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5 Times Mike Did a Random Act of Kindness for Chester by Remy

Decided to cut y'all a break and write something sugary again. Enjoy :D

This isn't intended to be Bennoda, btw, but then again however you see it is up to you.


5 Times Mike Did a Random Act of Kindness for Chester

...and 5 times that Chester did it for Mike.

1 – Mike

It was 1998, and winter was especially harsh that year. Chester's car was too cold to sleep in, and nobody he knew was too willing to take him in for months on end. He spent almost all of his free time going to his wife's friends' places and all but begging them to provide him with a place to stay. The answer was always “Sorry, no can do.”

The thought of asking his bandmates had crossed his mind, but something always stopped him from asking them. Perhaps it was the fact that he'd only known them for a few months now, or that he feared they might look down on him if they found out he had no place to stay. Whatever it was, it kept his mouth sealed and every time they talked about warm apartments and blankets and beds Chester tried his hardest not to feel envious.

One night his car was parked outside a grocery store around two blocks from Mike's place. He'd spent the better part of an hour debating whether or not he should go and ask Mike for a place to stay, and in the end just told himself to shut up and tough it out. He was huddled in the backseat, wrapped in two thin blankets and struggling to stay warm. The car was low on gas and Chester was low on cash, and thus he kept the heater at the minimum required for him to not freeze to death. He tried his best to control his shivering but failed miserably and instead resigned himself to another night spent evading hypothermia.

A tap on his window startled him out of his reverie, and his heart almost stopped when he saw it was Mike. Rolling down the window, he tried to appear as casual as possible. “Hey, Mike,” he said, trying to stop his teeth from chattering. “What's up?”

Mike looked concerned. “Why are you out here, Chester? It's freezing!”

Chester shrugged, smiling nervously. “Just, uh, felt like being with my car,” he invented, and then immediately congratulated himself on having officially presented the lamest excuse ever.

Mike frowned, going for the direct approach this time. “You don't have a place to say, do you?”

Chester shook his head and tried to sink down into the seat.

Mike opened the car door with his free hand (the other held a bag of groceries) and said, “All right, then, you're coming with me.”

Chester's head snapped up. “What? No, it's all right, really–”

“Shut up, Chester,” said Mike with a smile. He held out his hand, and with a hesitant smile, Chester took it.

1 – Chester

Mike yawned and put down his pen. He checked his watch; it was 7 PM. “Damn,” he cursed. “I forgot to go home again.”

But he was too tired to drive, and besides he was half-asleep anyway. There was also work that needed completing. He turned to look at Chester, who was writing on his notepad. Everyone else had gone home, but Chester had stayed.

“Hey, Chaz,” Mike said, his voice tired, “I'm just going to lie down on the couch for a bit, can you wake me up in ten minutes?”

Chester glanced up at Mike and offered him a tired smile. “Sure,” he answered.

But Mike fell into a deep, fatigue-induced sleep, and Chester didn't have the heart to wake him up. Besides, he was tired too, and since Mike was his ride home it looked like he was staying at the studio too, for the night.

Oh well, he thought sleepily. If we're here, might as well be comfortable. He flipped his notepad shut and got up, stretching and yawning. He picked up the blanket lying in a corner, and spread it over Mike, who didn't stir. In fact, he was snoring lightly.

Chester smiled slightly at his sleeping friend, before making his way to the only other couch in the studio and collapsing on it. He was asleep within seconds.

2 – Mike

Chester was hunched in his seat, scribbling angrily on a notepad. Ever since he'd stormed into the studio that morning and plopped down in his seat and begun writing, everyone had given him a wide berth. He was pissed, truly pissed, and no one knew what to do about it. It was the first time any of them had seen their cheerful little Chester so angry.

The singer's attention was diverted when a coffee cup landed in front of him, along with a chocolate glazed donut. “Here,” Mike said, smiling. “I got you your favorite coffee and your favorite snack. Eat up.”

Chester stared at the food, and then up at Mike who was standing over him and smiling. “Go on,” he encouraged. “It'll help with your shitty mood.”

Chester tentatively took a sip of the coffee and couldn't help the smile that grew on his face. It was the perfect thing to lift his mood. “Thank you,” he said to Mike. Mike patted him on the back and sat down next to him, taking his notepad from him.

“Whoa, these are really good,” he commented, scanning through the lyrics Chester had been writing. “Maybe you should always be pissed,” he joked, and Chester grinned.

The rest of the band sighed in relief. Maybe today wasn't going to be their funerals after all. Because boy, did the dude have a temper.

2 – Chester

It was Halloween in 1999, and the guys had decided to go trick and treating. Granted, they were too old, but they wanted some fun and it would be a refreshing break from their usual routine of work, work and then some more work.

The only problem was, Mike had forgotten about the plan until he saw Chester emerge from the bathroom dressed completely in black, with fake fangs and a proper Dracula cape. He'd even gelled his hair to make it look like the legendary vampire's.

“Shit I don't have a costume!” Mike exclaimed the moment he saw Chester. “Yours is awesome, by the way,” he added.

Chester smiled. “Thanks, got it at the dollar store – wait,” he frowned. “You don't have a costume?”

Mike shook his head, looking panicked. “What am I going to do?”

Chester didn't answer. Instead he walked right back into the bathroom and came out three minutes later in his T-shirt and boxers, with his Dracula costume in his arms. “Here,” he said, holding it out to Mike. “Get dressed soon, you have to make your face look paler too.”

Mike hesitated. “Chester, that's your costume–”

Chester raised an eyebrow. “We're going to get late if you don't hurry up,” he interjected. He dumped the clothes in Mike's arms and gave him a slight push in the direction of his room. “Go, Mike.”

Mike went, looking over his shoulder regretfully.

However, when he came out Chester wasn't there. In his place stood a slender figure covered entirely in toilet paper. “Hey,” said the TP figure. “You done?”

Mike nodded, stifling the urge to laugh. “Toilet paper, Chester? Really?”

“You don't have bandages,” TP-Chester pointed out. “Besides, this is an awesome impromptu mummy costume, okay.”

“Whatever you say,” Mike said, shaking his head. Smiling, he said, “Thank you.”

Chester waved a TPed arm airily. “Don't be silly. Come on, now let's go.”

3 – Mike

It was movie night at Mike's place, and it had been up to Brad to pick the movie. He picked Titanic, and the others went along only to appease the hopeless romantic within their guitarist. Chester and Joe had wanted to watch Die Hard, Mike had wanted Terminator, and Rob and Dave had asked for The Matrix. But Brad had gone and rented Titanic, and so Titanic it was.

Chester, who'd already watched the movie, fell asleep halfway through. He'd had a long day anyway, and that coupled with the fact that he already knew how it was going to end meant he ended up out cold on the sofa an hour into the movie. His head lolled onto Mike's shoulder, and he shifted in his sleep so that he was curled up around the emcee. Mike didn't mind – Chester was quite warm.

When Brad got up for a loo break and switched the lights on, Mike noticed that Chester's exposed hands and feet were pale and had a bluish tinge. His worry spiking immediately, he asked Rob to get him a blanket from the bedroom down the hall. Soon Chester was wrapped up tighter than a newborn baby, with his head sticking out the top. It was actually very endearing, because throughout it all he didn't wake up, even once. Mike watched the rest of the movie with the cocoon that was Chester asleep against his side.

3 – Chester

“Damn,” Mike said, putting down the phone. “They're all out of pepperoni pizza.”

“Can't they make more?” asked Chester.

Mike shook his head. “Said it'd take more than an hour, and that's way too long.” He sighed. “I'm taking a shower, can you do me a favor and order burgers or something?”

Chester nodded. “Sure.” Mike smiled at him and disappeared into the bathroom.

But Chester didn't order burgers. He had other plans.

Mike exited the bathroom and immediately his nose was assaulted with the smell of spaghetti and meatballs. It was coming from his kitchen. Surprised and curious, he made his way there to find Chester laying out plates on the table.

“Whoa,” he said, taking in the aroma, “you made this?”

Chester nodded. “Yeah, it's your favorite, right?”

“Yeah,” Mike said. The smell was messing with his head; he had to eat, now. “I didn't know you could cook.”

Chester shrugged. “Go on, taste it,” he said, smiling slightly.

Mike did. “Chester, this is mindblowing,” he said with his mouth full. “Where'd you learn to cook like that?”

“My dad,” Chester answered.

“I should freaking marry you,” Mike announced, swallowing.

Chester raised an eyebrow at him. “Mike, anybody would have to be incredibly patient to put up with you for the rest of their lives.”

Mike stuck his tongue out at Chester, but he was grinning.

4 – Mike

It was a bright and sunny spring day, with a pleasant breeze and clear skies. The perfect day for a picnic, only Chester wasn't going anywhere. He was laid up in bed, coughing and sneezing his way through several boxes of tissue paper.

His doorbell rang, and heaving a long-suffering sigh he forced himself to move. Staggering to the door with a wad of slightly damp tissues in one hand, it took him some difficulty to open the door. And as he did, he sneezed all over the doorknob.

“Dammit all to fuckdamned Mordor – who the fuck is it?”


Chester blinked. The band was standing there, dressed in shorts and T-shirts, holding picnic baskets, a mat and board games. Every single one of them was grinning from ear to ear.

“The weather's so awesome, it would have been a shame to waste it,” Rob said brightly.

“So we figured we'd have a picnic,” continued Brad.

“Only you're sick and can't go anywhere,” Dave said.

“And so we decided to bring the picnic here,” finished Mike. His smile was the widest.

“Mike put us up to it,” Joe informed Chester, grinning. “He left when you were sleeping, picked us all up and then we went shopping.”

Chester looked from one to the other. His eyes began watering and his nose turned red. He sniffed once or twice.

“Whoa man, don't cry,” began Mike, sounding alarmed.

“I'm not crying,” croaked Chester. “I'm going to – AH-CHOO!” He pouted as his bandmates laughed.

They set up the picnic in the spacious balcony. There was everything required for a good time – sandwiches, drinks, board games – and within minutes Chester was thanking God for his friends.

And of course, for Mike.

4 – Chester

Mike called from work. “Hey, Chester, I'm going to be home late today,” he said. “Got too much work to do.”

Chester had only just gotten back from his shift. He was done for the day. “Aw man, that's too bad,” he said. “When are you going to be back?”

“7, maybe 8,” Mike answered.

“Damn,” Chester said. “They're overworking you, man.”

“I know,” sighed Mike. “Nothing I can do, though. See you later?”


Chester hung up and looked around the apartment. It was like it always had been, neat and tidy. But it looked too gray and dull. For God's sake, it was Christmas Eve. It seemed like it was going to be a very boring one.

Unless, of course, he did something about it...

Mike was almost blinded the moment he stepped into his apartment. There was so much light. Blinking rapidly, he looked around and nearly dropped his papers at the sight of his apartment.

There were wreaths of holly and streamers everywhere, hanging from anything and everything (to his relief there was no mistletoe). A decent-sized Christmas tree sat in the corner, decorated and with presents underneath. And in the middle of it all stood Chester, dressed as Santa, complete with fake beard and a large sack.

“What is this?” Mike found himself asking breathlessly.

“Christmas Eve!” replied Santa Chaz brightly. “Awesome, isn't it?”

Mike nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

“I got you a present!” Santa Chaz told him, walking over and pulling him inside, closing the door behind him. He pulled a square package out of his sack and handed it to Mike. “Open it!”

“Aren't I supposed to open this tomorrow?” Mike finally asked, swallowing past the lump in his throat. He hadn't had a proper Christmas since he'd moved to Los Angeles.

Santa Chaz shrugged. “Open it whenever you want.” He grabbed Mike's hand and dragged him over to the dining table in the kitchen. “I ordered pizza,” he said cheerfully. “It's not pepperoni, sadly, but I asked them to put extra cheese and sauce on top, and there's chicken and mushroom and olives and onions and pineapples and anchovies and pepper, see, perfect mix of what we both like, and I told the others to come over tomorrow, and we can open the presents and then we could maybe go to the video arcade, we haven't done anything fun in ages, so I figured we should–”

“Chester,” Mike said, cutting off his friend's excited rambling. “It's perfect. Thank you.”

Santa Chaz smiled. “You're welcome.”

(In all honesty, the pizza tasted funny, but Mike didn't point it out for fear of hurting Chester's feelings, and Chester had too much pride to admit it. They ended up giving it to the neighbor's cat.)

5 – Mike

“Hey, Mike, check this one out,” Chester called out, holding out a gray hoodie for Mike to inspect. “Looks pretty good, huh?”

Mike made his way through the crowded store over to where Chester was standing. He took the hoodie in his hands and looked at it appraisingly. “Yep, looks good,” he commented. “You wanna buy it?”

“I think so,” said Chester brightly. He took the hoodie back and checked the price tag. Immediately his face fell, and he put it back on the rack.

“What's wrong, Chester?” inquired Mike. “I thought you wanted to buy that?”

“Not for $20, Mike,” Chester said sadly. “Forget it, man, I'll just get something from the dollar store.”

$20 was nothing for Mike, but he knew it was unaffordable for Chester. Deciding against insisting Chester buy it, he said, “It's all right, man, don't worry about it. Let's go get a bite to eat.”

He paid for the socks he'd bought, and he and Chester left the clothing store.

Once he'd ordered his food, Mike said, “Hey, I got to go to the bathroom, just wait here, okay?” And before Chester could respond he'd jogged off, leaving a nonplussed Chester standing there.

He came back ten minutes later, holding a bag in his hand. “Here,” he said, sitting down and shoving the bag at Chester.

“What is it?” asked Chester, taking it.

“Just take a look,” Mike answered mysteriously.

Confused and curious, Chester opened the bag and looked inside, and then let out a strangled shriek. “Mike!”

Mike just smiled.

It was the gray hoodie from earlier, the one Chester hadn't been able to buy. Rendered speechless, the singer looked up at Mike, who was still smiling. “I don't know what to say,” he said, taking it out of the bag. “Thank you, Mike.”

“Try it on,” Mike said. He was enjoying the sight of Chester being speechless for once, because usually he never shut up.

Chester did, and wore it everyday for a week before Mike made him put it in the laundry. When it came back from the wash he put it on again and refused to take it off.

5 – Chester

Mike shot the can for the third and final time, and missed – again. “Dammit,” he cursed. “I've lost.”

“It's all right,” said Brad encouragingly. “Doesn't matter.”

Mike still looked put out – he'd really wanted that giant stuffed penguin – so Rob said, “Hey look, a House of Horrors. Let's go.”

Joe looked over and saw the focused look on Chester's face. Understanding that Chester was plotting something, he said, “No, let's go to the carousel first.”

“Sounds good,” Dave shrugged, and the little group trooped off in that direction.

Chester stayed behind, though. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and came up with some loose change. He counted it and offered it to the man behind the counter. “Three tries, please,” he said.

The man took the money and handed Chester his gun, setting up the cans in a pyramid. “Just three tries,” he reminded him. “Get one out of three right and you get a keychain. Get two out of three right and you get a beanie. Get all three and you get the giant stuffed penguin.”

Chester nodded and took aim. His first shot missed by a millimeter, but he didn't have time to be disappointed because the air rush forced the can over anyway. “Whew,” he muttered, glancing up at the guy.

The guy just looked bored as he said, “One on one right.”

Chester took aim again. He had to get this right. The second shot hit the can, and he cheered. “Two on two right,” the guy muttered.

The third time Chester upped his concentration. He wasn't just a guy shooting the cans for fun. He was a hunter, and the cans, they were his prey. Wow, lame comparison, he thought to himself, mentally groaning. Then he squeezed one eye shut, brought the gun up to his face, took very careful aim and tightened his finger on the trigger.

The last can topped over and Chester put the shotgun down, pumping his fists in the air and whooping. He broke out into a little dance and began singing, “I did it, I did it, I diiiiiiiiid it...”

People were beginning to stop and stare, but he couldn't care less. Right at that moment the rest of the band walked up and stopped short when they saw their friend dancing like a maniac. “Chester, what are you doing?” asked Mike, looking weirded out.

Chester snatched the penguin from the stall guy and held it out towards Mike. “Look what I got you!” he exclaimed excitedly.

“Oh my God!” Mike yelled, before throwing his arms around Chester, penguin and all. “How did you do it?”

“I don't know!” Chester yelled right back. “Awesome, right?”

“You two are acting like little girls,” said Dave with an eye-roll, watching in bemusement as Chester and Mike held hands and began jumping up and down with the penguin bouncing along.

“It's disturbing,” muttered Brad, as Rob laughed.

Joe had a video camera out. This was perfect blackmail material.

Mike insisted on sleeping with the stuffed penguin that night. Chester informed him he was a grown man, but Mike couldn't care less. He never threw it away, and even though he eventually grew out of the habit if sleeping with it, he still took it out and gave it a cuddle on the days he felt down.


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