he was uncomfortable with the car, but that seems out of place since he was so supportive of the other stuff, like the bed handles. After I reread the scene, I realized he was focusing on all the people staring. I wonder if it gave him anxiety, or if it was Mike he was worrying about.

I also wonder what's up with Chester being late again. Makes me wonder if something is happening!

I'm a little late to reading this, but when reading previous chapters, Mike seems so overly invested in how great Chester is, and their spark, so I'm a little worried that when Chester shows some of his flaws (As every human has them) he might take it too hard. It almost seems as if he's idolizing Chester a little too much, considering how little they have known each other. But, I suppose that makes sense considering how hard dating was for him, so Chester being a good boyfriend is probably really special for Mike.

Anyways, loved this chapter! Take your time with the next one and keep up the good work :)

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-10-18

Chapter: 7

I’m going to deal with the harder stuff first which, of course, is the way this chapter ended. :’( I’m a Chester girl so I have to have faith that this isn’t a “red flag”. That he’s not like the other guys Mike has dated. I think he was just caught off guard. But, even still, Chester needs to make things right with Mike. Explain his reaction, apologize, etc..Like Mike, I’m also curious about what he does on the side to make money. Hoping it’s nothing...less than desirable? I love Chester. And I know you do too. So I’m really hoping he’s the good guy I think he is in this story.

The dinner was perfect. I laughed along with Chester and Mike over Jason’s version of unhealthy. *rolls eyes* I could picture that moment perfectly. Too funny.

I love all of Jason’s thoughts about Chester and the effect he has on Mike. And how overwhelmingly positive that effect is. All the traits he listed - the tattoos, the pronounced voice, even the casual swearing - all of it are things that always endeared me to Chester so I can see why they would do the same to Mike. Oh, and how Jason noticed the sparkle in Chester’s eyes too. <3

Have to admit...I’m looking forward to the blizzard chapter. ;) Hoping it goes the way I have it envisioned in my mind. *crosses fingers*

I love that this was updated so quickly. I hope the next chapter will be too. I need to know how this plays out. My heart hurts for Mike so much right now. :(

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-10-07

Chapter: 6

First of all, I love this story so much, and I was wondering when you'd update, so I was really happy to see this new chapter.

Also, I like that Chester doesn't seem to care at all about Mike's disability and about the railings and all this stuff in his and Brad's appartment. Plus, he doesn't have a problem with all the dark stuff in Mike's room, and I loved the scene where they listened to music together. It is SO IMPORTANT to find a partner who shares your taste in music, at least in my opinion.

Anyway, I felt so bad for Chester when he worried about his own apartment not being as accessible for Mike, but maybe we get surprised and if and when they have a date at Chester's place, it won't be as bad as he thinks.

I liked so many details in this chapter, please update soon :)

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