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Blessed By A Guardian Angel by Hayley

The Path I've Chosen To Go...

I was in the middle of writing the next chapter of Behind Your Lies and I came up with this. Its far off the story so I couldn't add it, but I thought this was a really good idea for a story and I couldn't waste it. Enjoy! :)



-A special thanks to a certain someone for the pic ;) ONWARDS!


How It All Began...


I was in the seventh grade. Just a normal thirteen-year-old awaiting for his mother to pick him up from school. I watched as the Autumn breeze blew leaves of all colors gracefully towards different destinations unknown. Some landing over discarded backpacks while others still float in perfect sync through the air. This made me tense somehow. Is that how we're going to end up? Spending our entire lives living on an old oak tree we called home, only to eventually disappear by a stronger force? Death is the only future we can predict. No matter what we do, no matter how we do it, we cannot stop the fact that we're all going to die...eventually.

I found myself in deep thought. Sometimes it feels like my body has a mind of its own, It takes over me without my acknowledgment. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a tool, a robot if you may, Just a device created to fulfill the bidding of a higher being. Sometimes I feel like my life's just a video game, giving me obstacles to overlook and for me to retreat to the next level. A higher level. And with each level I complete, I grow stronger, collecting different items that gives me more chances to grow and perfect myself. The only difference is... Life doesn't give you a second chance. Everything happens for a reason. If you get injured, hospitalized or even death, its all apart of the process. Your higher being had a task for you to fulfill. If it feels like you have no use anymore, or if your existence will cause a disorder to its plan, it will be the end of you.

I felt the cool, Autumn wind brush across my pale cheek. I closed my eyes, the pleasure overwhelming me. It was not long before I was, once again, in deep thought. This breeze was not like any other I've felt before. It felt like another being has washed itself upon me. It felt like a hand was gently caressing my features. I opened my eyes to try and get a glimpse of this being. I did. It was faint and hardly noticeable, but I saw a slim figure look at me. It soon faded away when I was greeted by another breeze. This one was normal. Although it seemed to sooth me just as much as the old one. I closed my eyes again in the sensation...

I was interrupted by the sound of a car horn. My mother had arrived. I scurried over to our silver Mercedes Benz and placed myself gently onto the leather seat. I threw my book bag carelessly to the back seat, while doing so I noticed my mothers change of emotion. She looked worried. I simply gave her a reassuring smile and mouthed the words: “Everything's Okay.” She stared at me for a few more minutes before turning in her seat to back out of the empty parking-lot. I turned as well, moving over to look out of the closed window next to me. Displaying all that is beautiful about Agoura Hills Middle School. I took it all in. Everything that was on display for my brown orbs to set upon. It was only the back view, but I've always had a different perspective of life and living.

My First Warning.


I'm now in the ninth grade. Currently attending Agoura Hills High School. I'm a straight A student and had never gotten into any trouble whatsoever, what made me dislike this school so much?

“Shinoda! Think fast!” A hard, sphere-shaped figure made contact with my right cheek. I fell to my knees almost instantly, moving my spare hand to try and sooth the burning sensation upon my face. I heard people laughing at me, recording, taking pictures. I just ignored them and focused on my well-being. I knew exactly who threw that ball. It was none other than Robert Gregory Bourdon. Oh how I despised him. To think this was the same man who used to be my best friend, who I used to trust with any secret. That all changed after what he did to Chester.

What he did was unforgivable and wrong. Chester Bennington, my best friend. He and I could see eye-to-eye. Sometimes it seemed like we were the same person. Slowly forming into one. That cycle had stopped when he was transmitted into a coma. He and Rob would sometimes hang out together, only the two of them. They took advantage of their "alone time" and started to get involved with different interests. They used to do drugs. Marijuana, Heroine, you name it! They used to smoke, inject and had tried every way possible to somehow insert the chosen drug into them. One day, Rob had pushed it too far. He injected Chester with too much. He was hospitalized and was put onto life support or an I.C.U as they call it. At first I thought it was an accident, but then I looked straight into Rob's eyes. I could see every emotion. He did this on purpose. Chester didn't make it. He died a few weeks after. That was the last I've ever heard of him...

After my cheek was healed, I slowly shifted and stood up. People were still laughing. It made my blood boil. How can a person who seemed so innocent try to murder? That question remains unanswered.

I tried to walk away to my next class, History. It was located at the other end of the school, so I had a long walk.

“Aw c'mon Shinoda! Can't take a little Joke?” Rob called out to me. I continued to ignore him and began to walk faster to my destination.

“I was talking to you!” The next thing I knew, his fist made contact with my lower stomach. I, again, fell to the ground. Clutching my stomach and trying to end the sharp pain bursting through my body.

“Don't you fucking ignore me, Shinoda.” He warned, then turned and returned to his locker. I can't take this anymore...

Without further hesitation, I forced myself to get up. Despite the pain bursting through me, I managed to slam Rob, hard, into the blue lockers. Blood began to pour out from his head. I guess I must've been too rough. I enjoyed watching the hot red liquid fall down his now pale skin. I enjoyed seeing his once bright brown orbs turn more and more faint. I enjoyed the fact that I killed him...


I was expelled. I answered every question honestly, I revealed that I enjoyed seeing Robert in that state. They refused allow a murderer to attend their school and I was removed immediately.

I sat by a nearby oak tree. Believe it or not but that was the main vegetation here. I felt a familiar breeze caress my cheek. Much like the one I felt years ago. I closed my eyes and opened again to turn and meet this figure. It was still faint but it was clear he was a male. He looked somewhat familiar. I focused on only the figure infront of me, nothing else, and my question was soon answered.

There stood the ghost of Chester Bennington. He was slightly fading away, but had enough time for a short conversation. “Mike, remember me?” I didn't believe it. He was actually speaking to me. I thought this was all too good to be true, but it was. I was talking to my once best friend.

“Ch-Chester? Is that really you?” I reached out to place my arm on his shoulder, just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. He stopped me.

“Don't. You do that, and I'll disappear forever.” He stated and dropped my hand to rest in my lap. He sat down next to me. “Why did you do this?” He got to the point.

“After what he did to you... I had to.” I turned away. I don't know what had gotten into me but I just couldn't look at him.

“No. You didn't have to, and you weren't suppose to.” He said firmly. “Ever since I...you know... I've tried nothing but to protect you. I was looking after you for all of these years, and you just threw it all away.” In all of my life I've never heard Chester sound so disappointed. I must've really hurt him. “Please... Don't do something you'll regret later, Mike. Please.” He pleaded one last time before the wind became stronger and blew him to a destination unknown. Looks like I was right. There was someone watching me. There was someone looking out for me. I had been blessed with a Guardian Angel

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures


As a few months passed by, I started to regret what I did. I never should've let my emotions get the best of me, for ever since that day... Everything changed.

My mother had never looked at me. Not once. She refused to accept that her son, her own flesh and blood had done such a horrible thing. She sometimes took short glances at me from a distance, but it was never the same. She didn't see her son anymore.

I, for one, didn't get what the big deal was. I didn't actually kill him and it wasn't like I intended to. Yes, he was injured and blood was pouring from his head, but that just hospitalized him. He died in the hospital not when he was in my grasp. Well... I guess they just don't like me doing things in a violent manner.

My dad had came back home recently. He was stationed in the Coast Of Alaska for a project he refused to reveal to any of us. My mother informed him about what I did to Rob, my father had never been so disappointed in his life. He kicked me out. Well, just for the day, but it was either he goes or I go and judging by the fact he had just came back, a decision was made.

I stood there. In the middle of the road. Not caring by the fact that I could get killed or severely injured by an upcoming car. I want to die. My best friend is gone, most of my family already hates me, I don't have a reason anymore. I ran back into our front yard. I crouched down and began my search. Under rocks, around trees and there I found it. Hidden beneath a shrub. I picked up the Dagger Knife and placed it firmly on my chest, not moving it through. I was again in deep thought. Is this really the path I've chosen to go? Am I now surrendering to my higher force? Maybe I am, or maybe I'm trying to find an easy way out. My hand started to shake and was slowly moving away from my chest, but this wasn't my doing. Someone else is controlling me.

“Chester, you don't have to do this.” I say blankly. He was behind me, but I could still sense his presence. This time he remained silent. Once the knife was within a safe distance between me and my chest, then Chester began to disappear once again with the wind. “Don't do something you'll regret later, Mike. Please.” He spoke before be completely vanished with the wind. Leaving me here alone, leaving me here to again think about my actions. Why is he saving me? What purpose do I have that I have to remain another day on this dreadful planet?

My Questions Answered


I've lived to see another day, I've lived to see another month, I've lived to see another year... Repeat. I've tried numerous times to again fulfill my wish and rid myself off this planet, and every time I've tried, Chester saved me. I'm now 36, and I've found my purpose. I'm happily married to the girl of my dreams, I have a beautiful son and I couldn't have been happier. I actually feel like I'm wanted again, like I'm loved. All of my questions were answered the last time I made contact with Chester. He revealed many secrets all in one sentence.

I didn't save you because you needed it, I saved you because someone else did.

Some people didn't wake up this morning, I did. Some people got slit in the throat yesterday, I didn't. Some people gave up hope. I haven't. And I won't. Life is too precious to waste on worthless complaining and violence. Enjoy it while you can. Show the world what YOU can do, and if they don't like it... Fuck them!


Well? How was that? Damn. That was the first time I've ever written something so emotional. PLEASE R&R!!! I have absolutely NO idea if that was good or not. Tell me what you think :) I appreciate it <3

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