Disarm by LannaLlamas

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From: AmplifiedSpeculation

Date: 2019-08-26

Chapter: 1

Oof, this was definitely hot. (shivers)

I am fond of Bournoda, so I was pretty happy to see another ship besides Bennoda on here. Mmmm, also pretty happy you decided to add a bit of Braz at the end, and everybody knows I like my Braz. This was definitely a yummy oneshot. I love Rob dominating Mike, especially when he told Mike he was a bad boy. Rob dressing up as a policeman while fucking Mike's cute ass was an extra layer of hot on top of more hot. I personally like that you are doing different ships besides Bennoda, if I am being truly honest, the ship's a bit overdone. And if you are up to do some Braz slash someday, I'll definitely be one of the first to read it. ;)

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-08-24

Chapter: 1

I think I mentioned in a review for another one of your stories about not being the biggest fan of Bournoda but I can read almost any pairing if the story is a one-shot. Especially if/when it’s Halloween themed. ;) Anyway...

Your writing is good so it’s no shock that your slash is good as well. I actually found this to be...kinda hot o_O lol

Also, I know you’re not into Bennoda, but if the mood ever strikes you, I would so read some Bennoda slash from you. ;) *hopes the mood strikes you* haha

Thanks for sharing!

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