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Hidden Addiction by Yassim


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Am I supposed to feel this way? Michael wondered to himself.

Is sadness always this over powering?

Michael lay in the over grown grass in his large backyard and stared up at the starless sky, contemplating over the loss of his best friend, Chester, who had passed away only hours ago. Or had it been days?

Chester had been taken from this world, at the age of 17, by a brain tumor. Or at least, that was the story he told his parents. He was surprised they even believed him; Chester hadn’t even died in a hospital. Wouldn’t that be suspicious? Then again, his parents had always been to trusting with him.

He could still feel Chester’s presence, still smell him; could see Chester's pale head as it fell limp into Michael’s arms, whispering something to Michael before taking his last shuddering breath.

‘Chester was in pain, Michael,’ Michael’s mother had told him. ‘It was for the best.’

But was it really? Michael certainly didn’t think so. Chester should still have the world ahead of him. But he didn’t. He was gone and was never going to come back.

And sure, Chester had been in pain, it hadn’t been a physical pain though, but it had been a deep emotional pain. Something that had been hidden very well and had left a deep scar over his friends heart. It was always easy to hide things when people couldn’t see them.

Gone were the stupid laughs and drunken smiles. The Relief of knowing he could count on Chester to be with him when he truly needed him. No more late night walks filled with serious conversations. No more Chester.

Sighing softly, Michael sat up slightly and leaned back on his elbows. How was he supposed to live through some thing like this? Just suck it up and take it like a man? There was the problem. He wasn’t a man yet. He was only 17! How could he be expected to get over something like this? It wasn’t like he could just brush it off.

Michael bit his trembling lip and attempted to push all his thoughts away. But in his weakened state, the thoughts seemed to be able to push down any barrier he put up.

His best friend had died in his arms and he would have to live with that for the rest of his pathetic life.

Michael clutched clumps of grass in his fists and he felt his throat tighten. Burning tears pushed at the corner of his eyes, seeking an exit. Swallowing harshly, he quickly bent over and covered his mouth with one hand, attempting to muffle the choked sobs being forced from his body. Hot tears streamed down his flushed face as he rocked back and forth.

“He’s gone..” Michael whimpered aloud. “..Oh, god, He’s really gone.”

Michael collapsed onto his side and curled his body into the fetal position, hugging his knees to his chest. His body shook with each sob as attempted to keep himself composed.

He flinched when a reassuring hand clamped down on his shaking shoulder and attempted to roll him over. He refused to be seen in this state and pulled back against the hand.

“Mike, stop it, man, you cant stay out here all night…you gotta come in eventually.”

It was Rob. He was also apart of his closely-knit group of friends.

“I can’t go,” Mike sniffed loudly. “I can’t face them right now.”

Rob sighed, bent over Mike and put all his strength into pulling the boy up to his chest. Mike wasn’t exactly as light as a feather and when he resisted it just made him harder to pick up.

“Mike, we know you and Chester were close and that you’re going through a bit of a tough time-”

“Tough time?!” Mike cried pulling away from Rob, only succeeding I falling back against the cold ground. “ I’m going through fucking hell!”

Mike made to stand up but before his knees even left the ground, strong arms wrapped around him and held him tightly. Struggling to free himself, Mike punched Rob’s chest with his weak fists.

Rob bit his lip at the force and was glad Mike wasn’t at full strength. He quickly maneuvered his arms around so Mike’s arms were pinned under his own.

“You don’t understand!” Mike yelled, still attempting to free himself. “You don’t understand how close Chester and I were!”

“We knew Mike, alright? We all knew.”

In fact, Rob didn’t really understand what Mike was talking about but it seemed to work as Mike collapsed against his chest and started to sob again. The only thing Rob could was hold Mike close to his chest and whisper words he thought might be of comfort.

After a few minutes uncontrollable sobbing, Mike was reduced to small hiccups. Lifting his arm, Mike wiped the back of his hand across his face, trying to be rid of the drying tears as quickly as possible.

“I don’t know why you held that in for so long,” Rob whispered softly pulling out some tissue from his back pocket and handing it to Mike, who took it gratefully. “Everyone else has already cried, you know? It must have hurt, holding it in for so long.”

Mike blew his nose loudly and threw the tissue to the ground. It had hurt, but now that he was finished crying, he felt like he needed to do it all over again. It seemed like it hurt even more now that it was over.

He felt himself being pulled to his feet and dragged himself toward the soft glow of his house. Only a few lights were on in the overly large house, it's gentle light barely reaching the blades of grass.

Rob pulled him through the back door, stumbling slightly when Mike fell against him. Once again pulling Mike upright, Rob led them into the living room.

Immediately all eyes were on the pair standing in the hallway, just outside the living room. Mike looked up into the shocked and devastated faces of his friends.

How was he supposed to face them in this state?

They were going to ask questions about Chester’s death. First they would ask if he was okay, then it would go into questions like: Did he say anything before…before he…you know? Did he die in pain? And the question he dreaded most: How had he died?

And he knew.

Only Mike and Chester’s family knew the truth.


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anyway, sorry about the shortness, but it was a prologue! I'm not very good with making intro's very long so..yeah :P

by the way, i guess it could be considered another side fic from the main one I'm writing right now (Strange Changes) which should also be updated soon.

So hopefully this has captured some peoples attention! I'll be looking forward to anwering any reviews sent my way ^_^

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Created on 3/8/05

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