Leave Out All The Rest by TrashFoot

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From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-07-24

Chapter: 5

I read this the day you posted it, so I'm sorry for this very late review! First I gotta say that I LOVE both the song and the video to 'Leave out all the rest', and I'm certainly gonna go to youtube after writing this.

It was short and beautiful and really different. I can't understand why nobody has written a story relating to the video before (maybe there is a story about this, and I just don't know about it, though). Anyway, well done :)

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2019-07-20

Chapter: 5


Okay. I'll stop yelling. It's just awesome and I wanted more. More detail and backstory and character development and more everything.

I tell you now that after I read this, I went and watched the video. You lined this up so well, and every time I see that video now, I will think of it in reference to this little story you've given us.

I love that Mike is on the war path and isn't listening to anyone, despite not actually being the captain. I love that Chester is the navigator, and yet it's mentioned that he's "daydreaming again" lol way to be, navigator. I love Mike and his iPad and how he dismisses everything because he's getting heat from the boss above him. That's a real thing. That's how everything corporate works, and in this case it's painfully obvious how everything important can go out the window just to meet deadlines/complete missions.

The end was sad, of course, and Chester saying there was no hope...but I love them all standing together and Mike saying he was sorry.

I just wanted more! But I'm VERY glad you put this story up. Despite it being short, I really enjoyed it.

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