as petals fall before your eyes. by frostfall

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From: becisamonsta

Date: 2019-05-01

Chapter: 1

Your writing is amazing as always, thank you for sharing! And also the ending... just absolutely LOVED IT ❤️

From: lpfan503

Date: 2019-04-29

Chapter: 1

I have to admit when I saw the title I immediately thought YAY SHE WROTE A SEQUEL TO if we were vampires. And it's okay that it's not, but I was stupid excited for about .03 seconds. And anyone reading this review really needs to read and review "so you hit the lights" and "if we were vampires" because I think they are two of the most underrated stories on here.

Anyway. I am still processing this. I read it last night, and again this morning, and again just now. It's so beautiful and I love that I've had to read it again and still don't 100% grasp it. It doesn't feel like a happy ending to me. Is it a dream? Like, they’re drunk and they talk about it, then Mike falls asleep and dreams that he’s dying because Chester doesn’t love him, and this dream is his unconscious sorting through the guilt over the divorce with Anna? In real life Mike thinks that Chester deserves better than him, so in the dream he doesn’t ever say anything about Chester killing him? Brad’s reaction to the news that Chester is killing him is the real life reaction he had when Mike told him he was leaving Anna for Chester?

And dream Chester, he seems to care, but doesn't know he's the one killing Mike. He's begging Mike to let him in, and Mike is so caught up in thinking that Chester deserves better that he'd rather die? He's got too much pride to say I love you first? Then Chester figures it out, and it's a flashback to Chester asking the question in bed, and THEN Mike wakes up? Am I even remotely close? Either way, it’s incredibly beautiful. I love the angsty stuff you write so much. And this is so unique and interesting. I’ll probably read it several more times, and still be sorting through it. <3

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-04-29

Chapter: 1

I've hard about this fictional disease only recently, and I was really surprised and glad that you wrote about it!

Regarding your writing and how beautiful it is, I agree 100 % with halvlang's review. This little standalone was so amazing, I loved it! Well done :)

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-04-29

Chapter: 1

I love the way you write, so every story, no matter if multi-chaptered or not, no matter what the topic is - I will read it!

This one was absolutely special and different. In a good way, the best way even. It was refreshing and I had never heard of this fictional disease before, so it was really new for me to read about it. Again, in a good, interesting way.

I didn't like Mike suffering, but the way you wrote it, there was something beautiful about it. Also that Anna and Brad knew who he is in love with without him telling them. Stubborn idiot. I wish he would have told Ches earlier...

I don't really know what to make from the ending, I think I have to read it a couple more times to understand it. Anyway, the picture you painted, was great, despite all the sadness. Mike coughing flowers and trying to hide it, Mike changing his mind about liking flowers in general...

This is a really, really well written short story, thank you so much for sharing <3

From: Effervescent

Date: 2019-04-28

Chapter: 1

Wow, this was so refreshing. loved this and love your writing. I'm so glad it ended this way, I'm a sucker for happy endings.

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