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One Step At A Time by Bennoda_Lover

Another one of those days

This is my first story so dont be to harsh.


(Mike POV)

It was another one of those days when mom and dad were fighting again"sigh".

"I really wish chaz were here right now"I said mentally.

As soon as i thought this my phone began to ring.



" Hey Mike, Just wanted to see what you were up to"

"O chazzy, I really wish you were here" I silently wished he would come over.

"Baby whats wrong!!!"

"They're fighting again" I wailed

"Dont worry i'll be right over"

I hear brakes slamming outside and I quickly run down stairs

He burst through the door and embraces me

I cry into his sholder "O chazz thank for coming"

He kisses me and then smiles "Stop crying everythings going to be fine"

I sniffled and said,"You promise?"

He laughs and says " lets go up before your parents walk in on us"


As soon as i got to my room and sat on my bed Chester straddles me

"Hey" *LAUGHS*

Before I can say anything else he pushed me down on the bed and we engage in a passionate and heated kiss.

"O Chazzy"

"mmm yes, baby?"

"Do you have any lube?"


I think I did good for my first time if you like rate and review PLEASE btw please dont be harsh its my first time like i said before and i'll try to update soon.

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