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The Down Syndrome by Umi


LP are still not mine and Warner Bros. propably would be pissed, if anyone else but them would earn any money with the guys... though I could really need the cash...

This fic was originally written in German (by me of course). I translated it last night after finishing 'Silence'. Hope you like it :D It's some kinda tribute to the great inventor of my favorite fanfic-object: the telephone! *dialogue-freak*

OOooooh and I don't have a beta so. The language might feel clunky here and there. Or everywhere.

And now, have fun!

<...> = phone voices

"..." = Mike


4 pm


"Hey, what's up?"

Giggling. <Nothing. Butterflies, Mikey...>

"Butterflies?" I look out of the window. Snow, four inches minimum, for the first time since... who knows when.

<Yeah, butterflies. Searching outside? There aren't any.>

"Would be pretty creepy, if there were..."

<I guess. Alone?>

"Anna's out. We took her car to the inspection earlier. Dunno what's wrong with it."

<You mean you're sharing one car? And she's the one having it at this very moment?>


<Oh... and if I told you, I'm standing on my roof right know?>

I hate to admit it, but actually... there are some strange, maybe wind caused sounds coming out of the phone... "Chaz..."

<Just kidding.>

"Not very funny."



<You think I'd jump off my roof?>

Am I? Since Sam left, I find myself thinking of a lot of disturbing shit he could do. "Uhm... dunno..."

<Me neither. What're you doing right now?>

"Chatting. On the phone."

<Really? Whom you're talking to?> Giggling. Again.

"Some freak who got too much laughing-gas it seems."

<You shouldn't talk to these people.>

"I shouldn't?"

<Problems. They tend to cause problems.>

"What kind of problems?"

<This... and that...>

"You okay?"

<Why are you asking?>

"You sound kinda weird... and you're talking bullshit."

<Blame it on the butterflies.>

"What butterflies?"

<Colorful ones.>

"Have I mentioned that you're talking bullshit?"


"So what's up? Why are you calling me?"

<I just felt like hearing your voice.>

A strange warmth rises up inside me. "My... my voice?"

<Yeah. You've got a wonderful voice, Mikey... I just wanted to hear it again.>

"Chaz, what-"

<I'll call you later, bye.>

Toot toot toot toot...


7 pm

<Me again.>

"You again..."

<Interrupting something?>

"Uhm, no, we..." I tear my eyes away from the kitchen door and clear my throat. "Just having dinner."

The weird windy sound's back. <Want me to hang up?>



"It's okay. You don't need to hang up."


"What's up?"

<Butterflies of course, Mikey.>

"What kind of butterflies?"

<Black ones...> He sounds disappointed. Tired...

"You okay?"

<Yeah, I'm fine.>

"Sure? Want me to come over?"

<No, want you to stay away.>

... Ouch... "Oh... okay... sorry, dude..."



<I like you.>

"Chaz, what's up?"

<Nothing... I just... I just like you.>

"I like you, too, but right now you're scaring the shit out of me."

<It's the butterflies. I'll call you later.>

Toot toot toot toot...


10 pm


"How're you doing?"

<Wanna play a game?>

"D'you want me to come over?"

<No, let's play on the phone.>

"What kind of game?"

<Let's play... uhm... pretending.>



"How does it work?"

<Pretty easy. I describe something and you have to imagine it. And then tell me, what you think of it.>

My palms are getting wet. I start to blame myself for not visiting him for over two weeks. "Okay. Let's start."

<I... I'm standing right in front of you. Can you see me?>

"Uhm... yeah. Yeah, I see you."

<I place my hands on your cheeks. They're a bit cold, but your skin is warm.>


<D'you feel it?>

A small sigh escapes my lips. "I feel it."

<Look at me.>


<Look at me, Mikey. Right into my eyes.>

"Okay, I'm looking into your eyes."



His voice is low, barely audible. <You eyes are beautiful... I just can't stop myself looking at them...>

"I'm coming over."


"Why not?"

<I don't want you to.>


<I just don't want you to, damn it!>

"You're acting weird, it's fucking scary! I don't feel well, listening to you talking like this and knowing, you're all alone."

<Alone?> He sounds startled. <But... but you're with me, aren't you?>

"And the butterflies?"

<Which butterflies?>

I feel dizzy.

<I'll call again later.>

Toot toot toot toot...


2 am

<Woke you up?>

"No, wasn't sleeping at all."

<Because of me?>



"For what?"

<Let's continue playing.>


<I'm still standing in front of you, still touching your face. My hands are warm now, just like your skin. I'm still looking into your eyes.>

"I see you."

<Good. Close your eyes... are they closed? Can you feel my touch?>


<I bend over to you, slowly... very slowly and... dunno... gingerly?...> His voice lowers itself. He sounds excited. I can hear his breath. And the wind, louder than the last times.

"Okay, I... I can feel your breath."

<Good!> Happy and nervous at the same time. <There are just a few inches left. I stop. My heart's racing.>

"Mine too." Really.



I almost feel him smiling. <I kiss you.>

I'm speechless.

<Onto your lips. Just a little bit.>

I feel blood rushing into my head.

<You can push me away, if you don't like it...>

"I... it... it's okay, I like... it... it's okay."



<I'm fed up with playing...>

"What's wrong?"

<Nothing. I'm just fed up with playing.>

"Have I... have I done something wrong?"



<Your lips are beautiful, Mikey. They're fucking perfect. So soft...> His voice is about to crack and almost too low to be audible. <So incredible soft... and warm...>

My cheeks are burning. I feel dizzy. Again. "Why... why are you saying these things?"

<The butterflies... too many...>


<I really like you, Mikey... I like the way you smell. I always wanted to tell you this. I'd love to hug you... or so... just once... again.>

"What are you talking about?"

<Promise me.>


<Next time you'll see me... kiss me. Onto my lips. No games.>



"I promise."



The windy noise gets louder.

<Chaz? Chaz!?>

Loud cracking. Some thud sound.


3 am





<What's up?>

"Could you... come over?"

<Where are you?>

"Garden... near pool... Chaz' garden..."


"The butterflies are dead."

<What the fuck are you talking about? What butterflies?>

"Black ones. Used to be colorful."

<I don't understand->

"I never cared about them. I didn't even see them..."

<I'll be there in 10 minutes.>


3:09 am

<The person you've tried to call is temporary not available, please call again later. The person you've tried to call is temporary not available, please call again later. The person you've tried to call is temporary not available, please call again later...>

Another try.

<The person you've tried to call is temporary not available, please call again...>

Why aren't you answering, Chaz?

<The person you've tried to call is temporary not available, please...>

Come on.

<The person you've tried to call is temporary...>

The phone's already in your hand. Just answer that goddamn thing.

<The person you've tried to call is...>

Laying in front of me.

I kept my promise.

Blood tastes weird...

- END -

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