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Another Restless Night by Yassim

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Well, 'tis been a while since I've posted/ updated anything ^^; And hopefully this standalone will encourage me to write some more :3



Mike’s eye twitched slightly in his sleep as a waft of cold air brushed against his exposed skin. It was odd, considering it was always warm inside the coffin-like bunks and he almost always wore just boxers, as he had this night, to bed so the cold easily made him uncomfortable. A thread of pale light illuminated his tanned skin as his bunk curtain was pulled open briefly before the light disappeared as someone stood in front of it and crawled into the warmth of Mike’s bunk. The dark green curtain was swiftly closed again, another cold breeze drifting over the two bodies inside the small space, causing Mike to shiver and burry his face deeper in his pillow. A light weight crawled over his curled up body and spooned up behind him. A warm arm snaked over his stomach and he moaned softly as it radiated heat through his abdomen.

“Mike?” The figure behind him whispered, massaging their fingers against his hard stomach in an attempt to wake him.

When Mike only responded by moving further into the warm embrace he was being held in, the figure sighed heavily and leant their forehead against the soft hair at the nape of Mike’s neck.

“Mike.” The figure rasped with a trembling voice. Their warm breath on the back of Mike’s neck caused the younger man to groan softly and shift in the others arms.

Mike tensed for a moment, before letting out a wide yawn and blinking his eyes open. Confused to as to why he was awake, and slightly dazed by the thick, warm air that seemed to be hanging inside his bunk, he turned on his other side and was only mildly surprised to find his best friend and band mate curled up against him.

“Chester,” Mike sighed, feeling relieved and rested his head back on his pillow. “You scared me.”

“Sorry,” Chester whispered back. “I can’t sleep.” He answered Mike’s unspoken question before the words could leave his younger friends lips.

Mike rolled onto his back and propped himself up on his elbows. He titled his head toward his friend and frowned at his exhausted face.

“Nightmares?” Mike asked none too hopefully. He was sure Chester had gotten over those last year.

“Erm…well, no, not exactly.” Chester’s blush was barely visible in the darkness.

Mike’s relief was apparent.

“Do you need to talk about something? I’m awake now, so you might as well tell me what’s up.”

“Oh, well..um..I-it’s not something I can…talk about, exactly..” Chester’s blush became fiercer as he tried to will it away. This was so hard and embarrassing to talk about.

Mike lowered himself back onto the lumpy mattress and settled his head back onto his pillow.

“Just tell me when you’re ready, then,” Mike sighed and closed his eyes. “Wake me up if I fall asleep on you.”

Chester nodded even though Mike couldn’t see him. God, he was so embarrassed about this. He shouldn’t have come to Mike for help but he was sure the other band members were starting to get sick of Chester always going up to them in a whimpering, pleading mess. But he couldn’t hold out any longer; he was going to explode if Mike wouldn’t help with this problem tonight.

“Mike?” Chester asked after a few minutes of silence, feeling his blush come back with full force.

“Mmm?” Mike moaned in reply, too lazy to open his mouth and use proper words.

Chester inhaled a shaky breath. He had to just come out and say it.

“I’m horny.” Chester flinched at the sound of his own voice. He hadn’t meant to say it that way and he knew how he must sound to Mike right now. Desperate for some relief and probably sounding like he was asking for his best friend to get him off. He was asking for that in a way, but probably not in the way everyone always first thought when Chester came to them with his problem the first time.

Mike seemed completely unaffected.

“Go jack off, then. Problem solved.” Mike replied, opening his eyes slightly and lazily waving an arm in the air to prove his point.

“I-I can’t.” Chester was sure his face must be crimson by now.

Mike opened his eyes tiredly and raised an eye brow at Chester.

“Why not?”

“W-well you see…” Chester stuttered at the amused look Mike was giving him. Okay, this was now officially the worst idea he had ever come up with. “N-never mind…this was a stupid idea…I-I’m gonna go back to my bunk.”

As he made to crawl over Mike, the younger man placed a restricting hand on his chest and pushed him back into the spot he had previously been in.

“I’m sorry,” Mike apologized sincerely. “I didn’t mean to make you upset like that. Just tell me what you need to do and I’ll see if I can help.” Mike touched Chester’s shoulder gently.

Chester sighed softly. It wasn’t as if he could be more embarrassed anyway.

“I…I can’t um…get off w-with out…with out having someone beside me..” Chester whispered, his voice barely audible. His heart hammered harshly against his chest and the sound of blood rushing to his ears was distracting.

“Shit, man,” Chester looked up and saw Mike wasn’t mocking him. He just looked concerned and sympathetic. “How the hell do you get off during the tours?”

Chester paused, wondering if he had already gone too far but he couldn’t back out now that Mike knew and was trying his best to help him out.

“The guys usually help me out.” Chester said softly.

Mike looked surprised.


Chester looked aghast and even slightly offended.

“No, no, nothing like that,” Chester blushed heavily. “They’re just…‘there’ for me, y’know what I mean?”

“No, I…oh…ooohhh,” Mike said as it dawned him. “Right, I get it.” And then suddenly Mike was blushing too, his face almost as flushed red as Chester’s. “And you want me to…?”

“N-not if you don’t want to.” Chester rushed out feeling horribly embarrassed asking of this from his closest friend.

“I…I guess its okay,” Mike whispered and the added, “I mean, I don’t have to…?”

“No, of course not,” Chester replied, feeling highly relieved and happy. Mike was always there for him; he knew he could count on him for anything. “I’ll do that myself.”

Mike blushed as they fell into an awkward silence. How was this going to work? Was Chester just going to jump right into it or did he have to work himself up first? Mike closed his eyes and blocked off those thoughts. Maybe he could fall asleep before Chester got started…But then there was a harsh exhale and soft moan against his ear, warm air almost pulsing against the sensitive flesh of his neck and around his ear. He definitely wouldn’t be falling asleep now.

Mike opened his eyes, glad to see Chester’s were already closed because he didn’t want to embarrass his friend by watching this sinful act. Mike was surprised to see Chester hadn’t even begun to touch himself the way Mike had assumed from the exhilarated sigh that had passed through his older friends lips. He had just been toying with his hardened nipples, which were now a soft rosy color as Chester pinched and rolled the nub between his thumb and forefinger. Chester released a breathy moan and arched slightly into his hand when he pinched and twisted his nipple between his fingers. Obviously Chester found it very stimulating and repeated it several times to both his nipples. When Chester could take no more of the teasing, his hand left his swollen nipples. Mike’s mouth was suddenly dry as Chester’s hand, seemingly now satisfied with teasing Chester’s apparently very sensitive nipples, traveled downward to the waist band of his boxers before slipping inside. Mike quickly brought one of his hands up to cover his mouth before he could let out a whimper, just as Chester gasped when his fingers accidentally brushed over the older man’s shoulder. Chester’s senses seemed to be heightened and Mike cursed himself for interrupting Chester like that.

Chester’s eyes fluttered open and he gazed at Mike through heavy lidded and glazed over eyes. Mike brought his hand down from his mouth slightly.

“Sorry.” He whispered with a wild blush. Did Chester know he was trying to conceal his heavy breathing?

Chester seemed unaffected though and he let his eyes slip closed again when his fingers brushed over his sensitive member.

Mmmn…I-it’s o…okay,” Chester breathing was harsh and his chest heaved with each breath he took. A sheen of sweat was beginning to form above his brow and on his body, causing him to shimmer slightly in the dull light inside the bunk. “I-I…” Chester sighed breathily as his fingers finally enclosed over himself. “I d-don’t m-mind…”

Was that some sort of invitation? Mike wondered silently as he watched Chester struggle to keep his breathing regular. It seemed Chester hadn’t done this for a while because within minutes he was giving into his desires, no longer able to take any more teasing from his unrelenting hand. All thoughts fled Mike as he watched Chester struggle to pull down his boxers to free his straining member. Mike smiled when Chester struggled to get his boxers off, the older man whimpering and moaning when he realized he was too far gone to even remember how to take them off. Mike felt sympathy for the older man and silently reached forward and slipped his thumbs under the waistband of Chester’s boxers. Chester opened his eyes and gasped softly at the unexpected soft hands on his skin and moaned his appreciation when Mike pulled the boxers down for him.

“Thank you.” He whimpered, arching slightly off the bed as Mike pulled the offending boxers half way down his thighs before pulling away.

“No problem.” Mike replied, his voice slightly raspy.

Chester’s eyes fluttered closed again as his hand encased his throbbing erection. He released a soft, sort of breathy moan as he began to stroke himself slowly. He was going to make this last because he wasn’t sure when the opportunity to jack off would present itself to him again. He was aware of Mike’s piercing gaze watching his every move but it was okay because it was Mike and the warmth of his body next to his felt amazing.

Mike bit his lip at the look of concentration and pleasure on Chester’s face and tried to control himself from getting too excited when Chester paused his hand movements for a moment, only to slide his other hand down (which had been sprawled across his chest) and cup his balls gently. He sighed heavily and titled his head back, his mouth forming a soft ‘o’ shape as he just barely massaged the sensitive skin there with his fingers, being careful to be gentle with himself. Mike was fascinated. He had never jacked himself off like this before. He had always tried to get it over with as quickly as possible so he could continue on with his life like it never happened, where as, it seemed Chester did it almost like a sacred ritual, allowing his hands to roam freely and to feel every nerve ending in his body set on fire.

He swallowed down a lump in his throat as Chester whined softly when he passed his thumb over the slit in the head of his dick. He couldn’t tear his eyes away when Chester started to pump himself in a pulsing, rhythmic timing, his hips making minute thrusts to meet his hand on every down stroke. Chester was whimpering and moaning with every stroke of his dick or rub of his balls and he was clenching his eyes shut to try and control the pressure building up below his stomach because he wasn’t ready for this to end yet and he’d be damned if he let himself go too soon. But god, it felt so good and- Jesus, that definitely not his hand on his dick-and then he was thrusting so heavily he thought the whole tour bus might be rocking with him. His hands had long since left his dick and balls in favor of gripping the soft bed sheets under him as the skilled hand around his cock pumped in time to the thrusting of his sharp, slim hips and he was gasping with every up and whimpering with every down. He hadn’t let anyone touch him like this in such a long time and he had almost forgotten how amazing it felt to be touched by someone else. He gasped and moaned heavily, arching his back and twisting his head from side to side desperately; any way to ease the climactic pressure building up in the pit of his stomach.

Mike’s face was flushed with concentration and lust as he pumped his hand vigorously to meet Chester’s forceful thrusting hips. He hadn’t meant to reach out for Chester’s cock, but something about watching his best friend jack off in front of him had him so turned on that he hadn’t been able to stop himself. He held his breath as Chester’s mouth stretched open as if to scream, but no words escaped as he could no longer make a coherent thought. He could only throw his head back, neck almost painfully arched, as pleasure started to sweep throughout his glistening body.

“O-oh…G-god!” Chester cried out, finally able to speak, and gave one last powerful thrust, thick ropes of cum erupting all over Mike’s hand and his own stomach and chest. He panted heavily and moaned as Mike continued to stroke him until he was sure that Chester had nothing left to give.

“Mike...” Chester sighed breathlessly, his head falling exhaustedly to the side.

Mike moaned softly in response and dropped his head next to Chester’s on the soft, welcoming pillow. His boxers felt sticky and uncomfortable, yet he found he was too over whelmed and worn out to get up and clean himself off of Chester’s -and his own- cum and sweat.

He placed a hand on Chester’s slick chest and spread his fingers out to feel more of the smooth skin. The older man’s chest rose and fell with each gentle breath he took. Mike took comfort in the slow, heavy heart beat that he could feel pulsing against his hand, knowing that Chester had already fallen asleep.

Mike closed his eyes and smiled softly at the unexpected fluttering of emotion he was feeling in his chest. This was definitely the beginning of something amazing.


Yeah... Kind of fluffy at the end =P I got sick of just having this unfinished so I finished it today =D Hopefully I'll be updating Initiation before Christmas holidays; maybe sooner, I'm not sure yet since I don't know how long it will take me to write the next chapter..

But anyway! Thanks to anyone who reads this! I know it's not very good smut, but I was bored and had to write *something*...and this is what came out =P

Posted 6/12/06

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