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Dreams mean Something - Part 1

~ I do not own Linkin Park or any of the memebers in this story, but i do own the story i hope you enjoy this first Chapter. From time to time it will switch between Mike's and Chester's POV, :) Enjoy! Im knew at this so give my some sympathy please and thank you ~ ( the rating will change later on )

"Dreams Mean Something- Part 1"

~Mike's POV~

~ Beginning of Dream ~

Walking , I’m just walking, going in no particular direction. I stop and stare at where my feet have led me. Its Chester’s house. I began to walk again and find myself face to face with hid front door. I knock a couple of times till I continue to hear the sound of silence. I slowly open the front door and call out his name and get no reply. I begin to worry and start to search his house . I walked back into the living room after searching the lower half of the house twice to find no one. I looked at the clock to see it reading 11:33pm. I begin to walk up the stairs to the second story of his home. I call out his name as I ascended the stairs and still get no reply. I walk to his bedroom and open the door slowly. I walk in and look around and see that the room is empty. As I was about to exit the room I noticed that the light of his bathroom was shining from under the door. I slowly walk over to the door and knock once more only to be greeted by silence.

“ Chester?” I call out his name softly, “Chester are you in…”

As I open the door I look in and am to shocked to speak because what was laying in front of me must have had been the worst thing I would have ever thought of Chester to do the sight was to horrible to image.

~End of Dream~

I slam up, waking in a cold sweat. I get out of bed, only realizing it to be two in the morning.

“ It was a nightmare is all, he wouldn’t really do that would he?” I ask myself.

I get up and run quickly down stairs to my phone. Now my heart was beating so fast I thought I was about to have a heart attack. I then picked up the phone, after sitting down of course to catch my breath, and dialed Chester’s number.

I know he’s gonna be pissed at me for calling him so late I thought to myself and smirking.

The phone rang a couple of times, and I was about to give up when he picked up the phone.

“Hello?” Chester said sleepy.

Oh god, he’s still alive, I thought.

“Hey Chaz , sorry for calling you so late” I reply after a minute or so.

“Mike? What the hell? What do you want?” He asked giving a yawn.

“ I just called to..” I cant tell him the real reason I called so I’ll fake it. “ I just called because I couldn’t sleep.” saying, letting out a sigh.

“ Oh, well sorry Mikey but I am tired as hell, do you mind if I get some more beauty sleep?” he asked giving yet another yawn.

“ Yea , sure I don’t care , well I’ll see you tomorrow right?” I asked alittle disappointed that Chester didn’t want to talk with me. Lets just put it that I am so in love with Chester Bennington I wouldn’t know how to put it. I guess I can say its more then just a crush, a lot more then that .

“ Yep. Tomorrow , bright and early at the studio” He responded.

“ Okay well night my.. I mean Chaz” Oh thank god I caught myself I could never tell him because I wouldn’t know what’d he say.

“ Night Mike”

We both hung up the phone at the same time. As I made myself back up to my room, I felt more secure that everything with Chester was fine. I walked into the room and tossed myself onto my bed. Now maybe I can get some more sleep.

“ One day soon” I thought out loud, “ One day soon my love you will know the truth and You and I will be together”

I smiled at my last thought and quickly got under the covers. I let out a sigh of contentment as I closed my eyes and fell into a world of continuing dreams.

~ End of Chapter 1~

~~( okay updated that error ,I know its short but that just how long it was on my paper well i hope you liked please read and review. Chapter 2 will be up soon. Talk to you all laterz)~~

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