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Frenemise by Bourdelsonloves

First day at school

"Robert wake up, we're going to be late for your first day sweetheart" Mike said shaking Rob. Rob sat up with his eyes half open "daddy, I don't want to go to school" "and why not?" "Because everyones not gonna like me" Rob said putting a pouting face, Mike smiled and picked up Rob. He carried Rob into the living room and sat him down in a chair in the dining room. "Just get dress and, I'll get your favorite breakfast for you" Mike said walking into the kitchen. Rob nodded and ran to get dress, when he was done he ran back out into the kitchen "Is it done daddy? Is it?" He asked "Almost. Go and get your shoes on now alright" "Yes daddy" Rob said with a smile. He went and grabbed his shoes and put them on waiting for his dad to help him tie them "Daddy, I need help" Rob yelled for his dad to come. "Alright, alright, I'm coming." Mike laughed, Mike helped Rob tie his shoes and picked him and took him to his breakfast. "Are you going to have fun on your first day of school" "Yes daddy" Rob said with a full mouth of food "Robert Shinoda, you know not to talk with your mouth full” Rob swallowed his food "Sorry daddy" Rob said drinking the last bit of his OJ "I'm all done daddy, can we go now?” Mike smiled and nodded "yes we can, let me grab my keys" Rob nodded and pulled on his jacket and backpack "are we ready?" Mike asked; Rob nodded and ran to the door.

Mike smiled and opened the door and they both walk out to the car, Rob jumped into the backseat in his car seat. "Do you got it or do you want me to help?" "I got it daddy" Rob said clicking his buckle. Mike nodded got in the driver seat. They drove to the school finding other kids like Rob his age all happy about school, but Rob had a sick feeling in his tummy that he didn't like "daddy... I don't feel good" "oh, it’s okay buddy, everyone feels sick on the first day of school. Come on let go and meet your teacher" Rob pouted and grabbed his dad’s hand. He looked at all the kids that were there, there were kids that were bigger than him, and he felt scared. He didn't want his dad to leave him here by himself, "Go and stand by in that line with the other kids okay?" Rob looked up at his dad, and frowned. He looked at the other kids and walk into the line. There was a kid in front of Rob he was too busy talking to other kids until Rob came up behind him; he turn around with smile on his face "Hi, I'm Joe. What's your name?" Rob looked as the boy talking to him. "m-my name is Rob" He said hushly "cool, can I call you Robbie?" The little boy asked. Rob smiled and nodded.

“Daddy, daddy!” Little Brad shouted “It’s time to go to school; I want to see my friends” He said jumping up and down on his dads bed “okay, calm down. Come on let’s go and get you dress” Chester said lifting up off his bed. Chester followed Brad to his room and helped him get his shirt and pants; “Alright, what do you want to eat buddy” Chester asked carrying his son to their kitchen. “Poptart!” Brad shouted jumping in his arms “Alright. Wait right there, and I’ll get it for you” Chester said putting Brad down on a stool; he went and got Brad poptart and, handled it to him. “So Braddles buddy, are you going to have fun at school today?” Chester asked; Brad nodded taking a bite of his poptart.

“Aright buddy, let’s get your shoes on shall we?” Chester asked with a smile; Brad jumped down from his stool and went to the closet to get his shoes. “Do you need help getting your shoes on?” Chester asked; Brad shook his head, “No daddy. I got it.” Chester nodded and went to get Brad’s coat and backpack. “Alright are we ready?” Chester asked “Yes, can we go please?” Brad asked sounding with joy in his voice. Chester chuckled and opened the door and headed to the car; “Buckle up bud” Chester said. Brad did as he was told, he was so happy to go to school, he would be able to see all his friends again, and even make new friends.

When they arrived at the school, Brad seen everyone he knew in kindergarten. He just couldn’t wait to get into school; Chester stopped the car and stepped out, he opened the backseat car door to let Brad out. Brad jumped out and ran to the front downs of the school, his dad followed behind him, he opened the door for him and Brad and walked inside. “Daddy look! Those are some of my friends; and there’s my friend Joe” Brad said jumping up and down. “Awesome buddy. How about you go stand in line before school starts” Brad nodded with a smile and ran over to talk to Joe.

“Hi Joe!” Brad shouted. Joe turned around with a big smile on his face “Hi Brad!” Joe shouted back causing Brad to laugh, “I’m happy to be back at school, I get to see all my friends again” “Yeah and we can make new friends too. Like I did” Joe said looking over his shoulder; “His name is Rob, but I can call him Robbie” Joe added with a big smile on his face.

"H-hi" Rob said quietly. Brad snarled and walked into the classroom. "What did I do?" Rob pouted. "I dunno. Brady isn't like this a lot." Joe said. Rob frowned and looked at the ground. "He should be okay soon. C'mon!" Joe said taking Rob by the hand and pulling him into the classroom. When they walked in, there were six rows with three small little desks in each. Joe led Rob over to the one near the back. "We can sit here!" Joe said smiling. Rob smiled and nodded. He looked down the row to see if anyone else was sitting there and saw Brad was sitting on the other side of Joe. He leaned back in his seat and faced the colorful chalkboard at the front where the teacher was saying goodbye to some parents. She turned and faced the front after the last parent left and smiled at the class. "Good morning class!" She said, and the kids smiled back at her. "There's a new kid in the class this year and I want you to make him feel welcome" she said picking up the class list. "Now let me just find his name" Rob leaned back in his chair, worried that the kids wouldn't like him. "Robert. Where are you?" The teacher asked. Rob raised his hand in the back. She smiled at him. "Welcome." She said, and Rob smiled back. "You're gonna have fun!" Joe said, turning to him. Rob smiled back at him and faced the front again. Rob tried to pay attention, but Joe kept talking “So today class we’ll be learning-“was all Rob heard before Joe tugged at his shirt “Hey Robbie, what’s you’re mommy and daddy’s name” Joe asked. Rob lowered his head “daddy’s name is Mike, I don’t have a mommy. My daddy got me from this big building that I was living at” “So he kidnapped you?” Joe said almost yelling but not loud enough for the teacher to hear. Rob giggled “No he wrote something on some papers and I went home with him” He said smiling. Brad over heard what Joe and Rob were talking about, he looked over and said “you’re adopted?” Rob was confused on what Brad asked him, he didn’t really know what adopting meant. Rob shook it off and smiled nodding. Brad laughed, “So you don’t have a mommy at all?” Joe asked; Rob shook his head “But my daddy loves me very much” He said with a smile on his face. “Boys are you paying attention?” the teacher asked, all three of them turn to find the teacher was looking at them “Guys shhh, the teacher is helping us learn” Brad said turning to face Joe and Rob. “But Brad was talking too” Joe whined; “boys stop talking or you will be on the wall for when we go outside” Rob and Joe lowered their heads, Brad just smiled and turned back to face the front. A bell rang and Rob jumped and looked at the wall where the sound came from. "Alright, it's lunchtime. Grad your backpacks and lets go outside!" the teacher said. "C'mon Robbie!" Joe said, picking up his backpack. "Coming!" Rob laughed, picking up his as they ran out of the class room and outside. They walked over to a small table outside and sat down. "Braddy! Come sit with us!" Joe called out to Brad, waving his hand. Brad scowled at Rob and walked away. "I-its because I'm here." Rob said, lowering his head. "Don't be sad Robbie. Braddy just..." Joe paused. "He won’t be like this for long. Promise!" Joe said, and Rob smiled.Joe and Rob finished their lunch they got up and ran to play "Hey Robbie, can you give me a push on the swing please?" Joe asked running to the swings; Rob laughed "I sure can" he said following Joe. Brad watched as Rob pushed Joe on the swing, 'Joe's my friend, why are you playing with him?’ Brad thought to himself; "here Robbie, you get on and I'll push you" Joe said jumping off the swing. "Are you sure?" "Yeah c’mon get on" Joe said with a smile, Rob smile and nodded; he got on the swing and waited for Joe to start pushing him. "Hold on tight, Robbie. I can push really high" Joe laughed."Okie!" Rob laughed and held on tight to the swing as Joe pushed him. Joe stopped pushing him and stepped back. "You're really high Robbie!" he said. Rob waiting for the swing to stop then jumped off. "That was fun." He said. "I'll be right back." Joe said and he ran off. Rob watched as he walked over to Brad and started talking to him. He saw that Brad sighed and stood up. He and Joe both walked over to where Rob was waiting. "Braddy, this is Robbie. I tried to tell you earlier but you walked away!" Joe said. Brad sighed and crossed his arms, and Joe frowned. The bell rang and everyone started walking over to the door. "C'mon" Joe said, running over. Brad followed him and Rob walked after him and stood in line with them as they walked back into the school and sat down at their little desks. "What time does school end?" Rob asked. "Uh...at three...I think." Joe said. "It's one thirty now." Rob said pointing to the wall where the clock was. "We have a bit left!" Joe said. "But schools fun! I like school!" Joe said. "Me too." Rob laughed as the teacher walked in and they faced the front.All three of them went on with the rest of the last few hours of school. The bell ringed, "Alright class, grab your things and get ready to head home" the teacher said "I kind of don't want to go home" Joe said pouting crossing his arms "We'll come back tomorrow" Rob said smiling at Joe while grabbing his backpack. Joe, Brad, and Rob waited until their parents arrived to pick them up; "My mommy is here, I'll see you later Robbie" Joe said running to his car; he jumped in his car and waved as he drove away. Rob sat down waiting for his dad to come, he looked over to find Brad sitting also waiting for someone to pick him up "Hi Brad" Rob said waving giving him a smile. Brad looked up at Rob and gave him a dirty look, 'did I do something for him to not like me?' Rob thought. "Robert! Are you ready to go?" Mike called Rob looked up and walked up to his car "I'll see you tomorrow, Brad" Rob said. Brad just waved a goodbye to Rob as he got in his car. Rob buckled up the seat belt on his car seat and Mike got into the driver’s seat and started driving out of the school parking lot. "So, how was your first day?" Mike asked. Rob looked from the window to the front seat and smiled. "It was fun. I have a new friend!" Rob said. "That’s great! What's their name?" Mike asked. "His names Joe. And I sit next to him in class." "Sounds like fun." Rob nodded and smiled then continued to look out the window. About five minutes later, Mike looked in the mirror of the car to see how Rob was doing. He was still looking out the window, but he looked upset. He was about to ask what was wrong but they had arrived home. He got out and walked around to open the door for Rob, who still looked sad when he saw him. "Robert, is something wrong? You look upset." Mike asked. Rob nodded. "There’s a boy at school, named Brad. And he doesn't like me." Rob pouted. "How so?" "He always gives me angry looks and doesn't wanna talk." "Maybe he's not used to being around new kids. Don't worry about him; I'm sure he likes you." Mike said. "Now don't be sad." Rob smiled and Mike picked him up and closed the car door, then walked inside. Brad waited until his dad came to pick him "Braddles buddy, come mommy's at home waiting for us to get back" Chester said walking over to Brad. "I'm coming daddy" Brad got up and ran to grab his dads hand; "did you have fun today?" Chester asked "Yes, I got to see my friends" "Any new friends?" Chester asked again lifting Brad into the car. Brad shook his head "No" he said pouting "Really? No new friends?" "No" Brad said again. Chester nodded and shut the backseat door and got in the driver’s seat; Chester started to drive out onto the road, a few minutes had passes Chester looked in the review mirror and found Brad asleep. He smiled as he drove up into the drive way, Chester got out and opened the backseat door and grabbed Brad from his seat. He carried Brad into the house which he was greeted by his wife "He asleep?" Chester nodded and carried Brad to his room. Chester put Brad in his bed and put the covers over him. He smiled and walked back downstairs. "So how was the first day?" "It was...okay." Chester replied. "Any new friends?" Talinda asked. Chester shook his head. "I'm surprised. There was a new kid in his class, and I think I saw his father drop him off at school today." Chester said. "You know how Brad is. He...likes to keep his old friends." "I know. But he looked a little angry when I asked. I'm wondering if anything happened." Chester replied. "Well even if anything did, I'm sure he would've told us. Now stop worrying." She said giving Chester a kiss on the cheek and walking upstairs to check on Brad."He's still asleep, he must have had a long day today" Talinda said stepping off the last step. "I guess he did" Chester laughed; five minutes passed and Chester went to get Brad out of bed for dinner, "Brad, buddy it's time to get up, you got to eat." "Daddy can you carry me?" "Carry you?" Chester asked, Brad nodded, "Okay. c'mon" he said lifting Brad off his bed; Chester walked down the stairs with Brad in his arms. "He Hun, I'll take him. You go and sit down, and eat" Talinda said taking Brad out of Chester's arms; Chester nodded and did as he was told. "Here you go sweetie" Talinda said putting a plate in front of Brad, "Thank you Mommy" Brad said "Rob, come here it's time to eat buddy" Mike said placing his and Rob's plate down on the dinner table; Rob got up from in front of the T.V. and ran to the kitchen "Rob, no running in the house" "I'm sorry daddy, I won't do it again" Rob said slowing down, walking in to the kitchen. Mike pulled out the chair for Rob and pushed him in when Rob sat down, Mike sat down and they both started to eat in silence, until Rob asked Mike "Daddy?" Yeah bud?" "What's a-dop-ted?" Rob asked, Mike looked up at Rob with a little worried looked "Well buddy, that's how I got you" He said. Rob looked down at his food trying to understand what adopted meant. "Is something wrong, Rob?" Mike asked, giving him a worried look. "No. I was just wondering." Rob replied, finishing his food. "I'm all done daddy." Rob said getting out of his chair. "I'm gonna go put my pj's on." "Okay buddy." Mike said and Rob walked up the stairs to his bedroom. When he walked in he sat on the floor in front of his dresser and opened the bottom drawer. He pulled out a button up top and pj bottom and put them on. He tried to pull the top over his head but it got stuck and he laughed. He grabbed his teddy bear off his bed and walked downstairs. "Daddy?" He said. "What's up buddy?" Mike asked. "My shirts stuck." He laughed. Mike looked over at Rob with his shirt on his head and laughed. "Okay, Come here." he said, and he fixed his shirt. "When do I have to go to bed?" Rob asked. "Not for another hour." Mike said, giving Rob a hug.“Brad, why aren't you eating?” Talinda asked “I’m not really hungry” Brad replied “Come on buddy, you have to eat. Is there something wrong?” Chester asked; Brad looked up from his plate at looked to his dad “There’s this kid in my class” Brad said crossing his arms “I don't like him” he added pouting. “And why is that?” Chester asked “I just don’t like him” “Well you can’t like someone if you don’t know why you don’t” Chester said taking a sip of his soda. Brad looked away from Chester and looked at his food; “try and eat Brad. Please?” Talinda asked. Brad nodded and started to eat.

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