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Black Magic by A.N.


Note: I started this story back in 2011, and it's been my most favorite fanfiction to write to date. I really appreciate everyone's reactions to this story, from long-time site authors to new members and everyone in between. There's so many things in this work that can appeal to most fanfic readers, from angsty arguments to tentacles to hot pairings and a fantasy/alternate universe. Some things might make you emotional or break your heart, but, that's the point. I wanted this story to be a big rollercoaster for Mike's character, and illustrate his discovery of himself and his origins. I hope you enjoy this, and feel free to leave your thoughts in a review :)


Mike hated everyone.

He had his reasons. They varied between those who hated him right back, those who had been rude to him one time or another, and those who wanted to make his life that much more difficult than it already was.

Growing up in a world like this, it wasn't exactly easy. See, his world was special. People he knew, had all sorts of abilities at their disposal. Anything from basic magical skills to even the most advanced arts that could conquer the world if so desired.

What did Mike have that set him apart from everyone else? Nothing. For some reason, nature had decided he would get nothing.

With such a lack in ability, he developed a strong desire for other things. He even tried to see if he could dabble in black magic. After countless cuts, bruises, human sacrifices, and an accidental meeting with the supernatural world, he realized he was incapable of this, too. I guess you could say, like everything else in the world.

At this point, the only thing he had going for him was his looks. You wouldn't think at the age of thirty-four that a man would be that confident in his appearance, but he truly was. His hair was short, dark, and slicked back. The eyes were also dark, subtly Asian, with a short beard lacing his jawline. The skin was a rich caramel. I think you can see why he thought he was meant for wielding black magic.

He wore a variety of clothing, in almost every color imaginable. Right now though, he had taken a liking to his plainer clothes, with some plaid here and there.

Even though it was useless to him, he still carried around his book of dark magic. None of the spells worked for him, but one showing of it, and anyone who did not know him would run in fear. Due to his looks, he was often sought after, and usually by some less than desirable characters.

Tonight was like any other. He clutched his black book while roaming through the jungle to his home. He was slightly old fashioned, with the way he had a home built within a large tree. Not many people came out here, so, it was ultimately the safest place for him.

He still kept his wits about him. This place was relatively quiet, but, it is easy to hide in the darkness and wait for your prey to wander by. He needn't worry about any animals though. They all knew him, respected him, and gave him company or left him alone when he wanted them to. Truthfully, animals were the only living things he liked anymore, other than himself.

At about the same time as always, he reached his home. He placed his book inside his duffle bag then made his way up the tree. There was a opening in the center of the trunk, which he climbed down inside of. He smiled when he noticed one of his friends had come to visit.

The serpent was about four feet long. His scales were black, with yellow and white stripes. After doing some research he had discovered the creature was a hybrid between two types of carpet pythons. A hybrid like this in the wild was very rare.

From time to time, this snake, whom he had begun to call Trevor, would randomly pop up in his home. Every so often, he would awake and find Trevor sleeping on his pillow. He gently pet the snake's back, then hopped down onto the floor.

He set his duffle bag beside his bed then gave a loud yawn. It had been another unsuccessful day but at least he had company.

The wind began to pick up, howling as it blew over the roof of his home. Sensing the impending rain, he reached up to the opening and stretched a tarp across it. This was the only thing he had to keep the water out.

He gave Trevor another friendly pat on the back then sat upon his bed. He rubbed his eyes and flopped onto his back. The wind was the only sound he could hear, at least until the thunder started to kick up.

One loud crash made the serpent flinch and huddle to himself. The thunder vibrated through the tree, making Trevor even more fearful. Mike had learned over time that snakes could not hear, but could feel vibrations of sound and were easily frightened by them.

He lazily picked himself up then made his way to his friend. He gently plucked him from the interior branches and tucked him close to his chest. Trevor seemed to relax almost instantly. He placed the snake on his pillow, then pulled his night clothes from his drawer and quickly changed.

Mike crawled into bed and wrapped the blankets tight around himself. Trevor slithered onto his neck and quickly settled down. For once, Mike felt safe as he fell asleep.

Mike awoke in the same position in which he had fallen asleep. Trevor was tucked against the back of his head. Sunlight was seeping in from behind the tarp. He sleepily lifted up his wrist and glanced at his watch. It was still early. He had plenty of time to go into the city today.

After re-dressing and washing up, he bid farewell to Trevor then made his way into the concrete jungle. He hated this place, it smelled of human flesh. Their terrible scent was worth putting up with for his goal.

He would learn this no matter what.

According to his book, if a magic-less human reached a certain level of distress or emotional despair, that even he could achieve this ability. Given how in-tune he was with animals, he figured it was worth a shot.

Would he really be able to hear their feelings? There was only one way to find out.

A "friend", had offered to teach this to him. He had claimed to have taught others, and they had always been successful. Mike was difficult to teach. The one and only thing he objected to, was the same thing that was likely to work.

Mike had watched this man murder a child right before him, and he felt nothing at all. At this point, the only thing sure to open him to this ability was to see this man kill the one thing he liked most: An animal. And not just any animal, his favorite animal, the snake.

Luckily for the animal world, Mike had threatened to kill this so-called friend if he ever dared try that. It certainly brought out a great deal of anger in Mike, but not enough to get the ball rolling.

So, this friend, actually named Rob, had noticed how much Mike hated to be confined, controlled or otherwise told to do anything by someone of authority. Rob had also noticed just how beautiful Mike was. When you combine beauty with a desire to make someone feel absolute despair, I think you know what the result is.

Rob was not a boring looking man himself. He was taller than Mike by a few inches, handsome, with mid-neck length hair and a pair of dark brown eyes. He was well built from head to toe.

Rob had certain abilities at his disposal. He was a beginner in black magic, but he could control plants of almost any type. His favorites were his flowering vines, since, as beautiful as they were, they could also be violent if provoked.

Mike knocked on Rob's apartment door. This hallway wreaked of humans. It made his nose sore. Holding his breath would block out the smell, but it would also involve inhaling. He was tortured either way.

Rob quickly opened the door and invited Mike in. "You aren't planning to kill anything, are you?" Mike asked with a frighteningly deadly tone.

"No, because I am afraid you'll kill me."

Mike smirked. He set his duffle bag on the couch. With all of the tropical plants scattered throughout the apartment, the place was warm and humid. It wasn't much different than his tree home, but, it was a nice contrast to the disgusting concrete jungle.

"I have something very special planned instead." Rob said.

"Oh yeah?" Mike asked somewhat eagerly.

"I've studied you for a long time. I am certain this will work. But you must promise me one thing."

"What's that?"

"This is done purely out of work, nothing more, nothing less. No revenge." Rob explained.

"Agreed." Mike said with an uneasy tone. Was this all really worth it?

Rob quickly snuck up behind Mike as he continued to admire the plants. The older man felt himself flung onto the couch and a large body pounded against his back. He immediately tried to free himself, but Rob had him where he wanted him.

Rob buried his face in Mike's hair and took in the scent. This man smelled so fresh and clean. There was a scent of fear all over him though, as he continued to fight. "Oh trust me, it gets better." Rob said with a cynical voice.

The flowering vines shifted within their pots. Mike noticed this and realized what was coming. The first time they had met, these same vines had tried to devour him when he got to close. Now, they were only inches away from him.

"Please stop! I don't want to!" Mike hollered. He tried to claw his way over the back of the couch, but Rob's powers commanded the vines to grab hold and keep him still. They curled around his arms, legs, and even his neck.

Mike struggled to breathe. Rob stepped away for a moment so he could undress. Once he was finished, he made the vines start tearing at Mike's clothes. These plants were strong, and easily tore the fabric apart. They peeled off the shirt first, exposing Mike's back. Next they moved to his pants, ripping the denim along the seams and casting them aside. Finally, his underwear was ripped away, leaving him completely vulnerable.

He savored the sight. Mike's naked form looked delicious. Mike on the other hand, was already sobbing and begging for this to stop. Oh, how he hated to be controlled.

Rob climbed onto the couch again and pressed his torso against Mike's back. He started licking the back of the neck, then rocked himself against the man below him. This man's skin was so smooth and warm.

After a few minutes of rocking and licking and begging to be set free, Rob pressed his aching member against Mike's entrance. Mike tried even harder to escape. The more he thrashed, the tighter the vines became. Rob made sure to keep the vines from suffocating the man. As much as he wanted to draw out the power within him, actually harming him was not an option.

The younger man thrust inside as hard as he could. The vines squeezed the limbs each time he pushed in and pulled out. It burned like fire for both of them, but for Rob, it was pleasurable. Mike cried out in pain, but could not move. These plants rubbed several spots on his body, especially his inner thighs. "Yes, baby you feel so great." Rob rambled as he continued his assault.

Rob then gripped Mike's hips, where he let his nails dig into the skin. Each time he thrust, he pulled the hips backward. He made adjustments with each thrust, making sure to hit the prostate even though Mike obviously hated every minute of this. The only moans echoing in the room came from Rob, who was obviously enjoying himself.

Once Rob had a nice rhythm going, he moved back to the neck. He placed licks, kisses, and rough bites. He didn't want to let go of the hips, so instead, he made the vines swoop in and start to caress Mike's length. The older man truly hated this, but had no control of his building arousal. The stroking of the unsually soft vines, with the repeated slams into his prostate, forced him to throb wildly. The tip of one of the plants slipped deep into the slit and rubbed back and forth. Next it swirled around the head, trying to bring pleasure to the area, but all Mike felt was pain.

Rob felt like he was growing weaker and losing all control. He went as fast as he could, practically crying out. The vines stroked faster with each thrust. Mike started to trembled and pant as unusually dark and violent sensations rang through his body. He was angry, hateful, and beginning to seriously consider killing Rob for this. He couldn't help it, the way Rob's aggressive slams into his prostate made him pulsate and spill his seed in hot streams onto the couch.

Rob kept going. He pushed harder, deeper, faster, each time bringing out new cries, moans and pants. He let the vines stroke the older man all over. Finally, he couldn't hold out anymore, and also delved deep into his orgasm. Mike's insides burned as the hot come poured into him.

The younger of the two had to take a moment to compose himself before he moved away. Mike winced as the large member was pulled from his cavity. A small trace of blood was scattered around his hole. Next, Rob made the vines unwrap themselves. Mike sat there shivering, whimpering, and sobbing. He had never felt so horrible before in his whole life.

"I hate you." Mike said.

"It probably worked though." Rob said. He had a small amount of remorse for what he had done. He knew Mike would never regret this, though. There was a magical glow around him now, a sure sign that something had been awakened. "I'll be right back."

Mike still knelt on the couch, refusing to move a muscle. He felt so weak and helpless. He had enough issues as it was.

Rob returned with clean clothing to replace the ones he had ruined. "Here." He said quietly. Mike took the clothes willingly but kept his eyes away from his attacker. "I'm sorry but it needed to be done."

"Don't apologize again or I'll slit your throat." Mike warned.

"Remember? You promised no revenge. Besides, trying to hurt me will just anger my plants. They won't stop until you are dead." Rob explained.

Mike put on the clothes without another word. He simply grabbed his duffle bag and walked out the door.

This was not worth it. Not at all. Mike liked men, but not like this. He felt even more disgusted with his life now that this had happened.

The walk back home was a long, dreary one. He climbed the tree and entered as always. Trevor was still curled up on the pillow, completely unaware that Mike had returned.

He didn't care about changing his clothes, he just set his bag down and collapsed onto the bed. He buried his face in his arms and just sobbed.

These actions awoke his friend. He felt comforted when the snake tucked himself against his neck. Regardless of what had just gone on, he liked being comforted by someone he trusted. "Thank you." Mike said quietly.

"Everything will be all right."

Mike lifted his face and looked around. He was sure he heard that voice.

Trevor crawled up the back of his ear and pushed his nose under the hair. "I feel safe around this human."

Mike smirked a little bit. It was the worst way, but, it worked after all.

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