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All members should familiarize themselves with all guidelines and rules.
Note: Anywhere there is a [?] there is further explanation on the covered subject. If you are still unsure about anything, please contact the administration after reading the FAQ. "I didn't know" is not an excuse.


We do not want to restrict you in your writing, but there are a few guidelines we'd like stories to follow.

      -good spelling and grammar [?]

      -quotation marks for spoken parts

      -paragraphs with spacing

      -no web speak [?]

      -recommended chapter length of 1,000 words (drabbles are welcome)


1. Plagiarism is not allowed. If you post stolen work, your profile will be deleted immediately.

2. LPfiction is a site for Linkin Park fan fiction only. Only stories featuring the band as protagonists are to be posted. Stories not involving a Linkin Park member as a main character will be deleted.

3. NO MARY_SUE FICS - Only stories revolving around a Linkin Park member are allowed. If your story has an original character [?] as a main character - especially Mary Sues [?] - please post them else where. This also includes stories where the reader is the main character. Additionally please use the approved names for main female characters.[?]Again, stories without a Linkin Park member as the main character will be deleted. There is to be no slash written between an LP member and an original character - male or female. Any story/chapter containing these sorts of scenes will be removed.

4. Stories that include sexual activities of any kind between a member of Linkin Park and a minor are not allowed on this site. [? ]Any story breaking this rule will be deleted.

5. When you upload/update a story, you cannot update/upload a different story within 24 hours. This includes using different accounts and collaborations. [?]

6. If your story has already been posted on lpfiction.com, you are not allowed to delete it and re-post it without having added chapters. [? | ?]


Reviews are a very helpful way to encourage authors! Even if there is only one part of a chapter or story that you enjoy or that catches your attention, it is always appreciated to leave your thoughts for the author.

Be nice to each other. If you don't like a story, leave a constructive review. Flaming [?] other members will not be tolerated. However, if you receive constructive criticism [?] and people point out what you could do better, take your reviewers words into consideration.

Before you leave a rating, thoughtfully consider your rating. Simply disliking an aspect of the story is not cause for a low rating - i.e. you dislike the pairing. The rating must reflect the quality of writing and plot.


What is web speak (aka l33t speak)?

This style of writing should only be used for interactions between the characters within the context of the story, i.e. when they are texting each other.

What exactly does being a beta entail?
A beta reader is a person who voluntarily proofreads fanfics before the original author posts it (sometimes after posting if the author requests it) to look for grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors. A list of available beta readers will be coming to this space soon! Until then, if you'd like a beta reader, please contact administration and we'll hook you up.

Can I update the same story several times within 24 hours?

What are original characters?
Original characters are characters you make up (example: this guy, James, who has been Mike's best friend since high school).

What are Mary Sues?
An original female character in fanfiction. A “Mary Sue” is the self-insertion of the author in question under the guise of an original character.

Can I write about the band members wives/girlfriends?
Yes, if you feel that it is a necessary part of your story and does not break the Mary Sue rule.

For example: Very little is known about Rob's current girlfriend. To include her in one of your stories you would have to make up a name and other relevant pieces of information. She would become an original character and this would be okay as long as she isn't the protagonist and/or a personification of the author.

For all other wives/girlfriends please use the appropriate names (Anna, Samantha, Talinda, Linsey, Elisa, Rebecca, Heidi & Karen.)

Can we write stories set in a high school or where both band members are underage?

Can we write about Chester's past, or a fictional situation where another band member is abused as a child?
Yes, you can. You can pretty much write about everything sexual, as long as no LP member is portrayed as child molester.

Can I include lyrics or parts of a book/movie in my story?
Yes, you can, as long as you include a disclaimer saying who they belong to.

What if I want to edit my story?
If you want to edit your story, use the "edit" button. If you need help with editing, contact an admin.

What if my story was accidentally deleted and I want it back on the site?
There is no confirmation button once you press delete, so be certain when you press that button!! Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve deleted stories. On your author profile there is a button to back up your work, as well as reviews. We encourage you to do this periodically for protection, and exercise caution when logged in to ensure you do not accidentally delete your story.

What is flaming?
Flaming includes insulting, belittling, or saying ANYTHING inappropriate, even if it is done in a joking manner.

What is constructive criticism?
If you find faults with a story, tell the author how you think they could improve. Comment on their spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you think the plot needs work or the author could benefit from the use of a beta, tell them. If you feel that a more private review is needed, email the author with some advice.

No one here is a professional writer and we all appreciate help when given.

Author's Notes

If you want to write an author's note, you have to include it at the beginning or end of a chapter. It is not allowed to only have an author's note as a chapter or as a separate entity. You can also put author's notes in your profile or on the boards.

Terms of Service

While the administrators of this site will attempt to remove or edit any illegal material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every story. All stories published here express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators and hence they will not be held liable.

If you find any material that may violate any applicable laws and intellectual property rights, please report here.