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The Wonderful Yet Horrible Existence Of Chocolate In A Tour Bus by Hayley

The Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Short Teaser Thingy First Chapter

HIIII (It's me, Hayley!)

Yep this is a collaboration between me and the lovely Mina aka Afrolicious Braddles! It's just something that came to our minds while eating chocolate, so I have no idea how random this story is, you have to read and find out. Mina will only talk to you when you review. I've trapped her in Unicorns and Lollipops Land and is only letting her out when we get our first review. Hehehe... ENJOY!


It was a normal day on the Linkin Park tour bus. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and a rock smashed the window.

Mike was busy doing god knows what in the kitchen.

CHESTERRRRR," Mike screamed from the kitchen, a little blue mixing bowl placed in his hand, and he was throwing brown delicious-looking mixture everywhere, "CHESTER-OONI ME WANTS TO TALK TA YOOOUUU"

Chester entered the room calmly with a cat sleeping on his head, "Wuddup?" He greeted.

I HAS MADES US SOME CHOCOLATE!!" Mike says, grinning like mad. Then his eyes went to the ginger cat on his head. "WOTS THAT THINGY ON YOUR HEAD?" He continues to scream while running up to Chester in his little pink sparkly chef hat and runs to poke the ginger cat on its forehead.

THAT'S MA KITTY!" Chester starts screaming too, "IT'S NAME IS FLUFFY DA GOAT."

Mike's eyes couldn't get any wider "HOLY SHIRT!!!!" He says in a British accent, "MA FLUFFY KITTY!!!" Mike says and throws a glob of chocolate onto Chester's head,smearing the chocolate all over the innocent cat, and ruining Chester's hair, "OWWW MIKEY-POO-POO YOU MESSED MA HAIR!!!" Chester pouts. Which makes Fluffy jump off Chester's head angrily.

OW EM GEE!!!" Mike exclaims and begins to jump up and down and then land on Chester's head, he then begins to suck the chocolate on Chester's head.

"OWCHIE MIKEY!!!" Chester screams, "MY HAIR NO FOOD!!" He screams again and throws Mike to the ground, breathing like The Incredible Hulk.

CHESTA YOU MEANIE!!!" Mike cries and runs away to call for help, "MOMMY I GOTTA BOO-BOO!!!!!!"


Yes, they are grown men xD Haha, Yeah I have NO idea if that was good or not :/ You tell me :) Short, very short, very very short. I know. The next chapter we'll make longer I promise! :D Please R&R!!!

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