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Flirtatious Love by Yassim

Chapter 1

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A/N: Been a very long time since I've been around these parts. I shouldnt even be posting this, with so many unfinished fics :P But I'm going to anyway because I thought this was a really sweet moment on a tour bus. Hope you enjoy, my darling readers


Mike awoke with a startled gasp when a loud crash resonated through the tour bus. He groaned softly in annoyance at being woken up and pushed back the deep green curtains surrounding his bunk, slipping out of the small bed and landing clumsily on what seemed to be one of his band mates’ luggage bags. He sighed and lifted a fist to one of his eyes and rubbed sleepily at it before trudging out of the bunk area and into the small kitchen.

He wrapped his arms around his chest that was exposed to the cooler air in kitchen. He was void of a shirt and was only wearing thin flannel pajama bottoms. He shivered slightly and scanned the kitchen for any source of where the sound had come from. His eyesight settled on the bowed body of one of his band mates.

“Chaz?” Mike murmured hoarsely at the hunched over figure on the floor.

Chester looked up, startled at first but then flashed a sheepish grin up at Mike.

“Dropped a cup.” He said with a small blush before turning back to the glittering mess on the floor.

Mike smiled slightly, moving to lean against the counter and watched with an amused gaze as Chester struggled to find all the pieces of the broken cup in the soft darkness of the tour bus. Chester was topless as well and wore only a pair of black and red-checkered boxers with a hole just below the black band that was barely holding the fabric up on his narrow waist. Mike smiled gently at the sight. Chester had god-only-knew-how-much-money and he still couldn’t find the right mind to go out and buy a new pair of boxers.

“Chester,” Mike’s soft husky voice broke through the silence that had enveloped them. “You seriously need some new boxers, dude.”

Chester blinked curiously at the comment and looked down at the boxers he was wearing. He shoved his thumb into the band of his boxers and stuck the tip out of the hole. He turned his head to look at Mike over his shoulder and gave him a sheepish grin.

“Are you kidding me? These are my lucky boxers, man and our first concert of the tour is tomorrow night…erm, tonight. I don’t wanna fuck up on stage.” Chester flashed another small smile before turning back to the broken mug on the floor and gathering the pieces into his cupped hand.

“Whatever you say, Chaz man.”

The moon outside the tour bus glowed brightly and shined through the small kitchen window, illuminating Chester’s creamy white skin and giving off some kind of ethereal glow.

Chester suddenly released a soft hiss and stood up; dropping the shards of the coffee mug he had broken back onto the floor. Mike shifted from his position against the counter and bent his head forward so he could try and see over Chester’s shoulder. Chester spun around to face Mike and thrust out his hand that he had previously clutched to his chest protectively. His lower lip turning down to form a pout, he asked Mike with a trembling voice to look at his hand and promptly turned his head away.

Mike gazed at Chester curiously before gently cupping the older mans hand in his own and bringing it up to his face. A small trickle of smeared blood slipped from the pad of Chester’s index finger down into the palm of his hand.

“Is it bad?” Chester asked with a shaking voice, keeping his head turned away from the scene.

“It might have to be amputated.” Mike replied quietly with a soft smile.

“A-amputated?” Chester turned his head abruptly and stared at Mike aghast.

Mike suddenly felt a surge of affection in his chest. The way Chester acted so child-like sometimes, like in this instance, always made Mike feel some unknown emotion in his chest. He knew affection was present but there was always something else there, nagging him and pulling at his heartstrings. Chester started at him with wide, sparkling eyes, his lower lip trembling and his body shaking just barely. It was times like these, when Chester let all his defenses down, that Mike truly thought Chester was an 8 year old living a 20-somethings body.

Then again, when Chester was a child, he was forced to act as an adult instead of a kid. He was made to grow up too fast so he would be able to care for his 4 other brothers and sisters. Mike couldn’t blame him for acting like a child sometimes because he was finally allowed to let himself be free of responsibility, if only for a few minutes.

“Don’t have a panic attack,” Mike grinned. “It only needs a band-aid.”

“But look at all the blood.” Chester squeaked staring at his hand with glistening eyes.

Mike looked around the small kitchen briefly, before reaching behind Chester with one hand and pulling back a wad of Kleenex. He looked up at Chester quickly, to find the older male looking on with frightened eyes, before turning back to the frail hand he held in his own and swiping away the blood with one stroke. Chester let out a soft whimper and he closed his eyes for a moment.

“Be careful.” Chester whined.

“Sorry.” Mike replied sincerely, before tending back to the small wound on the pad of Chester’s finger. He gently dabbed away at the blood still trickling from the small cut, being extra careful so he wouldn’t cause Chester anymore pain. When he decided that there weren’t any shards of the broken mug in Chester’s finger he placed a folded piece of Kleenex on his finger and held it there.

“Can you hold this on your finger, Ches? I gotta go get you a band-aid from the bathroom.”

Chester nodded and wrapped his own hand around the boney finger, pressing the soft tissue to his flesh as Mike turned and quickly made his way to the bathroom.

It seemed like only seconds later and Mike was back in the Kitchen with an already unpackaged band-aid. He held out his hand for Chester and the singer slowly slipped his injured hand into Mike’s unwounded one. Mike plucked the blood-soaked Kleenex off of Chester finger and replaced it with the band-aid.

“Better?” Mike asked hopefully, his heart sinking when Chester shook his head.

Chester lifted his hand shyly to Mikes face and pouted.

“Kiss it better?” Chester whimpered in soft breathy voice.

Mike smiled and cupped the bottom of Chester’s hand in his own, lifting it closer to his mouth and placing a chaste kiss atop the band-aid he had just placed there. As he was about to pull away Chester’s voice stopped him.

“Press harder,” He whispered, his voice suddenly loosing the childish demeanor it had held before and taking on a huskier tone. “I can’t feel it through the band-aid.”

Mike’s heartbeat sped up at the tone in Chester’s voice. Why had it changed so suddenly like that? Mike pushed the thought away and brought Chester’s hand back to his lips, once again touching his lips to the pad of Chester’s finger, putting slightly more pressure then before but not enough as to irritate the wound beneath the cotton exterior.

Mike pulled back and slowly released Chester’s hand from his gentle grip.

“Better?” Mike asked again with a small smile, seeing the soft flustered blush staining Chester’s cheeks. Chester was so easily riled up like that. He was an over sensitive man who took everything to heart.

“Better.” Chester replied with a sly grin, slowly loosing the child-like personality that had over come him and returning back to his normal self.

Chester rarely let people see his childish side and when he did it was usually only when Mike was around. He could easily get uncomfortable around other people but Mike always had that certain…aura about him that always made Chester feel like he could take a break from the stresses of life and let himself be at ease. With Mike, Chester never worried about his actions or how he looked or how much of a child he could be sometimes. He enjoyed the fact that he could just be himself and not have to store a certain part of himself into the back of his brain, like he had to do with so many other people. He felt Mike accepted him for who he was, even embraced the fucked up side of him and all.

Mike watched as Chester seemed to be struggling through some inner battle. Lately Chester’s moods could change so drastically and Mike had trouble keeping up with him. One moment he could be bursting with joy and within a blink of an eye he would be unbelievably depressed. Recently, Mike had been having trouble being around Chester; always afraid he would say something wrong, maybe touch on a sensitive subject and send Chester running away to his bunk where a beaten up teddy bear waited to give comfort.

Chester shifted his weight on both his feet restlessly before moving forward and brushing past Mike into the living room area of the tour bus. Mike gave Chester a confused glance. The older man had left the broken mug scattered across the kitchen tile floor. Mike let out a soft sigh and began to quickly clean the mess, throwing the broken shards into the trash, and then followed after Chester into the living room area. Chester was already sitting comfortably Indian style on the couch as Mike moved slowly to sit beside him. Chester glanced up briefly and then looked away.

“What's wrong?” Mike asked softly at Chester’s sudden silence. He seemed so solemn and thoughtful lately and Mike was beginning to worry. It was rare to see Chester act this way; he was usually full of energy and ready to have fun with his closest friends, but lately he had been withdrawn and not as talkative as he usually was. He had taken a liking to holing himself up in his bunk and writing lyrics, none of which Mike had even seen. He had confronted Chester a few times before about the situation but the older man had always brushed him off saying it was nothing. But as the tour went on, the more withdrawn Chester became. Mike wasn’t willing to admit it, but his heart was starting to ache whenever Chester blocked him out.

Chester closed his eyes briefly then turned Mike.

“I know that,” Chester paused and inhaled softly, seemingly trying to boost his confidence. “That you’ve been wondering why I’ve been so…”

“Distant?” Mike filled in softly as Chester struggled to find the right word.

Chester nodded.

Another moment of silence passed and Mike could sense that Chester was going to have a hard time talking about this. He gently placed a hand on Chester’s shoulder and squeezed it softly.

“If you don’t want to talk right now, its okay.” He said gently. He really wanted to know so he could help Chester but he didn’t want the older man to go through turmoil by telling him.

“No,” Chester whispered. “I…I need to talk about it…You’ve been in the dark long enough and as…as my best friend I probably should have told you before the tour even started.”

Mike quietly shifted closer to Chester and wrapped a comforting arm around his frail shoulders. He didn’t know how to ease the pain his friend was so obviously feeling and he hoped that his gesture would bring Chester a least a little bit of comfort. Chester sighed softly and shifted closer to Mike, resting his weary head on his best friends shoulder and oddly feeling at peace. A feeling he had long forgotten years ago.

“It all started,” Chester began quietly. “When we got back from the Hybrid Theory tour. I remember it so clearly, too.” Chester said remorsefully. “I was second last off the bus and you still had to get dropped off. After I waved you off, I dragged all my luggage to the door and was just about to put my keys in the door when I heard a soft thump.”

Chester cocked an eyebrow in curiosity but shrugged it off and unlocked the door. He pulled his things into the front entrance and kicked his shoes off then shut the door.

That was when he heard the thump again. Only this time louder. Wondering why his house was making these odd distressed noises, Chester decided he should investigate and followed the noise to the top of the stairs. He glanced down the hallway and realized, with a startled gasp, that it was coming from his own bedroom. His automatic thought was that Sam had somehow hurt herself and couldn’t get up.

“I was so naive.” Chester whispered.

Chester burst through the door, feeling slightly heroic until he realized the thumping noise wasn’t Sam struggling to get herself up off the floor. It was a heavy, thrusting male’s body entangled with his own wife’s that had been making the bed post knock against the wall.

“That was the first time I caught her cheating on me.” Chester whispered softly. “I was so hurt. I didn’t really know what to do. You remember when I showed up on your doorstep that night? And I told you that Sam had been out when I got home and that I just wanted to have some company?”

Mike nodded his head.

“That had been just after I had found them in bed together. I didn’t know what to do and I was so stunned that I couldn’t understand what had just happened. So I figured that you would be willing to get drunk with me if I gave you the right excuse.”

Mike was silent for a moment as he felt guilt creeping up into his chest.

“And you told me that it was to celebrate the end of tour.” Mike said quietly, not knowing how to respond. He felt horrible at not having noticed Chester’s distraught state. He was the older man’s best friend and he had trouble comprehending why he hadn’t noticed right away that something had been wrong.

He could feel Chester’s tight breathing against his neck and he pulled the other man tighter against his side.

“Don’t feel bad about it,” Chester said softly. “I’m a good actor when I need to be so it’s not your fault you didn’t catch on.”

“You realize that doesn’t really help me feel any better.” Mike replied, closing his eyes and resting his cheek against Chester’s head.

Another moment of silence passed, Mike absent mindedly dragging his hand over Chester’s shoulder, down his arm and then back up again. He was really trying to comfort himself and Chester at the same time. Having Chester this close to him always made him feel at ease, even though most of the times they were usually having serious discussions in this position, there was still the odd time they would just sit in silence with one another and bask in each other’s presence.

His mind coming back to the present ‘serious’ conversation they were having, Mike felt there was much more to this then Samantha cheating on him the one time. They had still stayed together after that incident; that much Mike knew. So then why the heart-break now?

“Chester?” Mike whispered and Chester made a small noise in the back of his throat to show he was listening. Unsure if he should be asking this next question, Mike paused briefly before continuing. “What…What happened after that?”

“After I caught Sam cheating?” Chester replied weakly, his voice starting to fade from all the stress he had been put through over the last few months. “Long story short, I caught her cheating on me again so I told her I wanted a divorce.” Mike squeezed Chester’s shoulder gently, feeling the effect of Chester’s words and knowing how much it hurt to be repeating this. “She refused to the sign the papers, claiming that she still loved me and was with child,” Chester continued with a broken whisper. “…My child.”

Mike’s chest tightened and he felt Chester’s arms wrap around his middle as he buried his face in Mike’s neck. Mike’s heart fell when he felt warm tears smear against his skin and he felt his own eyes tear up. He wrapped his arms tightly around Chester’s quivering body and held him closely. He couldn’t explain it but he could feel his own heart ache with Chester’s pain.

When Chester had composed himself and was reduced to soft sniffles he continued on with his story.

“I called the divorce off and a few weeks later she…she miscarried.”

“Oh, Chester,” Mike whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Chester replied, his voice suddenly bitter. “It wasn’t even mine.”

Mike swallowed down a lump in his throat. How could Chester put himself through all this without ever telling someone? He wished so badly that he could take these painful memories away from Chester because seeing his best friend hurt like this felt horrible.

There had been a few incidents before this when Chester had come to Mike with a broken heart and looking for someone to ease his pain. Mike had wondered why Chester would always come to him instead of anyone else and one day he had voiced his thoughts to the older man. Chester had told him that it was because Mike was the only one who could sooth his pain with just a look. He explained for him, Mike had a healing touch and always made everything feel so much better. Mike completely disagreed with that statement because he knew, when it all came down to it, that he was shit at making people feel better. Of course, when he had voiced this to Chester, the older man had made a sour face and told him to shut up because what he said goes. After that, Mike kept thoughts like that to himself because later on Chester had told him it hurt when Mike put himself down. And Mike vowed he wasn’t going to be one of those people that always caused him pain.

“I’m still sorry.” Mike said finally into the soft darkness and he felt Chester shift against him.

“For what?” Chester asked, because he really had no idea what Mike had to be sorry for.

“For a lot of things.” Mike replied softly, his fingers dancing gently along Chester’s spine.

For once, Chester held back and refrained from asking Mike any more questions. He pulled away and swiped his hand across the side of Mike’s neck, wiping away any trace of the tears he had left there.

“Sorry about that.” Chester whispered with a weak smile, his eyes downcast as he felt a little bit of his pride leave him.

But Mike lifted a hand and gently gripped Chester’s chin between his fingers and coaxed him to look up.

“Now you definitely have nothing to be sorry for.” Mike said, his hand leaving Chester’s chin and cupping his cheek so he could brush away any remaining tears with the pad of his thumb.

Chester closed his eyes and lent into Mike’s affectionate caress. If his past girl friends could have been this kind to him, he probably would’ve been a lot happier. Then again, he wasn’t sure if he would want to change those past events because he learned from them and probably would have been a different person if they hadn’t happened.

Chester pulled away slightly and sniffled but managed to smile at his half-Asian friend.

“Thanks Mike,” He whispered. “It’s a relief to finally get that off my shoulders.”

“Any time, Ches.” Mike replied, gently pulling out of their tangled embrace, standing up and offering Chester his hand.

“Let’s head off to bed, yeah?”

Chester smiled, probably his first true smile in over a year, and accepted the outstretched hand. As Mike pulled Chester to his feet and they made their way to the bunk section, Chester’s only thought was; ‘What would I do without you?’.


There was chapter 1! I hope to write more very soon :3 and also, a shout out to the lovely girl I am betaing for, astraloree! Check out her work, shes a very good writer


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