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Once in a life time friend by xX_LP4Life_05_Xx

Chapter 1-"Meeting Someone New"

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"Meeting Someone New"

As i sat and cried profusely into my pillow from the previous nights events, little did i know a man the same age as me was somewhere else crying for the same reason. I pulled the pillow closer to me and just wepted. There was nothing i could do to bring her back but i insisted on blaming myself.

I took her death harder then anyone else yet my friends couldn't seem to comfort me one bit. There was nobody for me to run to. Here i sit in an empty house, alone, only my thoughts to keep me company.

It wasn't fun when that was all you had to keep company. My thoughts were bad anyways. The thoughts of her accident, pictures and everything would not leave my mind, just kept repeating themselves, over and over. I cried harder into the pillow but i found it to be useless at some point.

I put the pillow down and walked out of the room and downstairs to my home studio and turned on the computer. I wasn't on this to write just to chat, let out frustration. I joined a chat room under an unknown name, so my fans wouldn't know that it was me signing on. I watched the conversation until someone secretly IMed me on the chat board.

"Um, hi, i noticed no one was talking to you and that you weren't talking really, so if I'm not bothering you, whats up" he typed me.

"Well nothing really, a tragic event just struck my life yesterday and well i just came on here for some company." i replied back.

"Oh, I'm sorry for whatever happened, probably something that you wouldn't have been able to fix huh, yea something happened to me last night as well, my wife died in a car accident" he replied, seeming to be hesitant on the word "accident".

"Yea, sadly same here, that is weird...... umm i didn't seem to catch your name" i typed back.

" Oh I'm sorry, the name is Mike and yourself?" he typed.

"Chester" i said,"Chester Bennington"

"Oh nice to meet you then, Chester, your in a band aren't you?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm in this band" i said

"I figured, well seems rock stars have the same lives as everyone else" he said.

"yep, sad, sometimes lonely, and down right unsatisfying" i replied.

" lol, your the first to admit it" he typed.

" Hey, not trying to come onto you or anything but do you live in or around the downtown LA area?" i asked.

"As a matter of fact i do, why do you ask?" he said

" Well maybe we could get together tomorrow, have some coffee at Starbucks or something?" i typed and then hit enter.

" umm, well, sure, sounds like a plan to me, need a time though and which table to meet you at, you sure the media is not going to follow you?" he asked.

"I'm sure, those fuckers hate me, lol" i said giving myself a chuckle.

"Lol, ah okay so Starbucks, say around 2:30, i have an audition tomorrow for a band" he said

"Sure thing, and hey whose band are you auditioning for?" i asked, knowing we had one tomorrow around the same time.

"Yours" he said and signed off.

I looked at the screen awkwardly and just smiled and shook my head. "Hope hes what were looking for" i said to myself and wrote down the user name he used and got off.

I headed into the dining room and sat down at the head of the table. I sighed and then thought about tomorrow.

"It wont be so bad, we may be getting the biggest break in our career tomorrow" i said to myself and got up heading for the kitchen.

I stopped and pulled out a beer and popped it open, drowning myself in it the first two seconds it was open. I pulled out another and this time slammed the refrigerator shut and headed back up stairs into my bedroom, shutting the door softly behind me.

I set the beer bottle on the night stand and laid down in bed. Not realizing, my eyes to be so heavy i gently closed them with one last thought on mind before falling fast asleep,

"This may be the big break we are looking for"


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