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A cold morning by hattu

A cold morning

Hello everybody!

This is my first attemp to write something rather short, so please bear with me.

Disclaimer: Don´t own, never happend, completly fictional.

Hope you enjoy.


A cold morning

Rob woke up. The space next to him was empty again. Where is Mike? Slowly Rob got up. As he opens the bedroom door he hears the tv. In the living room he finds Mike fast asleep on the couch. Rob stares at Mike. Mike was dressed casual. Jeans and a plain shirt. The Pj from yesterday gone. So Mike had gone out again yesterday after they went to bed together.

Rob tiptoed towards the patio door and opens it quietly. He steps out onto the patio and wanders over to his favorite place. Sitting down on the board railing in the corner.

Rob glances over the rooftops of the city. Enjoying the calm and cold winter morning. Silently salty tears start to collect in his eyes. Soon they spill over and big clear droplets ran down his face. This was it. Mike would leave. Rob could feel it. Mike will pack up his things and walk away. The sleeping man will get up and leave, he will break all his promises and leave.

Rob shivers, not from the cold but from the loneliness gathering around his heart, as he hears Mike getting up. He listens to Mike getting busy in the apartment. He sees him going around gathering various things and puts them into a bag on the couch. Rob hears Mike scurry through every room but the bedroom. Not once he hears the bedroom door. Mike didn´t look after him.

Rob sees and hears Mike dropping the key on the counter in the living room. Then he hears the apartment door opening and closing. Mike was gone. Rob was certain that he was gone forever.

The tears came faster now. Rob buried his face into his arms. Why? Why is he always the one left behind? Why is it always that his loved ones leave him? Why is he always left behind? Why couldn´t anybody stand him? What did he do wrong? What is wrong with him?


Thoughts an critism are always welcome ;)


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