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Heart and Pants by hattu


This is my first attempt to write something like this. So please bear with me. I would love some honest critism though.

Big big thank to my wonderful beta Kate! Thanks for all your suggestions and help!

So now have fun!


Heart and Pants

I´m not sure where we are at the moment, which city which state but this was one hell of a concert. I´m even a little bit sad that it is over.

“That was awesome” pants Mike

“Yep” agrees Joe

“Mmmm” mumbles a tired Rob from the couch

“Where’s Chaz?” asks Mike

“Probably taking care of his heart” snorts Phe, what does that mean? Note to myself : Go inquire when Chester talks to Phe on stage.

“I will go look for him” I say


“Chaz? My ChazzyChaz? Where are you” I whistle

“Bathroom.” Came a muffled reply

“And what is my Chaz doing in there?” I seductively ask

“Taking care of my heart.” Was the amused response. What? What´s up with this heart talking?

“Your heart?!” I ask irritated while entering the bathroom.


“When did your heart drop down between you legs?” I inquire turning to the left stall of this filthy environment.

“The moment you decided to wiggle your sexy lanky ass in front of me.” Can’t help but giggle at that

“Oh so it was my fault.” I enter the stall and grin at Chester mischievously who leans against the tiled wall. His pants hang loosely around his ankles. I close the stall door behind me to block out at least a bit from the bright neon light.

“Yes it was.” Chester answers while slowly rubbing his erection, gazing at me.

“Should I help you then?” God he is so sexy

“You SHOULD not. You are expected too!” Chester dominantly answers; a shiver runs down my spine.

“Little Chazzy tries to be bossy.” I can’t help myself to reply that cocky

“You are a naughty boy, down to your knees to your place!!” My pants instantly grow smaller at Chester’s authority. God I love it when he gets so dominant.

“I said down boy.” Chaz orders hoarsely. Slowly I get down; my eyes never leave Chester’s.

“Suck it.” Chaz demands in a voice that is as hard as the tiles against my knees.

“No” I say, just for the fun of it. I know how much he likes it when I don´t obey in an instant.

“I said suck it!” His erection straining in front of my face. His smell invades my senses and consumes me. I feel my own pulsing against my pants. I can’t resist this, I just can’t. I open my mouth and slowly take one lick from the bottom to the tip. I feel Chester quiver.

“Yeah that’s right. Go on my little cocksucker” I look up while taking as I start to engulf Chester. Feeling the heat radiating from his prick.

I just love the way his dick feels in my mouth, the velvet like skin of his shaft and the smooth, wet tip. I let my tongue slide around him, stroking him, teasing. As I gently suck on his head, pressing my tongue flat against the underside of his dick, he lets out these small moans I love so much. I look at him and see his face flushed. For a moment I am still, watching him. He has no idea how beautiful he is to me.

“Did I say you could stop?“ he asks in a strict tone and I snap out of my thoughts.

Taking him back I try to swallow as much as I can, lightly scraping him with my teeth. I sucked and slurped noisily around his shaft, increasing the pace and pressure now.

“That’s right. You love this, do you? You enjoy sucking me in this filthy bathroom, not knowing who might come through that door.”

“Oh god Chester.” I need to touch myself right now. I reach out to free my pulsing member.

“Oh no! Hands down my little. You’re not here for your pleasure!”

“Chester please!”

“Suck!” Chester puts a hand under my chin and guides me back to his crotch. I take his balls in my mouth and gently suck at them while caressing his cock with my hand.

“You know what I like”

“You like to stuff your cock down my throat.”

“Yeah. You would like that too, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh Yeah” Chaz makes me crazy, I can´t believe it Ifeel like I could cum any minute without even touching myself.

“Open up!” I open my mouth and he dives right in. Chester buries his hands in my hair and starts guiding my bobbing head. I swirl my tongue along his underside and humm around him.

“Oh good yes Brad.” I let my hand lightly pinch his balls, feeling the pulsing increasing. He is close.

“I'm cumming Brad, you want my cum?”

“Yes, please let me taste you.” I look up into his eyes and smile around his cock.

“Yeah you like being my little cumslut do you?”

“Yes, please Chaz!” I go down once again, trying to swallow him whole. Feeling his head pushing into my throat. Chester hands grab my head harder. He grunts, hips bucking forward.

“I'm cumming Brad, I’m cumming!!” I feel his balls twitch and his head swelling in my mouth. He bucks forward one last time and freezes

Chester lets out a sharp breath, his grip on my hair tightens and I feel his first spurt hits the back of my throat. My mind goes overdrive and I feel myself cumming as well, even without touching. Chester writhes; I grab his hips to steady myself as I shook with my own orgasm.

“Fuck Brad!” Chaz exclaims. I smile and look up into his eyes. That was unbelievable. I came in my pants just by giving him a blowjob.

“Come here.” Chester says while pulling me back to my feet and kisses me.

“We should go back, before the other send out a search party.” I say after breaking the kiss.

“I doubt it, they are to afraid to find us two going at it.” I laugh at this.

“There is some truth in this. It's just that we need to get back so we can leave the venue. I want to put our hotel room to good use.” I whisper into his ear. Chester chuckles.

“Okay lets go.”

The End


Thanks for reading!

*shiftseyes* Now I´m nervous....

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