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Blind by Jensai


Hey, I'm new.. :3

This story's been sitting at the back of my head for awhile, and im really excited to be finally putting it on here so um.. Here its goes

Mike's POV

I officially hate driving. Anywhere.

I'm stuck in traffic and there's a damn band meeting today. Just my luck. I'll be here for days with the amount of cars lined up here. I guess I really should be happy, since I planned something very special today.

Me and my boyfriend Chester have been dating for about a year, a little over, but we've known each other way longer. For about 15 years. Doesn't seem that long though. I guess time really does fly when you have you fun.

As I sit here, no car has moved yet. This is so agonizing. The guys are gonna be so mad, I was late the last three meetings.

I have my reasons.

My reason today is because I'm picking up a ring I ordered at the jewelers. I had it custom made for Chester. His birthstone and everything. I'm so nervous.. I'm proposing to him today... thats why I wanna hurry up and get there! My stomach is all tingly and I feel like about to barf.

Oh please no, not in my car!

I leant my head against the steering wheel to calm myself. I think the reason I'm so queasy is because...

I'm scared he'll say no.

We never told anyone but we've been fighting a lot lately, over the stupidest things. And they would always end with me leaving out of his house. This ring will end all of that, hopefully.. and then maybe we'll finally move in together.

I know that sounds weird, but he wanted to wait. I never asked why. I guess he just isn't ready. You'd think he'd be, after a year of dating and being in the same band for so long. I don't think he trust me sometimes.. I never confront him about anything. I know I trust him.

I mean, I can't marry him if he doesn't trust me.



I pulled up at Brad's house like thirty minutes late.

They'd surely be happy to see me.


I scurried up the driveway pretty quick and knocked on the door a few times. I heard some muffled shouting and wondered what was going on. Before I could question it, the door flew open and there stood a rather annoyed looking Brad.

"Thank god your finally here! Come in." He said.

"Did I miss anything?" I asked jokingly.

"No, but I think your in deep shit. You need to go talk to chester. Like now."

I though for a moment, why would he be angry?

Then it hit me.

We'd had a fight last night. But it was over the phone.

"Urm.. Ok." I mumbled.

"Dude I'm serious, he's like beyond pissed and he won't talk to anyone."

This can't be good.

"Ok, I'll talk to him Brad. Is he in the living room?" I asked.

"No. Balcony. He's having a smoke."

Now I know this is bad. He hasn't smoked in 2 years. Should I be scared?

"Alright, I'll be right back."

As I entered the house I waved to the guys before hanging up my coat and walking towards the back of the house, where the balcony was.

When I opened the door all I seen was Chester's back. He must heard my steps because he turned around before I could even get all the way out.

The look in his eyes shook my insides. He looked ready to rip anybody face off. I could tell he was fighting the urge to come towards me.

I saw him take a deep breath and then he spoke,

"Hello. Michael."

He only says my whole name when he's dead serious. Otherwise he'd call me Mikey.

"Um. Hi?" I said slowly.

Really shinoda. Hi? Really?

Why am I acting like I don't know him?

"So.. may I ask why you were late?" He said tossing his cigarette and then crossing his arms.

"Traffic on the highway. It was backed up for miles. Why?"

"That's the same thing you said the last time Mike."

"And its the truth, you know how it gets on Interstate 90."

"Whatever. I know your lying to me. You use that same excuse ever time! 'Oh it was the traffic'" he said mocking me.

"I don't sound like that!" I said.

Wow. Could I sound anymore childish.

"That's not the point Mike! I know what your doing! You didn't think I'd find it did you? Well I did!" He yelled.

I had no idea what he was talking about. I watched him reach into his pocket and out what looked like a piece of cloth...With stains on it?

"You remember what this is mike? Hmm?!" He yelled again.

He threw it at me and I caught it against my chest. As I observed it, I realized it was a cutoff from a shirt.. One of my shirts. Then I looked at the stain.. Lipstick.

"I can explain-"

I was cutoff by him lunging at me and screaming,

"How could you do this to me?! I gave you everything, you bastard!"

I managed to get a hold of his arms and stop him from scratching my eyeballs out.

"I said let me explain!" I yelled back at him.

"No! Its explains itself Mike! How the fuck does lipstick get there by accident?! On the collar of your shirt?!"

That's because it was by accident. Remember when I said he doesn't trust me sometimes? See what I mean?

"It really was an accident baby! She came onto me! I swear I didn't do anything!"

"I don't believe you! Why are waiting until now to tell me huh? Were you feeling guilty because you slept with her?!"

"But I-I didn't sleep with her! And I didn't tell you because I thought it was no big deal! It was just a kiss!" I said.

"Just a fucking kiss Michael?! A kiss?!"

He was practically screaming now. I know the guys have to hear us. I'm surprised they didn't come check and see if things were alright.

"You fucking kissed some slut and you thought I wouldn't care?! I can't believe you."

Then he raised his hand.

As I felt the burn of the slap, it felt like for a second he literally slapped the words from my lips. I couldn't think of anything to say. I thought hard.

I fixed my mouth to say something, but the words were stuck in my throat.

"I'm so-"

I was cut off by yet another slap.

Nothing could've prepared me for what he said next.


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