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Love can over come by xX_LP4Life_05_Xx

true love

Desclaimer: I dont own the person in this story the only thing i own is my story

Heres the story so enjoy.

True Love

Once again i awake from a sleepless night. My mind too full to let me sleep. I turn and look out the window with my arms laying loosly over me and i gently sigh as i stare at the moon. It has such beauty for a person who cant sleep just something so beautiful to stare at for a restless mind.

I sit up and swing my legs over the side of the bed and stretch my arms up, making my back crack from top to bottom and back up again. I get out of bed and creep over to my door and open it slightly, to hear the sound of silence throughout the house.

" Everyone is still asleep thank god" I think to myself and walk down the hall, into the bathroom and closing the door slowly and softly, sure not to wake anyone.

I turn on the light and look at my reflection in the slightly fogged mirror. I rustle my hand through my short bleach blonde spikes and the adjust my emo square shaped glasses on my face.

I reach to turn the faucet on but the sound of a door opening down the hall aborts me from doing so and i quickly turn off the light. As i watch the shadow pass by the door i slightly open the door and sneak back into my room and close and lock the door behind me.

I sigh in relief at the fact of almost getting caught out of my room, and especailly by my father who is not to happy with me at this precise moment in time. I look over to the place which once held my computer and phone and look down , dragging my feet as i walk back over to my bed and sit cross legged on the soft comforter. I lay back and gentlly close my eyes, thinking back to what got me into this situation in the first place.


We chuckled and giggled while tickling and tenderly kissing each other on the soft comfort of my couch. I had brought a friend home for studying but it seemed to turn more into foreplay then study. As soon as we entered my house, we couldnt keep our hands off one another. Heated kisses mixed with heated passion was what we made for the next four hours. And this is where we found ourselves, lying on my couch, cuddled up with one another.

He ran is finger down my chest making me chuckle in delight til the sound of a door was heard and my stare completely went blank. I got up, desparetly looking for our clothes, which had been tossed in unsercure places around the room. But i was too late, i looked up at the sound of my father clearing his thoart at what was before him. I quickly zipped my jeans and ran to hold my father back from hitting the boy i had fallen in love with.

"Dad, dont hurt him, its not what you think" i pleaded, struggling against my father.

"Not what i think Chester? not what i think?! your damn clothes are every where and this, this, fags clothes are every where, so its not what i think?" he said fighting to get me off.

"Mike get out of here, quickly, just go" i looked over at him with pleading eyes, screaming at my father's strength.

"But Chester" he started in.

"Get the fuck out of here!" i looked straight into his eyes and saw fear but he did what i told him. He grabbed his clothes and bolted for the door and made it out before he saw what my father had done.

He punched me in the jaw, knocking me to the floor in pain. I looked up at him for forgiveness, any understandament at all but all i saw in those eyes were pure haterd toward me. Pure agression toward what he had caught his only son doing. I tried to get up but he kicked me in my stomach and just stared.

"My only son, a faggot, a freak to nature and now a hate being towards me!" he screamed and yelled, while kicking me harder with every word.

"You are to never see him again you understand me boy? i will not have a fag in my house, never" with that final word, he kicked me so hard i coughed up blood.

With that he stared down at me and huffed and headed for my room. I quickly got up and headed after him, knowing damn well what he was about to do. I wrapped my arms around me as i ran up the stairs after him and into my room. There he stood throwing all my ways of communication out the window. My phone, my computer and all of my pens, pencils, and paper. I just stared in horror as he pulled my computer right out of the socket and throwed it out the window. He then slammed the window shut and turned and stared at me with the same look as before. In a cold and warning tone he said this to me,

"From here on out you will stay in this room. This is where you will stay. No contact with that boy whatsoever. I will not have a faggot for a son so i suggest you change your ways and your lookings very quickly." he said, making his way to my door but stopping and turning to add another thing, " Oh and as for jumping out the window, i'd think twice before doing it, just thought i'd warn you" he finished slamming my door making me jump.

I laid on my bed, where i found myself slowly letting tears fall at what had just happened. I looked over at my clock and rolled onto my side letting out a sigh. The boy i had come since today, was a man that my father despised. A faggot, a homo, a let down.

*End of Flashback*

I let the tears fall again. Thats exactly what i had become, a let down, a waste of time to my father. A fool to human kind. A male whore. I continued to let tears fall til i had an idea and opened my eyes to look back at the window. What my father last said rang through my ears, making me rethink it but i had thought twice. I got up and grabbed my shoes, sliding them on with ease. I picked up my hoodie that was lying on my computer chair and walked over to the window. I flipped the latch and slid it open ever to slowly and quietly.

I looked down to the ground below me and gulped. I was doing this for what i believed in and my crackpot fool of a father was not going to stop me. I climbed on to the frame of the window and sat down. Right as i was about to jump, my door swung open and there stood my father. Right as he made a running for me, i jumped. I landed in a bush and got up and looked up at my father above me then took off running. It hurt to run but i had to get away. I had to get to freedom.

I hit pavement and started running in the direction of his house. It was becoming hard to breathe but i didnt stop, i wasnt stopping. As i kept up my pace, rain started to fall in little amounts until i hit his street, then it started to pour. I picked up speed and stopped at the third house to the right. I followed the pathway to the front door of his house and stopped as i hit the porch, falling to my knees, coughing up more then before.

As my lungs gained back the oxygen they had lost from the run. I slowly got up and walked to the door. As i raised my hand to knock, the door swung up. I looked at the sight before. The sight alone made me weak at the knees. He stood there and just looked at my now soaked to the skin outfit and my bruises that the light from inside showed on me.

Without a seconds more of passing, he pulled me into his embrace. I wrapped my arms around him and began to cry into his shoulder. He pulled away and looked at me without words to say. As he looked at me, i felt a cold chill run through my body, making me shiver in coldness.

"Come in, no need to be standing in the cold, and in that wet clothing." He said rubbing my shoulders to give me warmth.

As i got changed and ready for bed, i couldnt help but notice Mike watching me out of the corner of my eye.

"Go ahead and ask" i said softly, pulling the pants that Mike had loned me for the time being.

"Does it hurt?" he asked, suggesting toward my bruises.

"A little, but it was worth it" i said, turning and looking at the angel before me,"love is worth fighting for, even if that means getting beaten and bruised in the battle zone of it. You are worth fighting for" i finished, walking towards where he was lying on the bed with his arms folded over him.

He smiled softly at me as i climbed on top of him, caressing his face with the back of my hand. He closed his eyes and leaned into my soft touch.

"I would do anything for you, i love you Michael" i said catches his lips in a passionate kiss.

I began to run my hands all over him, not leaving one shed of skin untouched. He put his hands around my neck and pulled me closer and further into the kiss i had started. As the kiss became more heated, the room became more hotter, just to unbarible to wear anything. Once more our clothes left scattered around the room and this time the sheets became our obsticals to over come.

We tossed and turned, rattled and rolled. Yet the sounds escaping our lips, never woke up a soul. The sound of his bed post hitting the wall, never caused anyone any concern. It was like we were in our own fanatsy world that we had created, either that or it seemed as if the room was sound proof.

As we completed our second time of sexual intamacy, we just laid their, in the comfort of each others arms. The silence was peaceful to our ears, the only sound heard was that of our breathing and the pounding of our hearts. The pounding of which we each had created for each other was what we knew that loved had sparked between us. No need for words.

Just the sound of our beating hearts told us all we needed to know. That truly, if you fight for it, love can truly overcome anything.

{I hope it wasnt boring, i tried my hardest, i actually like it alot, i hope you do too, leave me some reviews. It was just a quick thing i came up with, nothing to drastic for you readers.)

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