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Best Friends by Remy

Best Friends

Title: Best Friends

Author: RemyTehFrog

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Friendship/Humor

Word Count: approx. 1,589

Summary: Exploring the basics of friendship ... Mike and Chester's way.

Author's Notes: Surprise - there are none. Oh wait - just one. This is a high school AU.

Dedication: To Fede, aka akiraFcrates

Best Friends

Friends write down your number; best friends have you on speed dial.

"Hey, Chester!" yelled Rob from across the hall. "Give me your number, dude!"

Brad nudged Rob in the side. "What for, Robbie?" he asked, grinning craftily.

Rob blushed. "Shut up, it's nothing like that," he muttered. "Just want help with homework, that's all."

"Write it down!" Chester chose that moment to yell back. Then he screamed his number for all to hear, while Rob scribbled it down in the back of his notebook.


"Chester, what are you doing today?" asked Mike.

"Nothing, why?" Chester asked, rummaging through his bag for something.

"Just wanted to hang out," answered Mike.

"Call me around four, and I'll see. My mom might want to take me shopping for clothes. You got my number, right?"

Mike grinned and held up his cell phone. "Number one on speed dial."

Friends don't eat at your place; best friends are the reason you have no food.

"Eat," insisted Chester, pushing the plate of spaghetti towards Dave, who was seated primly on Chester's living-room couch.

"No really, Chester, I'm not hungry," protested Dave, not accepting the plate. "I ate before I came over."

"All right, whatever you say," Chester said, shrugging.


"Dude, I'm hungry," Mike announced, lying on Chester's living-room couch with his feet hanging over the edge. "Go get me something from the fridge, yeah?"

"I was gonna get myself something anyway," Chester said, getting up.

Mike grinned as Chester walked away, before changing the channel on the TV.

A minute later, Mike burst out laughing as Chester's voice rang through the house. "MICHAEL KENJI SHINODA! MY FRIDGE IS EMPTY, YOU HUNGRY BASTARD!"

Friends return your things; best friends lose them.

"Here's your pick," Brad said, dropping the guitar pick into Chester's open palm. "Thanks, man."

Chester smiled at him. "You're welcome, dude."


"Dude, Chester!" Mike called, running to catch up with the skinny brunet in the school hallway. Chester waited until Mike had caught up, before resuming walking.

"What is it, Mike?"

"Dude, I lost your Science notes."

Chester halted and stared at Mike, his heart sinking. "You didn't!"

Mike just looked at him apologetically.

"Mikey, it's almost exams! What am I going to do?" Chester looked panicked.

"It's OK," Mike said. "You can copy mine, here."

He handed the sheaf of papers to Chester, who accepted them and smiled his thanks.

Friends help you up when you fall; best friends are the ones who tripped you in the first place.

"Damn," cursed Chester, as he landed hard on his torso and his notes went flying everywhere. "Frickin' hell."

He got to his knees and looked up, to see Joe holding his notes in one hand and the other stretched out towards him. He took it and stood, before saying, "Thanks, Joe."

Joe smiled. "Don't mention it."


Chester sped up, trying his best to get to Math class in the time span of a minute. It was just ahead, at the end of the hall, and it looked as if he'd get there in time. That is, until -


"God damn it, Mike, now's not the time!"

Friends console you after a break-up; best friends avenge it.

Brad patted the shoulder of an extremely miserable-looking Chester. "It's OK, man," he said, his tone so sombre an outsider might have thought someone close to Chester had died. "You'll find someone else."

Chester didn't say anything. Brad went on, "She's not worth it, man. Get over her. I'm sure there's a long line of girls just dying to date you."

"Like who?" asked Chester, his voice hollow.

"Like Rob," said Brad with a straight face.

Rob hit Brad on the head. "Shut up."

Chester sighed, and at that moment Mike came up to their table. "Sorry I'm late, had to ask Mr. Green about -" He came to an abrupt halt when he saw Chester's face. "Chaz, what's wrong?"

Brad answered when Chester didn't. "Samantha broke up with him."

Mike's mouth fell open. But he closed it in a moment, and, putting his bag down on his chair, climbed up on the table.

"What are you doing? Get down!" said Rob, but Mike ignored him.

Cupping his hands around his mouth, he said loudly, "Hey everyone! Guess what?"

There was immediate silence in the lunchroom. Mike went on, "Samantha Olit's a lesbian!"

"How do you know?" asked someone, while the girl in question looked as if she'd been slapped.

"Because," Mike called out, "she dumped a totally awesome guy whose name is Chester Bennington."

In the astounded silence that followed, Mike got back down and helped himself to a sandwich, smiling slightly at the stunned look on Chester's face.

Friends call your parents Mr. and Mrs.; best friends call them by their nicknames.

"Hey there, Rob," said Mr. Bennington. "How's it going?"

"Good, Mr. Bennington," replied Rob politely. "Um, I was just wondering if you'd allow Chester to come over to my place for a bit?"

"Sure, just make sure he comes home before his curfew," answered the older Bennington.

Rob nodded. "I will, Mr. Bennington."


"Hey, Chuck!" yelled Mike from the doorway of Chester's house. "I'm kidnapping your son and taking him to the park, OK?"

"Just make sure he returns home alive!" Chester's father yelled back from upstairs. "I don't want to be the one who breaks the news to his brother!"

"I hear ya!" Mike shouted, before grabbing Chester's wrist and starting to drag him away.

"I swear," Chester said, "sometimes it's like you're my dad's best friend, not mine."

Friends offer you an umbrella when it's raining; best friends take yours and run.

"Damn," muttered Chester, as a fat drop of rain fell on his nose. "I forgot my umbrella at home."

"That's OK," said Brad. "Take mine, I'm nearly home anyway. Give it back tomorrow."

Chester took the large red umbrella and smiled at Brad. "Thanks!" he said. Brad smiled back and started walking up his driveway.

Chester had just walked a few yards when Mike ran by and snatched the umbrella from Chester's hand. "Try to catch up, sucker!" he called back over his shoulder.

Chester, instead of cursing like he would have if it had been someone else, laughed and took off after Mike, suddenly not caring about the rain.

Friends help you with something; best friends do it for you.

"Shit, I forgot to do my homework," said Mike in frantic tones the moment he met Rob at the school gates. Chester hadn't arrived yet.

Rob took his notebook out of his bag and said, "I'll read it out, you try to copy it as fast as you can, OK?"

"All right," said Mike, fishing out a pencil from his bag.


"All right, class," said the strict Math teacher once the class had settled down. "Hand in your homework, please."

Mike reached inside his bag, only to find thin air where his file should have been. In a panic, he turned to Chester, who was cutting his name out from the top of his file.

"What are you doing, Chazzy?"

Chester ignored him. He wrote 'Michael Shinoda' on the top and passed it ahead, before standing up and saying, "Sir, I didn't do my homework."

"Again, Mr. Bennington?" the teacher called out.

Chester hung his head. "I'm sorry, I wasn't feeling well yesterday."

"Mr. Bennington, I can't accept that. I want you to do this homework five times over and hand it in tomorrow."

"Yes, sir."

Friends feel awkward when you cry; best friends know exactly what to do.

"Chester, what's wrong?" asked Joe when he saw Chester sitting alone on a swing, apparently crying.

But instead of replying, Chester just turned away, his whole body shaking. Joe stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to do. Chester's sobs didn't cease.

Presently Mike arrived. "Sorry I'm late, got held up at home -" He stopped abruptly when he saw Chester, who seemed not to have noticed him.

Dropping his backpack, he rushed to Chester's side and put his arms around him, holding him close and rocking him back and forth. "Shh, Chazzy," he murmured. "It's all right ... I've got you ..."

Joe watched in wonder as Chester's sobs faded into nothing, and he hiccupped into a comfortable silence in Mike's arms.

Friends are only through school/college life; best friends are for life.

Mike wrapped his arm around Chester's shoulders as they walked down the beach. They had now reached that point in their friendship when they didn't have to talk to fill the silence. Sure, they weren't in school anymore - in fact, they weren't even young - but they were still best friends, and something as mundane as old age wasn't going to change that.

Chester smiled as one of his numerous grandchildren came running up to them. "Grandpa Chaz!" exclaimed the four-year-old boy. "I wanna ride!"

Chester and Mike both laughed as Chester picked the child up and settled him on his hip. "You want ice-cream, Adam?" Mike asked his best friend's grandson.

"Yeah!" said Adam excitedly. "I want ice-cream!"

"Let's go, then," Mike said, before putting his arm around Chester again. The three of them set off towards the car, and the day smiled at them.

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