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Strange Changes by Yassim

Chapter 1- Is Everything Finally Changing?

Disclaimer- I dont own nothin'...but i do own this story ^_^ lol

Here's the first chapter! i hope you all enjoy!


A short, pale boy walked the empty hallways of his high school. He was late, as always. But of course, he did not care and simply continued to slowly drag his feet down the hall, waiting for his all to familiar first period class room to emerge out of the neatly rowed, cluster of lockers. As he continued to walk, he noticed that the hallway he was walking in, was not the holder of his first period class. In fact, he was sure he hadn’t even seen this hallway before, though it was explainable since the school was big enough to fit a large family of the ever extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex. He was already half way through the first semester of his second year at the school and he was surprised to find out that he had not come across this hallway.

Deciding to test his luck, he continued to walk forward instead of turning around and going the other way he had taken so many times during his school years. It was nice to have a small change for once in the overly dull school. Everything was always the same. The cafeteria, always the same tasteless food, the teachers, always wearing a fancy suit, speaking in the same,‘bored out of my mind’ voice. Even the students were the same, although most would disagree because of they’re appearance, the way most dressed differently from one another, most students acted the same way, ate the same thing as everyone else…teased the same kid.

The boy had the unfortunate knowledge first hand. Of course they always teased him, there always had to be at least one kid in every school that got picked on. Just luck was not on his side and he was the one to receive punishment for being different. For having his own view on how life should be, for not having the same perspective as everyone else.

He took pride in knowing he was different. He ignored the pushes and harsh words sent his way. He knew if he showed any signs that he was giving in to the taunting of the other teens, then it would only get worse, so it was much easier to ignore them.

The boy sped up slightly, hoping to get to his class before it was over. But only ended up delaying it as he walked straight into another boy, sending them both toppling over on to the ground.

“Oh, man..” The taller of the two boys, groaned, quickly trying to gather his books and loose paper.

“Shit, I’m sorry.”

The shorter boy rolled over on to his knees and quickly moved his hands around on the floor, helping the tanned skinned boy collect his things, as well as his own.

“God, this happens to often.” The pale boy spoke again, clambering to his feet, his books now hanging loosely at his side with the lazy support if his hand.

“What? Running into people on their first day at a new school and knocking their things everywhere?” The tanned boy asked, flustered.

“No, no, I meant to me.”

“Oh..” The taller boy blushed lightly. “um..Well since I’m new here and everything…I don’t really know where my class room is…do you think you could show me?”

The shorter boy sighed and rolled his eyes. Great, now I’m baby-sitting the new kids.

“Sure, what number is it?”

The tanned boy, as though suddenly realizing that his classroom had a room number, quickly searched through some of the stray papers that had previously fallen to the floor. He made an ‘ah ha’ noise when he found his first semester schedule. He held it up to his face, and found what number his classroom was.

“uhh…it’s room..316.” The boy said, stuffing the schedule back under his arm with the rest of his books.

Oh how wonderfull, his class room is on the other side of the freaking school. The boy thought scarcasticly.

The shorter boy turned around and headed back toward the main hallway, saving the adventure of the new hallway for another time. And considering the new kid was already late, the pale boy would feel guilty for making him tail along with himself just because he wanted to see a hallway he had never seen before. That, and he didn’t want to hang out with the tanned boy; afraid he would give off the impression that they were going to be friends.

“Hey! Wait up! Don’t walk so damn fast!”

The tanned boy yelled behind him.

“I’m not walking fast, your just walking slow.” He replied.

Never the less, He slowed down his pace slightly waiting until the taller boy caught up with him before speeding up again. The tanned boy grumbled behind hind him, saying something about ‘no hospitality’ and ‘don’t even know me’.

“Will you please just slow down a little bit?”

“Okay, look, your already late for class, do you really want to be any later?”

“Not really.” The taller boy mumbled.

“Then why don’t you ‘speed up a little bit?’” The pale boy mocked.

The tanned boy frowned and sped up so his pace was similar to the pale boys. God, why does he have to walk so fast? Does he want to get rid of me or something? The pale boy suddenly made a sharp left turn in front of him and the tanned boy stumbled over his feet before following him with glare to his back. Jeez! Is he trying to be an ass hole?! Maybe we didn’t start off to good, he did sound pretty upset that I ran into him like that.

“Hey, I think we started off on the wrong foot, so lets forget about it and start over,” The tanned boy said, walking forward until he was beside the pale boy. “I’m Mike.”

Mike smiled and thrusted out his hand for the pale boy to shake.

“Well that’s good for you.” The boy replied and ignored the hand of friendship Mike was offering him.

“You’re not making a very good first impression.” Mike frowned.

“I don’t need to.”

The pale boy started to walk faster, glancing at the numbers on the all the doors they passed. He stopped abruptly, causing Mike to walk right into him.

“How many times are you going to do that?” The pale boy growled and once again pushed himself back onto his feet.

“You’re the one who stopped for no reason! How was I supposed to know you were gonna do that?!”

The pale boy rolled his eyes.

“If you were paying attention, you would have known why I stopped,” The boy said obviously annoyed and gestured toward the door he had stopped in front of. “This is your class room.”

Mike looked up at the bold black numbers on the door, which indeed, did adorn the number ‘316’.

“Oh..thanks.” I think.. Mike thought, and quickly walked into his classroom.

The pale boy watched as Mike disappeared behind the classroom door, before finally realizing he still had to get to his own class.

“Fucking new kid.” Chester grumbled and headed toward the other side of the school.


The day had been uneventful after his encounter with the new boy, known as Mike and he was relived that he hadn’t seen Mike for the rest of the day. He didn’t know how long his luck was going to hold out, so after his last class he had quickly made his way to his locker and shoved his homework into his backpack.

He made his way to the front entrance of the overly large school and opened the glass doors. That day had been a day of change. For once, in all the 2 years he had been there, something had finally changed. He was positive there had never been a student, besides himself (but he had been there for over two years) that had come to the high school for only one grade.

It was strange to have a new kid at the school. But strange in a good way. Maybe the other students would realize it was ‘cool’ to be different and not act like another sheep following its herder.

The pale boy made his way down the sidewalk that went in the direction of his home; boredly kicking stones and watching them roll and bounce on the solid pavement. Everything’s so dull around here. He sighed aloud and forcefully kicked another stone. He looked up when he heard a yelp. He frowned and saw his dog rubbing his paw furiously against his nose.

“Awww, I’m sorry boy, I didn’t see you there.”

He kneeled down and gently started to stroke the grey hounds furry head, occasionally scratching him behind his ears.

“Sorry Sebastian, you know I wouldn’t do that on purpose, you’re the only good thing around here.”

The boy hugged his dog around the neck before standing up and patting him on the back.

“Come on boy, we gotta get home before mom gets mad at me for bein’ late, and at you for not being in the back yard.” The boy said, as he remembered that his mom had a day off from work that day.

The boy passed a few more houses before turning right and walking down a neatly made path and walking until he was standing in front of his back gate, with Sebastian at his heals. He unlatched the gate lock and walked into his back yard.

“Come on Sebastian.” The boy called his dog, waiting patiently for Sebastian to stop sniffing the ground.

Sebastian moved his head up, his ears perked up at his master’s voice.

“Come on buddy, come’ ere seb.”

The boy patted the front of his thighs, as if the dog would automatically come if he heard the dull slapping. The dog trotted over to the boy and waited for him to close the gate before running off into the back yard. The boy smiled faintly as he watched his dog happily prance around, his white paws brushing against the slightly shimmering, wet, dark green grass.

The boy turned toward his back door, and opened it.

“Mom! I’m home!” He yelled into the house and threw his backpack onto the small plat form, letting it land on the neatly placed shoes, causing them to scatter slightly.

He slammed the door shut and ran out into his backyard, snatching his dogs Frisbee off the ground.


His dog looked up just in time to see a blue blur flying towards him. He quickly jumped up and spun in the air as he caught the Frisbee. Sebastian ran over to his owner and held the Frisbee up toward his hand. The boy grabbed it, expecting his dog to let go, but Sebastian held fast. The boy tugged on it and Sebastian growled playfully.

“Come one Sebastian! I wanna throw the Frisbee!”

The boy tugged on it yet again, but the dog did not give up. Fine, you wanna play tug of war, we’ll play tug of war, but your gonna lose. The boy smiled and tugged harder on the Frisbee and the dog abruptly let go, causing the boy to fall backwards onto the wet grass.

“Oh man! Not again!” The boy sat up and frowned, looking up at his dog. “Thanks Sebastian, I really appreciate it.”

The dog just barked happily, jumped on his owner and licked his face. The boy struggled to push the dog off him while laughing.

“ugh! Gross! Dog slobber!” The boy said jokingly, finally succeeding in pushing the dog off of him.

“Time for dinner!” He heard his mother yell through the open widow.

“Kay! Be there in a sec!”

The boy patted his dog on the head before running into his house and kicking his shoes on top of his backpack. He ran into the kitchen and saw the food sitting on the table. As he went to sit down his mothers hand stopped him.

“You can’t eat at the table like that! Your covered in mud and all wet! Go get changed first.” His mother scolded.

“I’m not that muddy.” The boy grumbled and walked down the hallway to his room.

He walked into his room, at once feeling like he belonged somewhere. The several posters that covered his black and red walls made him feel welcomed, the mess on the floor made everything seem more real, because it was his mess, not some one else’s. His bed, which was not made, had a black blanket falling off the edge, and a thin red sheet underneath it. He walked over to his walk-in closet and quickly pulled out some random clothing.

He pulled his dark blue, long sleeve shirt over his head, and pulled on another shirt, exactly the same, except black, over his head. He quickly un-zipped and un-buttoned his pants and let them pool at his ankles before stepping out of them. He pondered just walking out to the kitchen in his boxers, as he usually did when his mother wasn’t home, but thought better of it, knowing he would get scolded by his mom yet again. So he quickly pulled on a different pair of blue jeans and walked back to the kitchen, where his mom was seated and already eating.

“Thanks for making dinner, mom.” The boy said, sitting down across from his mom.

“It was no problem,” His mother replied. “ It's nice to have a day off though, it’s really hectic down at the company.”

The boy nodded his head and started eating. As he was chewing his food he pondered whether or not to tell his mom that his day had been different from all the rest. But his mother spoke before he could finish thinking about it.

“Did you know we have new neighbors? They just moved in. They’re a very wonderful family, they have a couple of kids and I think one of them is around your age.”

We have new neighbors?I don’t remember seeing any moving trucks.

“They must have made it a pretty quiet move in, 'cause I never even saw moving trucks.”

“Oh, I didn’t know either until one of them, I think the mother of the kids, came over and told me she just moved in. We chatted for a while and we decided that her and her family are going to come over later tonight.”

“What?!” The boy nearly choked on his food. He looked at his mother stunned. “You know I don’t like meeting new people!”

“I know dear, you wont have to stay the whole time, but at least introduce yourself.”


The boy sulked and pushed his food away.

“I’m not hungry, I’ll be in my room.”

The boy stood up, but instead of going to his room, he opened his back door.


His dog came trotting over to him and walked into the house, and up the stairs in the direction of the boy’s room. The boy dragged his feet over to his room, and opened the door, letting his dog into his room. He slammed his door shut, stomped over to his stereo and pressed the play button, letting music blast through his large room. He sighed and fell back onto his bed and stared at the ceiling. Sebastian jumped onto the bed, rested his head on the boy’s chest and looked at him with sad eyes.

The boy sighed and grabbed the remote for his stereo and pressed the stop button. He started to gently stroke Sebastian’s head, down to the bottom of his neck.

“Sometimes I think you’re really a person inside a dogs body,” The boy said, letting his fingers softly drag down the dog’s long snout. “Your way smarter then any other dog I’ve ever seen.”

The dog licked his fingers with his soft tongue and continued to look at the boy with sad eyes, as if he knew what the boy was going through, and wanted him to poor his soul out.

“This is ridiculous.” The boy sighed, still petting Sebastian. “You know you’re a loner when you’re talking to your dog…God, I’m a freak, everyone at school would be laughing if they saw me now...”

Sebastian whimpered and it looked as if he was going to cry, his large shinning eyes looking up into the boys.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t care what others think..But sometimes I cant help it…It makes me think that maybe I should be like everyone else,” The boy looked down at his dog, as if expecting him to answer. “But everyone else is so boring, if more people were like me, different and adventurous, then I’d be having a lot more fun.”

The dog scoffed at the boy, as if saying ‘adventurous? Yeah right’.

“Okay, so maybe I’m not that adventurous, but I’m thinking about going to explore some near by forest, hopefully that’ll give me something to do for a while.”

Sebastian slightly lifted his head off the boy’s chest at the mention of going to a forest.

“Yes Sebastian, you can you come too.”

The dog let his head fall back onto the boy’s chest. The boy let his head sink back into his pillow and he closed his eyes. With what felt like only seconds later, his door opened and his mother was telling him that their company was here.

He slowly removed himself from under his dog, who was now sleeping. He walked down the hall, his eyes drooping slightly and his hair giving off that ‘I just woke up’ look, which he had indeed, just woken up.

“ahh, here he is now.”

He heard his mother say as he walked into the living room. The boy nodded stiffly as he was introduced to the neighbor's family. Not really paying attention, but zoning in every few seconds.

“…and then our oldest, Michael.”

“Hey, I’m Mike.” Mike said as though they had never met.

Mike smiled and presented the pale boy with his hand. The boy’s mother glared at him when he once again did not accept Mike’s hand. The boy rolled his eyes at his mother and briefly shook Mike’s hand. He quickly let his hand fall away from Mike’s, disliking the touch of someone else’s hand.

“Chester.” The pale boy replied stiffly.


wow...that's gotta be the longest chapter i've ever writin..but i did it on purpose 'cause i know all of you hate those short chapters I'm always putting up in my other stories! lol

so, tell me what you guys think of this chapter! ^_^ i love all your reviews!

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