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The Hard Way by xX_LP4Life_05_Xx

The Prologue

[This is just the prologue of the story to give you a hint of what im going to end up trying to tap into k? K well i dont own linkin park and the same with Mike.]

Dear Readers,

~This is going to be a story that will hopefully open up your mind. A story for those that wish for happiness like I do. Im having a young minded fourteen-year-old write out my story.

My name is Mike Shinoda. Im 28 and I'm in a pretty famous rock band named "Linkin Park". I have a wife that i've been married to for two and a half years, and to tell the truth, its going downhill pretty fast. I have no kids, so if i get a divorced, i wont have to worry about paying child support.

Im a workaholic as some like to call it and i just recently came out with a rap album to try and cover where my major roots are from. See when i was younger, thats all i would listen to, so as i got older, i started to learn my own side of rapping and have been one ever since.

I do do other things in the band besides rap, i sometimes do back-up guitar, and play keyboard, etc. I've heard most fans call me a perfectionist but Im nothing of that sort. I wish you people knew the real pain behind the mask.

You see the whole point of this story is to get out my feelings of how i feel and what better way to do it then write a story about it right?

Well see i would have just chosen any fan to send my " message in a dream" ( thats what id like to call it) but this girl in particular spiked my interest and so i sent her with this mission to write my story about whats going on inside my brain and get it out to you. To put it simply, to give you an inside look of whats going on inside the head of Mike Shinoda.

To tell you, i would have just chosen anyone to send my message-in-a-dream to, but she at the time was already trying to investigate what is wrong with me. Her mind was clear and ready for any type of new information i was willing to give, so i provided her with one thing,

" Make them Understand"

So she chose to write it out and to explain. So without futher ado, i would like to hand my thoughts and feelings in to the hands of this creative young mind and let her do the work.

And with that i conclude my half being and turn it to her so please do enjoy and remember , this is her trying to make you understand.

So do read and enjoy my life story as it unfolds and opens your mind to a whole new view of Mike Shinoda's world ~

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